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How to Make Money From Blogging?

With a great strategy, blogging can be an excellent way to boost your income. A modest blog can generate up to £2000 a month, and as you become more familiar with this industry, you will be able to start a profitable business and quit your nine to five. 


With new site-building tools and tips on how to make money from blogging available to you at every corner, you can finally start living life on your terms and free yourself for more creative work. So, whether you’re looking for a side hustle or an opportunity to change your career path, proceed to read this article and learn how to dominate the blogging industry.  

How To Start a Blog?

Funnily enough, starting a blog is easy. Making money from blogging, on the other hand, takes time and patience. But, before you get to the point where you can monetise your talent, you need to create a digital footprint and start generating new content ideas for your audience. With that in mind, let’s see how you can establish an online presence.

Free platforms


  • Intuitive design
  • Best for recreational bloggers
  • Social network integration


  • Limited customisation option
  • Don’t allow adverts

Some people who want to get into the blogging industry need to test the waters before investing in this business opportunity. If you aren’t sure whether you want to start blogging, creating a blog on a free blogging platform can be your stepping-stone to success. What’s more, free blogging platforms can help you discover your niche and see how many people would be interested in reading your articles.


However, one of the main disadvantages of establishing an online presence on a free website is low monetisation potential. On top of that, most free sites don’t allow adverts or affiliate links on their platform, meaning you won’t be able to make money blogging. 


Still, as stated earlier, you should consider this option if you want to prepare for a major career change and attract a loyal audience. One of the most prominent free blogging platforms are WordPress and Blogger, but you can also opt for Wix, Joomla, or Weebly.

Personal Websites


  • Complete control over customisation
  • Easy online promotion
  • Credibility


  • Hosting costs
  • Speed and performance issues

Building a responsive, custom website isn’t as intimidating as it seems. Though it may seem unlikely, many companies offer tools and features that will help you create a unique website in a matter of minutes. In addition, most reliable hosting companies offer free website building tools to their clients. Access to these website builders will allow you to customise your website with pre-designed templates. 


Although you don’t have to use a website builder to establish an online presence, it’s safe to say that this is one of the easiest and fastest ways to turn your ideas into reality. What’s more, you’ll need to invest in web hosting anyway, so why not take advantage of the tools you’ll get to use for free? 


Of course, web hosting services can be costly. But, once you start making money from blogging, it will be easier to fund your project. In addition, owning a personal website comes with many advantages. For example, a website with a custom domain and email address will enhance your credibility and make it easier for other people to find you online. 


A personal website is a key to making money from blogging. Unlike sharing your content on free platforms, publishing content on your website allows you to make design changes, promote other businesses and sell products. Even some hosting companies offer Reseller Hosting solutions that will help you earn a commission by selling their hosting packages on your website. 


All in all, it’s nearly impossible to create an additional source of income without a high-performance website. So, be sure to consider this opportunity if you’re serious about becoming a full-time blogger.

How to Find Your Niche?

Let’s say you’ve decided to create a website where you can start sharing your thoughts and ideas with the rest of the world. In that case, you need to take a step back and carefully choose your niche. Of course, this is easier said than done, especially if you have many talents or are interested in many subjects. 


For starters, you need to find a viable niche- something that will allow you to earn money while living your best life. So, as a future blogger, it’s advisable to think about how your articles can affect your audience and what you can do to drive traffic to your website. 


Writing down your interests and researching which topics are in demand will make this process a lot easier. What’s more, it’s essential to research keywords and explore different combinations that will help you improve your Google rankings. Tools such as Keyword Explorer or GoogleTrends will help you discover the best keywords that fit into your niche. 


Oddly enough, creating a high-performance website is less time-consuming than finding your niche. So, make a list of ten topics you might want to write about on your blog, and narrow it down by researching how you can benefit from writing about these subjects. One of the most critical aspects of finding your niche is determining whether you can profit from it, which is why it’s essential to do extensive research before committing to one topic.  

How to Promote Your Blog?

Let’s say you’ve found your niche and are ready to start blogging. In that case, you will need to start publishing your content and find ways to drive traffic to your website. Many first-time bloggers struggle with blog promotion, so don’t worry if you need more time to figure this out. In the earliest stage of your blogging career, you will notice that driving traffic to your website requires dedication and continuous effort, so, for now, it would be best to start writing articles and publish new content at least once a week. 


Once you’ve published a few blog posts on your website, you’ll need to implement and manage an effective marketing strategy. It’s impossible to make money from blogging without engaging with loyal readers, so let’s see what you can do to let the world know about your new blog.


When it comes to digital marketing strategies, social media presence is always the key. Although people will eventually find your blog on Google, using a social media account to promote your website is an excellent way to inspire your followers to read your articles. 


You can do that by posting links to your articles on your feed and publishing the most exciting or somewhat intriguing or thrilling paragraphs to pique your reader’s interest. In addition, email marketing is another way to let your readers know you’ve published a new article. So, leverage pop-up forms on your website and offer your visitors a special “subscribers only” incentive. 


