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  • Print Technology: LCD
  • Build Volume: 130 x 80 x 150mm
  • Net Weight: 9.5kg
  • Maximum Travel Speed: 30 – 40 mm/h
  • Levelling: Semi-automatic
  • Connectivity: USB, Wi-Fi, Cable
  • Nozzle Diameter: 0.047mm
  • Layer: 0.025mm – 0.1mm
  • Filament Diameter: 405 nm UV resin
  • Supported Materials: Nova3D All Series Resin

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Nova3D Bene4 Mono Review

After you read this Nova3D Bene4 Mono Review, I am sure you will want to try out this 3D printer and use it to create super-delicate figures with many details!

Nova3D Bene4 Mono Review

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  • Print Technology: LCD
  • Build Volume: 130 x 80 x 150mm
  • Net Weight: 9.5kg
  • Maximum Travel Speed: 30 – 40 mm/h
  • Levelling: Semi-automatic
  • Connectivity: USB, Wi-Fi, Cable
  • Nozzle Diameter: 0.047mm
  • Layer: 0.025mm – 0.1mm
  • Filament Diameter: 405 nm UV resin
  • Supported Materials: Nova3D All Series Resin

Best For

Quality prints with exceptional details


  • Great printing quality
  • Fast printing speed
  • Available resin 3D printing
  • Fantastic hardware


  • No air filtration

If you are interested in creating and painting miniatures with many details, you’ve come to the right place!

The Nova3D Bene4 Mono is the upgraded version of its predecessor — the Bene4, and it is a popular choice among 3D printer enthusiasts. In this Nova3D Bene4 Mono Review, I will discuss how you can benefit from this printer and help you discover its best features.


  • About Nova3D Bene4 Mono 
  • Nova3D Bene4 Mono Features
  • Setup and Print Quality
  • Nova3D Bene4 Mono Software
  • Customer Service
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  • Customer Reviews
  • Wrap up
  • FAQs

About Nova3D Bene4 Mono 

The Bene4 Mono is Nova3D’s latest MSLA (Masked Stereolithography Apparatus) 3D printer that delivers fast and fantastic-quality prints. Along with the NovaMaker software and dedicated materials, this 3D printer constitutes the whole 3D printing ecosystem. The Nova3D Bene4 Mono can turn digital, three-dimensional projects into reality using UV LCD technology — which relies on curing liquid photopolymer layer after layer.

Featuring a 2K monochrome LCD screen, the Nova3D Bene4 Mono is a budget resin printer offering stunning and highly precise prints. It is a remarkable machine that quickly creates beautiful models and boasts a wide variety of features that make the printing process smooth and enjoyable.

Nova3D Bene4 Mono Features


The Bene4 print size measures 240 x 250 x 430mm, and its net weight is 9.5KG. Furthermore, its build volume is 130 x 80 x 150mm.


This printer is easy to use and has a very appealing design. Its UV hood is designed to stop unwanted light from getting to the resin that is fitted on a solid hinge. That means you don’t have to lift the whole top off to interact with the printer. The Nova3D Bene4 full-colour guide is excellent, giving you detailed info on how to make your first prints. 

Its build plate has four adjustment screws attached to it. The four-screw design makes levelling the plate much easier than the usual two screws/ball joints you find on similar printers. In addition, the resin tray includes four tiny feet on one end. That allows you to easily guide the resin tray into the correct position for printing. 

Consequently, if you need to remove old resin, such as after a failed print, you do not have to worry about damaging the clear PEP filter on the underside of the resin tray. 


Compared to Bene4, the monochrome screen Bene4 Mono 3D printer transmittance increased by 3.9% to 2560 x 1620px resolution. As a result, the print speed is 200% times faster, while the service life is 2.5 times longer than Bene4, saving 17% on printing time.

Monochrome LCD Screen

The Nova 3D Bene4 Mono features a monochrome LCD screen that provides a UV light mask. Note that monochrome screens have a longer lifespan and enable faster printing by allowing more UV light than older models of colour LCD screens.


This 3D printer comes with a 4.3 inch “smart” touchscreen, which is easy to navigate and works without any hitches. Alongside manual movement options, you can use the menus to trigger prints stored on a USB drive or in the printer’s local 8GB memory. You can also use this menu to connect the printer to your network. When the printer is connected to Wi-Fi, you can see the layer being printed through the screen, along with the remaining time.


Finding an affordable 3D printer that combines many excellent features is hard. However, I would recommend the Bene4 Mono printer to anyone interested in outstanding resin printing. Boasting an excellent price of £259, this is one of the best 3D printers you can buy if you’re on a budget. 

Resin Printing 

The Nova3D Bene4 Mono will not disappoint you when it comes to resin printing. However, you must wear the proper safety gear, and you will need a few tools for post-processing. Besides high-quality nitrile gloves, the Nova3D Bene4 Mono comes with essential tools and accessories. 

Note: It is necessary to wash finished prints and resin for printing with isopropyl alcohol. The pump-action spray bottle you get with the printer is not the best, so you will need a box large enough to fit any finished model and enough isopropyl alcohol to submerge it for thorough cleaning. 

The plastic scraper also included with the printer is perfect for cleaning the FEP filter. Be sure to wear gloves to protect yourself from a mixture of resin and almost pure alcohol.

