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A Push In The 5G Direction Would Make All The Difference For UK Internet Consumers

The world is moving fast with the new 5G journey ahead of us. It will give everyone a chance to reshape their digital routines.

The most recent Ericsson ConsumerLab survey, which represents 1.3 billion mobile users globally, shows how 5G is already causing a change in smartphone behaviour among UK customers.

In the United Kingdom, dissimilar to their 4G counterparts, new 5G users invest three hours more per week on AR apps and cloud online gaming on their mobiles. This is a huge opportunity for operators because, according to the ConsumerLab poll, 5G consumers are more likely to be pleased with their operator while they are on 5G. In general, most customers satisfied with the 5G network are much more willing to recommend their service providers.

Even so, with improved 5G network performance come increased needs of the customers. 66% of the respondents in the United Kingdom are dissatisfied and want more creative services.

The potential is evident as at least five million people in the UK are willing to sign up for 5G this year alone. That is an excellent chance for the United Kingdom to get closer to its aim of becoming a global 5G dominator.

The aforementioned study offers some constructive input for operators to seize the opportunity and boost the 5G growth, as well as provide valuable insight on UK customers and others worldwide. Stay tuned for a more in-depth look at the observations of Ericsson’s ConsumerLab survey. 

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