When sending emails to your subscribers, be sure to include why they need to read your article and how they can benefit from it. Of course, keep it simple and exciting, and don’t forget to enable social shares that will allow your readers to promote your blog on social media platforms


What’s more, it’s advisable to join online communities and use this opportunity to share quality content with strangers and promote your blog. Platforms such as Quora, Reddit, Goodreads, and Pinterest can help you establish a connection with potential readers and share direct links to your posts. 


Still, keep in mind that this is a long process that requires continuous effort and investment. Of course, you won’t have to pay a fee to promote your blog on these platforms, but you will have to invest your time and energy to deliver quality content and inspire readers to visit your blog. 

How to Make Money From Blogging?

We’ve covered the essentials of starting a blogging career to help you learn more about this industry and make the first step towards a major career change. But, it’s time to take it up a notch and see how to make money from blogging. 

Affiliate Marketing

Writing a blog can be so much more than sharing your thoughts or skills with your audience. Contrary to popular belief, your passion for writing can double your income and help you earn enough for a comfortable living. 


Believe it or not, you can turn your blog into a money-making machine through affiliate marketing. This advertising model allows you to boost your income by advertising other people’s products and services on your website. 


As an affiliate, your only job would be to place ads on your website and wait for your visitors to make a purchase using your link or promo code. As a result, you will earn a commission based on how many people invest in the advertised product. 


So, you’re probably wondering how to make money through affiliate marketing. Luckily for you, the process of becoming an affiliate is simple and easy. Firstly, you’ll have to find a product you want to promote on your website and contact the company that sells it. Then, of course, it would be best to find a product that fits your niche. So, for example, if you want to start a food blog, you need to find products or services related to this industry. 


Secondly, once you enrol in an affiliate program, you should encourage your audience to buy the products listed on your website. So, write a review of the product in question or find a way to sneak in links that will inspire your readers to take a step further. 


What’s more, you can even host a giveaway and generate more sales through video marketing. Still, keep in mind that you won’t earn hundreds of pounds overnight. Be patient and work toward your goal, and affiliate marketing will eventually pay off.

Sponsored Content

Another excellent way to earn money is to charge for creating content for other brands. If you have ten thousand or more monthly visitors on your website, brands will want to do business with you. This tactic is straightforward, and you can benefit from it long-term. Not only will you earn more money from blogging, but you’ll also never run out of unique and exciting topics. 


If your blog becomes popular, other businesses will contact you and ask for collaboration. But, in the early stages of owning a blog, you might want to make new business connections and offer your services to brands you want to talk about on your blog. 


When writing reviews or mentioning brands in your articles, always write in an objective but positive manner. That way, you will deliver an honest review, and those brands will have a good reason to collaborate again with you in the future.

Guest blogging

As the name says, guest blogging refers to writing articles for other websites in exchange for money. Generally, a guest blogger will have to adapt to other bloggers’ tones and writing styles. But, if you believe you can adopt a different approach or perspective and write articles for other prominent blogs, this opportunity alone can help make good money. 


However, aligning with another brand’s voice isn’t easy. Before reaching out to other bloggers, be sure to experiment with different writing styles and formats, and, if possible, offer a few examples of your work to increase the chances of getting hired. 


Of course, once you start writing for other blogs, you will have to provide actionable content and include internal SEO links that will improve the site’s ranking. Although guest blogging doesn’t seem profitable at first, keep in mind that your name and blog will appear at the end of each article, allowing you to drive more traffic to your website. 

Ad Space

Selling ad space is the process of dedicating available sections on your website for advertising purposes. It’s one of the easiest ways to make extra money without investing hours of your time in writing articles or finding new partners. Still, it’s worth mentioning that this is the least profitable solution, but it’s worth a try. 


What’s more, you can negotiate to get paid for every click on the ad or determine a set payment for every thousand or more clicks. However, if you want to sell ad space on your blog, be sure to limit your offers. After all, no one wants to see an overwhelming amount of ads on a website. 

Online Courses and Workshops

Suppose you’re an experienced writer who knows how to write compelling articles that capture the reader’s attention. In that case, you might as well turn your talent into extra income. Many people want to learn how to write or improve their skills, and now you have the opportunity to help them by offering online courses and workshops. 


Selling online courses requires dedication and skills, but it’s worth a try if you want to attract more visitors and decent money along the way. Whether you desire to teach people how to enhance their content writing skills or become better bloggers, you will have to invest in new software and design a unique digital experience. However, engaging with your students and helping them retain information faster will teach you how to improve your teaching skills and find more profitable gigs in the future. 

Wrap Up

Starting a blog is a unique journey that will broaden your horizons and enhance your writing skills. On top of that, you don’t have to obtain a degree in journalism or literature to start making money from blogging. Still, if you like the idea of quitting your nine to five, be sure to establish an online presence and start earning cash before fully committing to this business opportunity. 


We hope this article about how to make money from blogging has helped you start your blogging journey. Don’t hesitate to test your options on free platforms. Then, when you’re ready, find a reliable web hosting service to gain complete control over your website. Finally, pour your heart and soul into writing articles that will turn your blogging hobby into a job, and your hard work will pay off!

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