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  • WARRANTY: 5 years
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  • SIZES: Cot, Toddler, Small Single, Single, Small Double, Double, King, Super King, European Single, European Double, European King
  • MATTRESS TYPES: Orthopaedic, Pocket Sprung, Open Coil Spring, Memory Foam, Latex Foam, Reflex Foam, Kids, Bunk Bed, Trundle, Rolled
  • CUSTOMER SUPPORT: Phone, Email, Help Guides and Contact Forms

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Happy Beds Review

The Happy Beds brand offers mattresses with optimal comfort and support for highly reasonable prices. Join us on this Happy Beds review, as we will describe in detail the types of mattresses this brand has to offer.

Happy Beds Review

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  • WARRANTY: 5 years
  • TRIAL: /
  • SIZES: Cot, Toddler, Small Single, Single, Small Double, Double, King, Super King, European Single, European Double, European King
  • MATTRESS TYPES: Orthopaedic, Pocket Sprung, Open Coil Spring, Memory Foam, Latex Foam, Reflex Foam, Kids, Bunk Bed, Trundle, Rolled
  • CUSTOMER SUPPORT: Phone, Email, Help Guides and Contact Forms

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Affordable prices


  • A wide variety of mattresses
  • Five firmness levels
  • Free standard delivery
  • Multiple sizes available


  • No hybrid mattresses
  • No trial period

Are you having trouble sleeping lately but can’t seem to find the root cause of it? Could your old mattress be the source of this problem? 

If that is the case, you should consider investing in a new mattress.

But where to begin? There are currently so many mattress brands trying to achieve the perfect balance between comfort and support and make their mark on the world of sleep. One such brand is Happy Beds, one of the most successful UK bed and furniture retailers. 

This Happy Beds Review will cover everything you should know before purchasing one of their products. 


  • What is Happy Beds?
  • Types of Mattresses
  • Mattress Cover Features
  • Sizes and Pricing
  • Top Recommendations
  • Purchase and Delivery Process
  • Customer Support
  • Customer Reviews

What is Happy Beds?

Happy Beds is an online discount store that features its own exclusive line of UK made mattresses, beds, and bedroom furniture with nationwide delivery.  The company opened its doors in 2010 and is based in the Wakefield province in West Yorkshire.

It now proudly proclaims itself as UK’s fastest-growing bed and mattress retailer, with a slew of awards and accolades for its excellent customer-oriented service.

So, let’s delve deeper into the type of mattresses this company has to offer.

Types of Mattresses

This mattress retailer offers a wide array of mattress choices for all sleep positions. For example, if you are a back or front sleeper, you have a vast selection of pocket springs, open coil, and orthopaedic mattresses. On the other hand, side sleepers can choose between several models of quality memory foam, plush latex, and reflex foam varieties.

All materials used to create the mattresses are sourced only from the UK and guarantee top-quality and craftsmanship.

Foam Mattresses

A foam mattress is known for adapting to and hugging the body and offering optimal pressure relief. So it may be an excellent option for reducing pain and improving sleep quality for some people, particularly side sleepers. Happy Beds all-foam mattresses include memory foam, plush latex, and reflex foam.

The memory foam mattresses are individually handmade and include viscoelastic and heat-responsive foam that encourages proper spinal alignment. 

Plush Latex mattresses are similar to memory foam in support and feel. They include traditional, natural materials with hypoallergenic and antibacterial properties. 

Finally, reflex foam mattresses are designed to alleviate lower or upper back pain and are incredibly supportive. They also tend to be on the firmer side of the scale.

Spring Structure

In terms of spring structure, this mattress manufacturer offers open coil and pocket sprung mattresses.

The pocket spring mattresses are made out of individual springs, each wrapped in its own fabric pocket. The pocket spring varieties feature three to nine times more springs than traditional open coil mattresses. As a result of each spring moving individually, these types of mattresses have excellent motion isolation properties. 

An Open Coil is the most traditional type of mattress and features fewer springs than a pocket spring one. All the springs are linked together in a wire frame, and they move together when pressure is applied. Happy Beds open coil mattresses come at very affordable prices. 

Finally, let’s say a few words about orthopaedic mattresses. This company supplies a wide range of mattresses specifically designed for people prone to back and joint pain. They offer all-encompassing support and are specially designed using 21st-century technology and optimal sleep comfort in mind.

Mattress Cover Features

Happy Beds mattresses come with diverse top covers featuring different materials and designs. 

On the lower end of the price scale, you will find covers with more traditional materials, such as polyester and nylon. On the other hand, pricier models usually feature cotton, wool, and other naturally breathable materials. 

This mattress manufacturer also offers a wide range of tufted mattresses. A tufted mattress is an excellent solution for anyone looking for more support during sleep. In addition, the tufting process makes the mattress much more stable, firm, and endurable. 

Conversely, quilted mattresses offer a much smoother sleeping surface. Thus, they are perfect for those looking for a more cushiony feeling while sleeping. 

