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About CyberCrew

Our Quest

In the wise words of the late Deckard Cain:

Greetings, adventurer. Stay awhile and listen…

Tis a tale of brave souls venturing forth together into the unknown vastness simply known as – The Internet.
These hardcore gamers, these true tech enthusiasts, took it upon themselves to introduce the World to All Things Digital.
They are – CyberCrew !

*queue explosions.avi + fireworks.mp3

Yeah, it would’ve been a great prologue for a videogame, no? Maybe next time.

At CyberCrew.uk, we believe that tech does not have to be complicated, least of all boring.

We want you to sit back, enjoy your tea, and we’ll pamper you with a wonderful selection of tech-savvy articles we’ve handpicked just for you.

What is CyberCrew?

CyberCrew is a project launched in 2021 and made into reality by a group of tech-obsessed people.
We are a crew that is passionate about computers, mobile phones, gaming, and everything else you can imagine related to everyday technology.
What drives this crew to go above and beyond is the will to share that knowledge with all visitors of our website.


You got a new device, but can barely make heads or tails out of it? Check out our helpful guides.

In need of a statistic or two? We got plenty you can choose from.

You really like that new videogame everyone’s talking about, but are not too sure about spending your hard-earned money on it just yet?
Maybe our detailed reviews can help you decide


Welcome to CyberCrew

Come, meet the gang

Jovana Zivkovic

Ship Captain

She's our fearless leader. She is the beacon of light. Our luminous .. you know what?
She's our Project Manager. That's it. But it's all we need, really.
Without her energy and passion, her inspiring brainstorming moments, as well as her motivational pay cut jokes (or are they?), CyberCrew.uk would be just another dull tech website.

When she's not poking around and bugging people, you can occasionally find her head stuck in some fabulous book or planning out her next fun weekend, usually inside a notebook, with colourful highlights and everything! She loves her car and is a true ᵃᵛᵉʳᵃᵍᵉ Star Wars fan.


Milica Strugar

First Officer

A prolific article writer and an industrious researcher, Milica would be the head of an investigation agency if we didn't snatch her off first. As an upcoming tech enthusiast, she is passionate about utilising every piece of modern technology at her disposal to find the answers she seeks, whatever the questions may be.

Now that we've finished acclaiming her, let's see some of her real-world traits:

- 96.2% is the statistical probability that she will never get out of bed before noon.
- She loves all things SMART and DIGITAL, let it be phones or cameras, gadgets or games, pokemons or digimons.
- Oh, and otters, too!
- Dislikes tomatoes ... I know, right? Who dislikes tomatoes??
- Ultra-dislikes the sound of scratching walls or blackboards with nails. Ok, we'll give her that one. Ugh!

Rea Terzin


If she is not working on CyberCrew articles, you can usually find Rea marvelling in the museums of art & history. With a keen eye for architecture history, she is passionate about preserving every piece of architectural monuments she could find.
I guess you could say she's a woman on a mission of

Jovan Perić

Science Officer

Jovan strives to nourish himself in a juggling manner. No, not like a clown. Rather - an inspiring book for the mind, good food & exercise for the body, and eclectic music for the soul. A true poet's life. If Jovan was indeed a poet. And if CyberCrew needed poets instead of content writers.

When asked about his favourite things, he answered he vaguely remembers "going to parties and dancing till the break of dawn". You know that dude dancing and smiling behind the decks, all night long? Yeah, that's him.

Most days, when he's not in front of a computer writing articles for us, you'll find him mowing his lawn. He likes it mowed. Then again, who doesn't, really? Kind of like house music. He likes that, too. So ladies, take notice - if you catch a scent of freshly cut grass in the morning, and there are loud vocals coming from nearby, chances are Jovan is in da house!

Jovana Stankovic


Writer @ Cybercrew

Jelena Popovic


Jelena Popovic, Writer @ CyberCrew

Aaryaman Aashind


Aaryaman Ashind, Freelancer @ CyberCrew

Sanja Zdraveska


Sanja Zdraveska, Editor @ CyberCrew

Angela Kulevska


Angela Kulevska, Writer @ CyberCrew

Aleksa Citakovic


Aleksa Citakovic, Writer @ CyberCrew

Ljubica Stojcheva


Ljubica Stojcheva, Writer @ CyberCrew