Setup and Print Quality

Nova3D Bene4 Mono is easy to set up and makes printing effortless. However, you need to know that its printing process requires the use of liquid photosensitive resin that is low toxic in a liquid form. This is why you must protect your eyes and skin by wearing safety gloves and glasses before you start using the printer. Also, keep in mind that proper ventilation is required in the print room.

Moreover, using the equipment in an explosive environment is not recommended. You should keep it away from heat sources, flammable materials, radiation-emitting equipment and sources of fire, as well as humidity, water, and other liquids.

The Bene4 Mono printer comes with great packaging and is in the “ready to use” stage. When you connect it to a network, you have to go to Settings and configure the connection from the menu. Your 3D printer will be ready to print when you finish this step.

Note: The Nova3D YouTube channel offers various useful tutorials. 

When it comes to Bene4 Mono print quality, most reviews claim that it is exceptional. This 3D printer enables you to print complex structures with fine details. 

Nova3D Bene4 Mono Software

The Nova3D Bene4 Mono features software called NovaMaker that does the job but lacks some key features. For example, it does not allow you to hollow out models, and there are few options to add support structures.

To prepare a model, you can start the project in one of the programs that create 3D models and generate “.stl” and “.obj” files. These file formats are the standard ones supported by most types of modelling software. Next, you should open the generated “.stl” file (or “.obj” and “.nmk” files) in NovaMaker.

NovaMaker prepares the model by dividing it into individual layers and saving it as a “.cws” file. With this software, you can also choose the material type for the model and adjust the necessary print settings, such as layer exposure time, layer thickness, exposure off time, etc. Also, be aware that you can start, stop, and pause the printing process in NovaMaker at any time.

Once your file is ready, you can transfer it from NovaMaker to the printer’s storage in two ways: 

  • Save your file on a USB flash drive and then plug it into the port at the back of the device 
  • Transfer your file to the printer storage over a USB flash drive, Wi-Fi, or cable

Next, you can start the printing process. Simply turn on the printer, prepare the material corresponding with the one you have chosen in NovaMaker and fill up the vat with an appropriate amount of liquid resin. 

Remember that NovaMaker allows you to create a network of devices and add several printers, enabling you to produce 3D models in a small series and manage the whole process from your computer screen. 

Lastly, you can check the software requirements below:

  • Operating system: Windows 7 or above/ macOS X
  • File types: STL
  • Connectivity: USB, WiFi, Cable

Customer Service

With the Nova3D Bene4 Mono, you can count on 24/7 customer support. Also, the printer has a 12-month warranty, so in case of premature defects and malfunctions, you can take it back for free repairs.


Nova3D Bene4 Mono vs Nova3D Elfin3 Mini

The Nova3D Bene4 Mono has a compact design, with 130 x 80 x 150 mm build volume, while the Nova3D Elfin3 Mini has a build volume of 120 x 68 x 150 mm. Both printers are easy to use, having a free levelling design that allows customers to print moulds directly.

When it comes to the printing speed, the Bene4 Mono reaches up to 30 – 40 mm/h, while the Nova3D Elfin3 Mini reaches 50 mm/h. Overall, they are both excellent choices if you need an efficient, easy-to-use, and high-quality 3D printer. 

Nova3D Bene4 Mono vs Anycubic Photon Mono X

Both printers have monochrome LCD screens that allow for faster printing. In contrast to RGB screens, monochrome LCD screens offer quicker cure times, lower energy consumption, and longer lifespan. Therefore, the Nova3D Bene4 Mono and Anycubic Photon Mono X are among the fastest 3D printers on the market.

The Photon Mono X offers larger prints at high resolution with a 192 x 120 x 245 mm build volume. In comparison, the Bene4 Mono has a 130 x 80 x 150 mm capacity. However, both printers provide outstanding product quality and fast printing, so it is hard to decide which device performs better. However, no matter which one you choose, you won’t be disappointed.

Customer Reviews

I was amazed by the fact that the overall rating score for this printer was 4.2 out of 5 stars on Amazon. 

Many users are happy with Nova3D Bene4 Mono, mainly because it is great for beginners and its prints look fantastic. Some users also mentioned that the quality of tiny details is exceptional! You can check out some of the reviews below:

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Wrap up

To conclude, the Nova3D Bene4 Mono 3D printer is an excellent choice if you strive for excellent printing quality and fast printing speeds! What’s more, it comes with various helpful workflow features that will make you feel confident while printing. 

I hope you found this Nova3D Bene4 Mono Review helpful and that you gained a better understanding of its features. In any case, this 3D printer is an excellent example of innovation and outstanding performance in the 3D printing world.


Is the Nova3D Bene4 Mono worth it?

Yes, the Nova3D Bene4 Mono3D printer is worth it because it is easy to use and offers high-quality printing, fast printing speeds, and more — all for an affordable price.

How much is the Nova3D Bene4 Mono?

With a price of £259, this is one of the most affordable 3D printers on the market for budget-conscious users.

What software does Nova3D Bene4 Mono use?

Nova3D’s Bene4 Mono comes with its proprietary slicer software NovaMaker. The software supports Windows 7 or above, macOS X, and STL file types. Also, it is compatible with the Lychee Slicer.