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  • Free trial: Yes
  • Monthly fee: £15
  • Cashback rewards: Yes
  • Monthly bonuses : Yes
  • Welcome rewards : Yes
  • Customer support: Email, phone, AI-chatbot
  • In-store shopping: /

minimum price:


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Complete Savings Review

This Complete Savings review will let you know whether this cashback programme is worth considering. So, stay tuned and discover the fantastic benefits of the services that Complete Savings provides.

Complete Savings Review

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  • Free trial: Yes
  • Monthly fee: £15
  • Cashback rewards: Yes
  • Monthly bonuses : Yes
  • Welcome rewards : Yes
  • Customer support: Email, phone, AI-chatbot
  • In-store shopping: /

Best For

Online shopping


  • 10% cashback on every purchase
  • Over 1000 retailers
  • Welcome rewards
  • 30-day free trial


  • For active online shoppers only
  • Confusing sign-up process

Have you ever had to put that pair of headphones you liked so much back on the shelf because it wasn’t in your budget? Or were you waiting for sales and discounts to get your hands on the latest Hermès fragrance or go on that long-awaited trip? If so, you already know that juggling your monthly expenses and keeping them within the budget can be challenging.

Complete Savings is an online cashback programme that helps people claim up to 10% back from their purchases at over 1000 retailers. On top of that, it offers other benefits, so proceed to read this Complete Savings review if you want to see why this programme is worth a try.

  • What is Complete Savings?
  • Who is Complete Savings for?
  • How Does it Work?
  • How to Register an Account?
  • Complete Savings Benefits
  • Customer Reviews

What Is Complete Savings?

Webloyalty is a marketing company that, among other reward programmes, runs Complete Savings. Founded by Richard Fernandes and Vincent D’Agostino, Webloyalty started its journey back in 1999, and 12 years later, it became a part of Affinion Group.

Webloyalty created Complete Savings to help people access discounts and affordable deals. But, of course, this cashback programme is only available to online shoppers. Complete Savings collaborates with over 1000 online retailers, allowing you to boost your savings and receive discounted gift cards from some of the most reputable companies worldwide.

Once you create your Complete Savings account, you will be able to find all discounted products on its main web page. In other words, the Complete Savings website is like a big online shopping mall where you can find everything you need, but at a lower price. So, for example, you might stumble upon new Argos deals or find cheaper train tickets, as Complete Savings’ online collection of discounts is very versatile.

What’s more, Complete Savings is a legitimate company, and running cashback programmes is legal in all countries. So with that in mind, Complete Savings doesn’t need a license to keep the business alive and going.

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Who Is Complete Savings For?

Every Briton over 18 can create a  WLY Complete Savings account and use this platform to find special deals and discounts. So whether you want to set some money on the side or find alternative ways to afford luxury items, this cashback programme has got your back.

It is a reliable platform that can help people from all socioeconomic classes find their way to the best online shopping deals. What’s more, Complete Savings can be very beneficial to those who want to:

  • Make the most out of online shopping
  • Find the best deals for products that are rarely on sale
  • Save money on their next big purchase
  • Maximise their cashback rewards
  • Get gift cards they can use in stores or tickets to places they’ve wanted to visit for ages
  • Create a successful saving plan by shopping from trusted retailers


Of course, it’s critical to understand that you can get a minimum of 10% cash refund from retailers listed on the Complete Savings UK platform only. With that in mind, you will be able to claim your cashback rewards when purchasing products from Complete Savings partners. However, if you are buying something from retailers that aren’t listed on the Complete Savings website, you won’t be eligible to get partial refunds. 

Does that mean that a Complete Savings subscription isn’t worth the investment? Of course not. Complete Savings offers discounts for various products and services from many retailers. So, if you love to shop online, you’ll most likely find what you’re looking for on this platform.

How Does it Work?

Now that you understand the basic concept of Complete Savings, you’re probably wondering how it works. In short, shopping with Complete Savings is more straightforward than you could have imagined.

For starters, you have the option to sign up via one of the Complete Savings retail partners. You can also visit the Complete Savings website and create a new account. Still, whichever method you choose, keep in mind that you will have to provide your credit card number, as all refunds will be directly deposited into your bank account. In addition, the Complete Savings cashback scheme works only for online shoppers, which is another reason you’ll have to provide your credit card information.

After purchasing a new product online, a retailer may offer you the opportunity to claim a partial refund on your next booking or purchase. For example, let’s say you want to buy a new pair of Adidas shoes online. After you complete the purchase, you will find a button that invites you to claim a 10% refund. This button will take you to the Complete Savings website, where you can sign up and get cashback on your purchases.

As stated earlier, those who want to create an account can also do it by visiting the Complete Savings official website. Of course, you will have to provide your name, address, and credit card details to verify your account. But, as soon as you complete these steps, you will be able to use Complete Savings whenever you decide to go on another online shopping spree.

But, how do you claim your refund? First, you can go to Complete Savings’ official website, sign in to your account, and shop from one of the available retailers. Then, you can submit the receipt and wait for your cashback claim. It might take a few days to get your partial refund back, as the receipt has to be verified.

Welcome Reward

Once you become a member and make your first purchase with Complete Savings, you qualify for a welcome reward which you can claim by sending your receipt to [email protected]. After that, you will have to shop in stores outlined in your membership details. In addition, all clients are eligible to claim their welcome reward if they buy new goodies during the first 90 days of the Complete Savings membership.