A pillow top mattress provides one extra padding for extra softness and a cloud-like sensation. That makes the pillow top mattresses the softest on the market and one of this brand’s most luxurious offerings. Moreover, the pillowtop mattresses come in all sizes, single, double, and king-size.

This mattress retailer also features a wide range of mattresses with covers that can be zipped off and machine washed. A removable cover has several benefits since it helps preserve the quality and cleanliness of the mattress.

Firmness and Support

When it comes to preferred firmness, this retailer offers a mattress for just about everyone. You can choose between soft, medium/soft, medium, medium/firm, and firm mattresses

Generally speaking, open coil mattresses are the softest option. In contrast, mattresses with reflex foam tend to be on the firmer side of the scale. 

Sleepers with a larger build and front sleepers may prefer a firmer choice. At the same time, those with a more petite figure may benefit the most from medium and softer varieties.

Sizes and Pricing

Happy Beds offers sizes as varied as the mattresses themselves. You can choose from a wide range of sizes, such as Small Single, Single, Small Double, Double, King, Super King, and even Toddler/Cot sizes.

Prices are varied and depend on several factors. However, to give you a general idea of how much an average mattress costs, we will provide the pricing options for the Signature Crystal 3000 Mattress. You can see all your options in the table below.


Size Dimensions Price
Small Single 75 cm x 190 cm £214.99
Single 90 cm x 190 cm £214.99
Small Double 120 cm x 190 cm £284.99
Double 135 cm x 190 cm  £284.99
King 150 cm x 200 cm £334.99
Super King 180 cm x 200 cm £424.99


All Happy Beds Mattresses come with a 5-year warranty but have no sleep trial period. They do, however, come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you decide to return your mattress, you will have to contact customer support to establish a refund amount.

Happy Beds Top Recommendations

Now that we’ve covered the general features of the mattresses on offer, here are some of our top recommendations.

Signature Crystal 3000 Mattress

The Signature Crystal 3000 is this company’s most well-known mattress, with its 3000 pocket springs being its key components. It is an orthopaedic mattress designed to relieve pressure points and reduce back and joint pain. It is also medium-firm which means it can provide excellent support and comes in a variety of sizes. 


The Happy Beds Signature Crystal mattress also features all-natural filling materials, such as cotton, wool, and cashmere. Moreover, the top wool layer of the mattress provides excellent temperature regulation, which means that even on warm summer evenings, it will keep you cool and comfortable. 

Like all other mattresses this company offers, the Signature Crystal 3000 comes at a very affordable price. That makes it an excellent option for those looking for comfortable mattresses for a low price.

Happy Beds Signature Crystal 3000 Mattress | CyberCrew

Super Ortho Mattress

The Super Ortho Mattress has proven to be a superior product and one of the most popular choices among customers. It comes with a layer of sturdy reflex foam that contributes to excellent back and joint support for a great night’s sleep. 

Apart from the reflex foam, it also features traditional open coil springs and additional layers of satin and polyester that contribute to great comfortability. The Super Ortho mattress is also hand-tufted on both sides and decorated with rich damask fabric and quilted panels. 

These factors contribute to optimal support, comfortability, and endurance, making the Support Ortho Mattress one of the best Happy Beds offerings yet.

Happy Beds Super Ortho Mattress | CyberCrew

Ortho Royale Mattress

The Ortho Royale is an orthopaedic mattress that is medium-firm and features a layer of springs with an open-coil design. Also, it is only exclusively available in Happy Beds, and you won’t find it anywhere else on the market. 

The Ortho Royale is 25 cm thick, which gives the mattress a luxurious look and feel. Apart from the layer of metal springs, it also incorporates high-quality materials, such as polyester, satin pads, and a damask woven cover. 

Another standout feature is the air vents found on the mattress sides. They improve the air circulation inside the mattress and prevent the buildup of stale air, resulting in great comfortability during warmer nights.

The Ortho Royale also features hand-stitched handles on the sides, which help rotate and flip the mattress. Happy Beds recommends that you flip the mattress at least every six weeks to keep its overall quality and durability.

Happy Beds Ortho Royale Mattress | CyberCrew

Majestic 1000 Pocket Sprung Mattress

All pocket spring mattresses come with excellent motion isolation. This feature makes them a perfect choice for light sleepers easily disturbed by their bedmates tossing and turning at night. 

The Majestic mattress features up to 1000 individually nested pocket springs. They will keep you and your partner in your separate sleep zones, guaranteeing a great nights sleep for both of you. 

This mattress also includes special air vents for added breathability and temperature regulation, maintaining its freshness and durability.

The inner comfort of the mattress is complemented by its luxurious design, which further contributes to its appeal. The Happy Beds Majestic mattress comes adorned with wonderful damask fabric, a layer of rich satin pads and a hand-tufted pattern finish on both sides. 

These excellent features contribute to the Majestic 1000 Pocket Sprung Mattress being one of our top recommendations and a favourite among this retailer’s customers.

