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  • Software costs: Free
  • Fiat deposits: /
  • Trading fees: Starting from 0.4%
  • Customer support: Phone, email, chat
  • AICPA and SOC 2: Yes
  • Multi-device support: Yes

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Crypto.com Review

Crypto.com is a fast-growing company that offers a range of perks and trading services. So, if you want to discover the benefits of creating an account on this platform, here’s a Crypto.com review to help you get started!

Crypto.com Review

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  • Software costs: Free
  • Fiat deposits: /
  • Trading fees: Starting from 0.4%
  • Customer support: Phone, email, chat
  • AICPA and SOC 2: Yes
  • Multi-device support: Yes

Best For

Crypto-to-crypto trading


  • Wide assortment of cryptocurrencies
  • Supports staking
  • Has its own coin
  • High security standards


  • Lacks educational materials
  • Support agents don’t reply immediately
  • Available services depend on your region

A reliable crypto trading platform should offer reasonable fees and a more comprehensive selection of trading opportunities than its competitors. But, of course, to start trading crypto, you will also need a secure service provider that ensures your funds are safe and protected against theft. So, those who manage to find a crypto exchange that offers all of the above can be confident that their assets are always in good hands. 

Still, many first-time traders wonder which crypto exchange is best for them. Therefore, if you’re looking for an answer, this Crypto.com review will give you a better idea of how trading on this secure platform may benefit your future.

  • What is Crypto.com?
  • Who is Crypto.com Best for?
  • How Does it Work?
  • What Cryptocurrencies Does Crypto.com Support?
  • How Much Does it Cost to Trade at Crypto.com?
  • Mobile App
  • Security
  • How Does Crypto.com Compare?
  • Customer Support
  • User Reviews

What is Crypto.com?

Founded in 2016, Crypto.com is a cryptocurrency exchange based in Singapore. The company advocates for the world’s transition to cryptocurrency, and its primary goal is to help people regain control over their financial status. 

Crypto.com’s founders are Kris Marszalek, Rafael Melo, Gary Or, and Bobby Bao. After joining forces, the founders built a platform where users could buy and sell in-demand and little-known cryptocurrencies. 

Crypto.com has over ten million users worldwide. What’s more, it is the first exchange that received the Class 3 Virtual Financial Assets (VFA) licence. Still, this company aims towards securing licences in every country it operates in, allowing users to trade without facing hefty fines. As this company complies with risk-prevention and financial regulations, it’s one of the most secure trading platforms on the market. 

On top of that, Crypto.com’s founders believe the opportunity to control your money is your fundamental right, which is why they had founded this platform in the first place. As a result, millions of people have found their way to financial freedom and independence by trading on this app. 

Who is Crypto.com Best for?

Those interested in trading at this platform have to be at least 18 years old to create an account on this platform. Additionally, the Crypto.com app is available in 90 countries, so you must have a valid residence permit for the covered territories if you want to join. 

Crypto.com is available to Britons and is considered one of the best trading apps in the UK. What’s more, Crypto.com is an excellent platform for:

  • Investing in more lucrative alternatives to stocks and shares
  • Trading on an easy-to-use platform
  • Generating modest profits on trades
  • Buying or selling a decent selection of digital coins
  • Beginners and advanced traders who want to tap into the market and profit off of it
  • Those who wish to mitigate the risk of hacking and theft
  • First-time business owners willing to invest in high-paying opportunities
  • Traders who want to avoid trading jargon and get simple instructions and explanations on how the app works

How Does it Work?