Monthly Bonus

Complete Savings allows you to earn monthly bonuses if you’re a regular shopper. That means you can earn back your monthly fee as long as you make a new purchase at least once a month. However, it isn’t specified how much money you need to spend to be eligible for the monthly bonus. Therefore, it would be best to review Complete Savings Terms and Conditions from time to time and wait for updates on this issue.

This scheme will get you a Complete Savings refund of £15 a month, meaning you can save up to £180 a year. Since the Complete Savings membership will cost you £15 a month, the monthly bonus feature will make the Complete Servings services entirely free!

In addition, check out this Savings Statistics UK that will show you how much Britons can save on average and why it’s advisable to create a monthly savings scheme.

10% cashback

Another great benefit worth mentioning in this Complete Savings review is that you’ll get 10% back on each purchase. When you sign in to Complete Savings, you’ll see a list of all retailers partnered with Webloyalty that will give you a 10% refund on the products you’ve purchased via Complete Savings.

Unlike some cashback websites, Complete Savings will deposit your refund directly to your bank account, meaning there aren’t any tricks or scams behind this service.


Complete Savings offers 20% off some gift cards. That is a remarkable discount, especially if you’re looking for new ways to save a significant amount of money.

How to Register an Account?

As stated earlier, if you’re purchasing a product from some of the 1000 retailers partnered up with Complete Savings, you will get an offer to join this cashback programme. By clicking on the offer, you will get to the Complete Savings sign-up page, where you can create your account.

Then, you will see a form that allows you to provide all personal details such as your full name, email address, and postal code. In addition, you will have to create a new password and include your credit card details, after which Complete Savings will charge you the monthly fee.

You can become a part of this cashback programme in less than a few minutes. Once you complete the registration process, you can search for online goods and make on-platform purchases with Complete Savings.

Prices and Trial

The Complete Savings subscription will cost you £15 a month. Of course, you can cancel your subscription at any time, but keep in mind that Complete Savings will charge you £15 each month, even if you aren’t active on its website. What’s more, regular shoppers can claim the monthly bonus of £15, allowing them to cover the subscription cost and use the service for free.

Luckily, you can also try Complete Savings for free. The 30-day trial will allow you to enjoy many Complete Savings benefits and features. Moreover, if you aren’t satisfied with the programme, you can cancel the subscription during the trial without facing extra charges or costs.

If you decide to cancel your membership, you will have to provide your unique Complete Savings member code. You can find the code under the Membership Pack and Billing Details section of the very first email you received from Complete Savings.

Complete Savings Benefits

One of the main benefits of signing up to Complete Savings is that you can buy your favourite products at lower prices and even get a 10% cashback. The money will arrive in your bank account a few days after you email your receipt. That means that you will be able to use it to pay for any other product or service.

It is well-known that some similar programmes will reward you with online gift cards only. However, Complete Savings has found a way to give you partial refunds you can use in conventional retail stores, anywhere and anytime.

One of the possible drawbacks is that you can’t create a new account on the Complete Savings website, as you will have to do it via online retailers. But, this is a minor issue, and even people who aren’t tech-savvy will manage to find their way to Complete Savings.

The next step in this Complete Savings review would be to tell you more information about its customer support. From what I’ve gathered, there’s a chance you might have to wait a few days for their response, as they are only available during weekdays and Saturdays. However, Complete Savings customer service is also AI-based, meaning you can instantly get some basic answers on the official website.

Customer Reviews

Complete Savings has a 3.6 rating on Trustpilot, so let’s discuss the negative reviews first. Most people who left a 1-star review claim they didn’t know about any membership fees or that they have been wrongfully charged. Although many companies don’t tell you about hidden costs right away, Complete Savings is transparent about its policy and fees. You can find more about all the charges on the Complete Savings website, which is why these reviews aren’t as reliable.

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On the other hand, 72% of all reviews on Trustpilot show that Complete Savings offers excellent service. People say they’re grateful for the opportunity to save money and make better purchasing decisions with minimal investment. As most of these clients are regular shoppers, they don’t even have to set some money aside for the fee because the monthly bonus makes them eligible to claim £15 back. All in all, this is a reputable cashback programme, and people who understand the terms and conditions love Complete Savings.

Wrap Up

Hopefully, this Complete Savings review has helped you see the benefits of creating an account on this platform. So if you go on online shopping sprees often, you will save a significant amount each month.

So if you’re still sceptical, you can still sign up and give the platform a try risk-free, hence the free trial. After all, you can cancel your subscription anytime, so be open to new opportunities, and you might find some fantastic deals on the Complete Savings website.


Is Complete Savings safe?

Yes, Complete Savings is a legitimate and safe cashback programme for shoppers who live in the UK. Still, it’s recommended to read the terms and conditions document, as many people had a negative experience because they didn’t understand how Complete Savings works.

Can you get money back from Complete Savings?

Yes, indeed! With every purchase you make on this platform, you will get a 10% refund of the original price. In addition, if you aren’t happy with the programme, you can get your money back from Complete Savings by issuing a refund. 

Is Complete Savings legit?

Yes, Complete Savings is legit, even if some people claim it’s a scam. The cashback programme is entirely legal, and as the privacy policy says, you will get a minimum of 10% cashback on every purchase.