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Affiliate Disclosure

This affiliate disclosure details how we at CyberCrew.uk generate revenues through our affiliate commissions. It also explains how you can and why you should contribute. 

At CyberCrew.uk, we generate income by earning commissions on the products we review and recommend on our websites. However, note that the recommendations are not influenced, and no affiliate can interfere in our reviewing process. Reviews are written with sheer transparency and with no bias in order to provide site users with quality advice and product recommendations.

Whenever you, the site user, click on any of the affiliate links in our reviews posted and make a purchase from the affiliate, CyberCrew.uk receives a payment in the form of a commission from that affiliate.

What is an Affiliate Program?

Also known as an associate program, an affiliate program is an arrangement in which a merchant pays a certain percentage of commission to the affiliate website for marketing and sending qualified traffic that converts into sales. The affiliate websites post links that direct prospects to the merchant’s website and are then paid according to a particular agreement.

Why Does CyberCrew.uk Use Affiliate Links? 

As our affiliate disclosure aims at building trust-based relationships with users and keeping everything transparent, we’d like to share the reasons why our company uses affiliate links.

Firstly, we function as a business entity. Therefore, we have operational expenses (including running and hosting costs), and have to pay monthly salaries to our employees.

Secondly, we feature affiliate links mostly from all providers. We do it to avoid our inclination towards a particular merchant. Apart from that, it also helps us level the playing field for all the merchants we review in our posts, thereby eliminating biases and ensuring transparency.

Lastly, we chose affiliate links over running ads on our website because of two limitations:

They require a lot of space, and we did not have any control over the products promoted through those ads. In other words, we didn’t want to promote something that we wouldn’t approve or ensure if it was safe for our site visitors. Therefore, instead of posting ads, we decided to use the space to provide you with quality information and better navigation. Needless to say, affiliate links provide us with greater controls over what goes on and is posted on our website. Rest assured we affiliate with legitimate companies and strive to make sure that we only promote trusted merchants and will not scam you.

Do Our Affiliate Links Impact Product Reviews?

No, they do not. As mentioned above, we review products and services with sheer transparency. We never recommend or rate merchants based on commissions offered. We are in the business of building long-lasting and trust-based relationships with our users and site visitors, not just increasing our financial bottom-line. Also, note that you will see affiliate links in almost all product reviews; thus, it eliminates the potential of monetary gains and incentives (favouring one over the other).

All reviews are created and posted after thorough analysis, market research and due diligence. All merchants with affiliate links are evaluated on all factors relevant to their industry without bias. Hence, the numbers, customer reviews, ratings by industry authorities and legal bodies are all considered, determining the quality and overall ranking of the merchants.

At CyberCrew.uk, we don’t aim to only market and advertise merchants. Our ultimate objective is to provide our site users with quality, detailed and thorough reviews to make an informed decision according to their preferences, budget, and requirements. We strive for informed decision-making. We can recommend you the best industry options, but we don’t seek to enforce our choice upon you.

Granted, there is always a certain level of subjectivity in every review. We encourage and appreciate our users to provide feedback and comments under each post to paint a fuller picture. Additionally, we advise all users to read the comments and feedback along with every post for better understanding and learning through other people’s experiences. All this information is valuable in sound decision-making and ensuring that your money is invested in the right place.

Why should you contribute?

At CyberCrew.uk, we encourage our site users to participate in honest dialogue and ensure better transparency. With that in mind, upon reading the review, we strongly suggest you check out the affiliate links and review their offerings, as well. Give them a chance to sway you, and in turn, you should develop a better understanding of their products and services when you visit their official site. Affiliate links will cost you nothing, but should help you find the best service provider, as well as allow us to monitor, assess, and study merchant services and products more comprehensively, providing users with quality content, reviews and detailed information. 

How can you contribute?

Please note that at CyberCrew.uk we will never ask for fees or donations. That’s simply not how we operate. However, the two best ways to contribute are:

  1. To click the affiliate links;
  2. To share our content with your friends and people you know.

Rest assured, clicking on the affiliate links on our website is completely safe. We have only affiliated with trusted merchants. 

Additionally, there is no subscription requirement on our website or hidden fees. You can browse through smoothly without any limitation or commitment. 

All reviews are posted after thorough analysis and with transparency. No one affects our choices.  However, if you need more information or have any suggestions, feel free to contact us.