In the next section of this review, I’ll show you what you’ll be able to do if you choose Crypto.com as your trading platform. For starters, the website and app are both great examples of a user-friendly design, meaning you’ll find all services and features easily. But, before you start exploring trading opportunities, you will have to register on the  Crypto.com exchange first. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Visit crypto.com/exchange and find the Sign-Up button
  2. Follow the instructions you’ll see on the screen and provide the required personal information
  3. Then, open a confirmation email and verify your account
  4. Use the one-time password you’ll receive via email to sign in 
  5. Next, change your password on the Crypto.com website
  6. Finally, all you need to do is verify your phone number, and Crypto.com will redirect you to its landing page

Crypto.com Wallet and Staking 

When you begin trading at Crypto.com, you will notice that this exchange allows the users to connect a range of digital wallets to its service, including its own Crypto.com Wallet. The DeFi Wallet is a Crypto.com app that enables users to earn, store, and grow their digital assets. In addition, if you choose to hold your assets in this wallet, you will have complete control over your crypto and private keys. 

Britons can set up GBP Fiat Wallets and deposit or withdraw funds in their desired currency. Namely, Crypto.com users in the UK can fund or empty their accounts using the Faster Payments Service (FPS). Additionally, the minimum deposit on GBP Fiat Wallets is £20.

On top of that, the Crypto.com exchange is offering staking services, meaning you can lock your crypto holdings and earn rewards or interest on the digital assets you have available on your account. When it comes to the Crypto.com interest rate, the rewards on your crypto can go up to 6.5% a year, and you can receive up to 12% of your holdings on stablecoins. However, you must use the DeFi Wallet to collect these rewards.

Crypto.com Services and Visa Card

This exchange offers crypto-to-crypto trading to everyone except US citizens. Since these customers can’t swap cryptocurrencies for one another, they have to sell their crypto before investing the acquired assets in other digital currencies. On the other hand, Britons can exchange cryptocurrencies without taking extra steps to fund their accounts and search for new trading opportunities. 

So, if you’re from the UK, you should know that Crypto.com offers everything you need to start trading digital currencies and earn rewards on the crypto you hold. Furthermore, you will get access to charting tools that showcase the data you need for a successful trading experience. 

On top of that, each currency’s page includes a brief summary that helps you expand your knowledge and learn the benefits of buying the currency in question. That way, Crypto.com ensures its clients can make informed decisions regarding buying or selling their digital assets.

Crypto.com is also a marketplace for NFTs. So, users can mint and sell their NFTs through the Auction process. You will have to visit Crypto.com/NFT and press the Create button to get started. Then, you can submit your NFTs and find buyers interested in non-fungible tokens.

Those interested in paying with their digital assets can order the Crypto Visa Card, also known as an MCO card. If you order a card, you’ll get to enjoy numerous benefits, including free ATM withdrawals and up to 8% Rewards back on your card spendings. When it comes to withdrawal limits, the Crypto.com minimum withdrawal is $100, or around £73.

What Cryptocurrencies Does Crypto.com Support?

Crypto.com supports trading of over 200 cryptocurrencies, including its own coin CRO. Namely, you can buy and sell some of the highest-trading digital currencies, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Enjin coin, on this platform. Here are some other most traded assets available at this platform:


  • Basic Attention Token
  • USDP Stablecoin
  • OmiseGO
  • Dogecoin
  • Elrond
  • BAND
  • Dash
  • LUNA
  • ZRX
  • Algorand
  • Matic
  • XSGD

How Much Does it Cost to Trade at Crypto.com?

Interestingly enough, the Crypto.com fees are below-average (up to 0.4% per trade), but it’s worth noting that many other service providers offer trading on a secure platform for a lower price. Still, trading on this platform is budget-friendly, and in the table below, you can see how much this exchange will charge you for using its services.

Before diving right into it, keep in mind that the Makers column refers to traders who create selling or buying orders on the app that aren’t carried out immediately. On the other hand, Takers are investors who instantly purchase or sell their crypto.  

Trading volume (USD) $0.00 – $25,000 $25,001 – $50,000 $50,001 – $100,000 $100,001 – $250,000 $250,001 – $1,000,000 $1,000,00 – $20,000,000
Fees for Makers 0.4% 0.35% 0.15% 0.1% 0.09% 0.08%
Fees for Takers 0.4% 0.35% 0.25% 0.16% 0.15% 0.14%

Important note: As your trading volume increases, be sure to visit the Crypto.com website. There, you’ll find more information about fees that apply to those who hold over $20,000,000 on Crypto.com. 

