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Apple’s Low-Cost iPhone SE 3 to Launch in March

Apple brings good news to iPhone lovers this year. The company plans on introducing a new budget-friendly 5G iPhone SE on the market, followed by new product and software updates that will come to life later this year. 

Apple will unveil its new smartphone in March 2022. The Apple convention scheduled for March 8th will be the first major event since the release of the latest Macbook Pro, and it will most likely be held online.

Of course, Apple’s plans may change due to possible production delays. But, this will be the first Apple SE update in two years, meaning there’s a chance Apple won’t wait another year to deliver a new product to the public. If, however, any delays affect Apple’s plans, we can expect a product launch later this year. 

The Apple SE (2020) was one of the most praised smartphones in 2020, and for a good reason. The model featured excellent hardware and battery life, industry-leading security features and wireless charging, making it a must-have on everyone’s Christmas wish list. So, naturally, people expect a lot from the next-generation model in the Apple SE line. 

The newest model will feature 5G network capabilities, a much faster processor, and a better camera. Still, Apple won’t surprise us with any drastic design changes, and the Apple SE 3 will most likely look similar, if not the same, as the current version. 

This first-rate product will be in the same price range as the previous model. So, Britons might have to set aside around £400 for this compact and smart mobile device. That is undoubtedly an attractive offer, as some iPhone models can cost over £1,000. But, for a lower price, you will get a smaller device that doesn’t feature as many cameras or that sleek, modern look Apple devices are well-known for. 

On top of that, those who join Apple’s next convention will be able to take a glimpse at the new iPad Air. As expected, the latest update will give us a faster processor and 5G network, making your experience seamless and worth the wait. 

Furthermore, Apple users can expect a lot more from the 2022 lineup. Namely, rumours say Apple will release a redesigned MacBook Air, new Mac Pro and iMac desktops, more iPhone 14 models, AirPods, and an update for MacBook Pro. 

While some may expect to see more releases from Apple in 2022, the devices mentioned in this article are the only products Apple has in store for us. But don’t lose your hope because some speculate that the beginning of 2023 will bring us a higher-end Apple headset and many other goodies to make our lives a little more convenient and exciting.