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Coming Soon: A Paid-for Twitter Service With Large-Format Content and No Ads

As disclosed by Jane Manchung Wong on her Twitter account on May 14th, the microblogging behemoth is preparing a subscription service of its own. While there’s still no knowing to what the service will encompass or what its name might be, it’s referred to as “Twitter Blue” and will cost at least $2.99 per month. 

What a “Twitter Blue” subscriber gets will largely depend on the type of subscription. More money will, without a doubt, mean more features, as a multiple-tier model is planned for. So far, mentioned is an “undo tweet” feature, letting Adelle delete those drunk tweets promptly after posting. Oh, and there’ll be a bookmarks collection. For those whose primary use of Twitter isn’t simple pastime but the following of learned people, this might save the time spent collecting the thoughts and links most valued – or just collecting the hilarious bits. Either way.

What Twitter’s subscription offering will include largely surpasses the two features mentioned when taking the company’s recent acquisitions of Scroll and Revue into account. 

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Scroll’s ad-removing-yet-author-supporting service is planned to be included in Twitter’s new paid platform, much to the delight of the many content creators who already tweet heavily and are eager to contribute with large-format content. Therefore, Twitter might not be synonymous with short formats for much longer.

Making content-creators rejoice even further is Twitter’s acquisition of the Dutch newsletter publisher Revue. As Twitter’s Publisher Products vice-president noted, this company provides a free and simple way for writers of all sorts to publish editorial newsletters. It will now allow them to reach a broader paying audience, helping people quickly find information of value at the same time. 

Scroll allows no new sign-ups, at least not for now. On the other hand, Revue continues its standalone operation with further team expansions in Twitter’s plans and a reduced newsletter fee. 

An overt move into the field of paid-for social media such as this one will have all eyes on Twitter, as succeeding in this endeavour can make it a true game-changer.

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