The Crypto.com exchange won’t charge you any transaction fees as long as you make purchases with money transferred from your bank via the Automated Clearing House (ACH). Moreover, there are no fees or limits for depositing crypto to this exchange. However, the Crypto.com withdrawal fees are based on which cryptocurrency you want to convert into cash and transfer to your bank account.

Mobile App

This service’s app was tailored to support trading on the go. Once you install the app, you’ll see the user-friendly and straightforward homepage first. This page features the essential information and tools you need to start trading crypto, all in one place. 

Namely, when you need insight into the best-performing tokens on the market, you can search for the Top Performers and News feature. So, if you use it to compare the available options, you’ll know which digital token has the predisposition to increase your cash flow. 

Furthermore, the app users can also find the Trade button on the main page. A click on this button will showcase all available trading deals in your region. Clients can also use the app to initiate crypto and fiat deposits. 

The app includes a Withdrawal feature, allowing the withdrawal of available assets on your account. Additionally, the app features Crypto.com Pay that comes with many perks. Namely, you can use this extension to buy gift cards with crypto, scan QR codes for payments and enable airtime pop-ups. 

If you install the app, you can enable Face/Touch ID and activate the anti-phishing code. This code can help you identify whether emails you receive are coming from the official Crypto.com app. As each email from the Crypto.com exchange will include the same code, you’ll always be able to avoid scammers. 

Those who want to add another layer of security to their account can reap the benefits of the Passcode feature. Once you enable it, the app will require additional passcode for access, making your account extra secure. 

As stated earlier, the app is practical, allowing anyone to adapt to a new user interface. So, if you want to trade on the go while keeping your funds safe from prying eyes, the Crypto.com app may be the right choice for you. 


As it meets the AICPA and SOC 2 standards for security, Crypto.com is one of the most secure trading platforms worldwide. Moreover, it employs a Zero Trust, Defence in Depth security strategy across all its systems to ensure its clients are always safe. 

Namely, all transactions on this trading platform are protected by the MFA, which includes biometric, phone, password, email, and authenticator verification. This company also collaborates with globally recognised security firms such as Kudelski Security, allowing them to test Crypto.com’s core blockchain systems. 

Crypto.com stores 100% of its users’ cryptocurrencies in cold storage. On top of that, all $750 million worth of assets is insured against physical damage and third-party theft. With that in mind, you can trade at Crypto.com, knowing that asset protection is this company’s top priority.

How Does Crypto.com Compare?

The next step in this review would be to compare and draw parallels between Crypto.com and its competitors. That is, of course, to help you uncover the pros and cons of dealing on these platforms and find the most suitable option that caters to your every conceivable need. So, for starters, look at the differences between Crypto.com and Binance — some of the most trusted platforms on the market. 

Crypto.com vs Binance

As stated earlier, Crypto.com is a budget-friendly trading platform, but some service providers offer more cost-effective trading opportunities. One of those platforms is Binance, a trusted crypto exchange with almost 30 million satisfied users. 

So, the main difference between trading at Binance and Crypto.com is the money you’d have to set aside for fees. Binance charges 0.15% – 0.1% per trade and an instant buy and sell fee of 0.50%. Crypto.com exchange fees, on the other hand, go up to 0.4%. 

Both crypto exchanges are dependable and trustworthy. Namely, Binance features multiple layers of security measures to protect its clients’ assets, and the FDIC insures all deposits on this platform (up to $250,000). Still, Crypto.com’s security practises are also praiseworthy, as the company meets the AICPA and SOC 2 standards and ensures its clients’ money against physical damage and third-party theft.