Happy Beds Majestic 1000 Mattress | CyberCrew

Neptune Spring Quilted Cotton Fabric Mattress

Despite being one of the most affordable mattresses, the Neptune brings the perfect balance between comfort and stability. 

It consists of satin and polyester layers and a  sturdy network of open coil springs that will perfectly adapt to your body and offer support in just the right places. In addition, it comes with a quilted top on both sides. Furthermore, it is finished with rich damask fabric and breathability enhancing air vents. 

The Neptune mattress is medium in terms of firmness. In addition, its maintenance process is pretty straightforward. Your only task will be to flip it regularly, which helps achieve an even weight distribution on both sides and increases durability.

Happy Beds Neptune Spring Mattress | CyberCrew

Purchase and Delivery Process

As Happy Beds is an online mattress store, there is no in-store testing or a showroom, and you can only purchase their products online. Removing the cost from luxurious stores is what keeps this retailer’s products so affordable and budget-friendly. 

Purchases are made by card, directly from the brand’s website. You can select a delivery date at checkout, and standard delivery to mainland UK comes free of charge. 

Deliveries to offshore UK territories may come with a small additional fee. Other services also come with an additional cost, for instance.


  • Express Delivery from Monday to Friday costs an extra £15
  • Saturday deliveries cost an additional £35
  • Specific day, two-person delivery costs £20
  • Weekend two-person deliveries come with a fee of £40

Customer Support

You can contact the Happy Beds customer service team via phone, email, and a contact form. Additionally, the brand’s official website is a rich source of help guides on all topics concerning beds and mattresses. You can find delivery information, returns & refund policies, and manufacturer’s guarantees.

You can also access buyer’s guides on choosing the right type of mattress for your specific needs and product care advice. In addition, you can dive into insightful articles on various topics, such as interior design, lifestyle & wellbeing, and sleep science.

Happy Beds Alternatives

If you first want to research your options before making a final decision, we suggest you look more into these other excellent mattress brands. 

Eve Sleep Mattresses

Eve is a stylish brand that offers two types of mattresses – foam and hybrid ones, blending memory foam layers and pocket springs. Eve’s premium mattresses, in particular, provide top quality and the perfect combination between comfort and stability. Still, they are usually on the pricier side. 

The good news is that they hold frequent sales and it is customary to find their products at great discounts. Eve Sleep also offers a 100-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty on all their mattresses. 

Otty Mattresses

Otty Mattresses are the perfect blend between pocket springs and reflex foam. Otty’s hybrid mattresses include a memory foam layer infused with cool Blue Gel technology and as many as 2000 pocket springs. They also offer a 100-night trial and a 10-year warranty on their mattresses. 

Their mattresses are also around the medium-firm mark and come at reasonable prices compared to other hybrid mattress manufacturers. 

Simba Mattresses

Simba is one of the most well-known online mattress companies. They currently offer three high-quality hybrid mattresses. They all feature the company’s proprietary Simba-Pure comfort layers and thousands of micro pocket springs that contribute to excellent stability and back pain relief for the sleeper. 

Additionally, they offer excellent customer service, with free delivery and a 200-night sleep trial. That will give you plenty of time to decide whether the mattress is a good match for you. 

Customer Reviews

To see how this brand performs in terms of customer satisfaction and feedback, we headed over to the Trustpilot site. At the time of writing this Happy Beds Review, there were over 3000 reviews and an average score of 4.2 out of 5 stars. 

This excellent rating tells us that most UK customers are satisfied with its services and products.

Customers appreciate the quality of the mattresses, the friendly customer support team, and the prompt delivery.  Several reviewers also praised the orthopaedic collection for providing back pain relief. 

In contrast, about 19% gave Happy Beds a bad one-star rating. Most of these bad ratings were due to poor customer service experiences, delivery issues and unexpected cancellation fees.

Wrap Up

Our final verdict is that Happy Beds has rightfully earned its spot as one of the UK’s most successful and fastest-growing bed and mattress retailers. Its mattresses feature strong quality and design, and its customer-oriented service further justifies its success.

So, regardless of what your mattress preferences are, you can rely on this mattress manufacturer to provide top-notch quality at a reasonable price for a great nights sleep. We hope that this Happy Beds Review provided you with all the information you wanted to know about this excellent brand.


When was Happy Beds established?

Happy Beds started operating in 2010 in the Wakefield province in West Yorkshire.

Do Happy Beds have a showroom?

No, it is an online store only, so there is no showroom or in-store purchases. That is why Happy Beds can sell its products at such reasonable prices. 

Are Happy Beds a good company

Yes, Happy Beds is a good company. They provide excellent customer service, fast deliveries, and some of the best-rated mattresses at very affordable prices.

Do Happy Beds offer free delivery?

Yes, standard deliveries to mainland UK come free of charge. However, offshore locations and additional services come with additional fees. 

Are Happy Beds mattresses firm or soft?

This company offers mattresses at all firmness levels, such as soft, medium/soft, medium, medium/firm, and firm.