Binance is a highly reputable trading platform, while Crypto.com doesn’t get as much recognition as it should. However, if I had to choose, I’d pick Binance over Crypto.com, mainly because this crypto exchange offers valuable educational materials that allow first-time traders to learn about blockchain and cryptocurrencies. 

Crypto.com vs Coinbase 

Coinbase is an excellent trading platform for first-time traders. However, as the company’s data breaches in the past had an unfavourable effect on its customers, this isn’t a good crypto exchange for experienced traders. Conversely, Crypto.com never had any security issues before, meaning it’s a more reliable platform than Coinbase. 

Coinbase is a better choice for learning about crypto and standard trading practices before placing your first trade. However, Crypto.com supports trading of roughly 200 cryptocurrencies and offers live chat to its customers. In addition, the Crypto.com trading fees are drastically lower compared to Coinbase, which is another reason to give this app a try. So, all things considered, you’re more likely to find better trading opportunities and secure your assets if you decide to trade at Crypto.com. 

Crypto.com vs Gemini

Both Gemini and Crypto.com are available in the UK. Crypto.com is more suitable for advanced traders with relatively low fees and a range of available coins. Gemini offers 40 digital currencies for trading, indicating that the platform is only satisfactory for poor to mediocre growth. 

Still, if you choose to trade on this exchange, know that your assets will be insured against losses. That is because Gemini had to deal with security breaches and possibly fraudulent transfers or employee theft in the past. Thankfully, the security breach was a wake-up call for Gemini, and the company is now working on improving its security measures to ensure safe trade conditions.

Customer Support 

There are a few ways Crypto.com delivers customer service to its customers. Namely, you can contact its customer support representatives via phone or email, and those who need a quick resolution to their queries can opt for a Crypto.com live chat option too! 

As customer support agents can take up to four hours to reply to your message, this company’s chatbot will first answer the basic questions regarding your trading account. If, however, you need support from one of Crypto.com’s customer support agents, you will have to wait until someone becomes available to respond.

Although this trading platform doesn’t offer speedy support, its customer support agents are knowledgeable and ready to provide helpful information. So, if you ever need to ask for help or file complaints, Crypto.com’s customer support will address the issues and efficiently resolve them. 

User Reviews

Impressively, Crypto.com has over 234,000 reviews and a 4.0/5 rating on the Google Play Store. Crypto.com reviews show that users think of this app as their gateway into the world of trading, meaning the platform is a decent choice for first-time traders. 

Moreover, users are satisfied with how easy it is to track and sell their crypto. So, as the company continually improves its UI, customers can always trade and learn about crypto on a user-friendly platform.

Of course, some users didn’t show genuine appreciation for the app’s features and performance. Namely, those who left a 1/5 stars review on the Google Play Store complained about getting error messages on purchases. But, the Crypto.com customer support agents managed to solve these account issues effectively and help users improve their trading experience on the app. 

Wrap Up

Crypto.com has been around since 2016. In this short time, it gave its users a secure trading platform and the opportunity to use crypto as an actual currency. Moreover, the app is convenient and straightforward, and its security measures ensure breaches never occur. 

As this Crypto.com review showcases the positive and negative aspects of trading on this platform, I hope you’ve managed to determine whether this trading app is worth your time and money. After all, with relatively low fees, attractive perks, and an excellent security system, Crypto.com may be the app you’re looking for!


Is Crypto.com safe?

Yes, Crypto.com is a trading platform that keeps up with high-standard security measures. As a result, trading on this crypto exchange is secure, and regardless of how much money you make, this company will keep your assets safe.

Where is Crypto.com based?

Crypto.com is a Singapore-based company that started its journey in 2016. The company has four founders, with Kris Marszalek as the CEO.

Is Crypto.com good?

Yes, indeed! Crypto.com is an excellent trading app that supports the trading of 200 currencies. It’s an adequate choice for active traders and those who want to sell NFTs or enjoy the benefits of the Crypto Visa Card.