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New Stock on the Block: Dianomi Completes IPO on Alternative Investment Market

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Dianomi was today listed on London Stock Exchange’s sub-market – AIM. This London-based company allows its paying users to deliver native advertisements to a niche audience via desktop and mobile websites as well as premium publishers’ apps.

Business Growth Fund (BGF), one of the biggest names in growth capital investment for the UK and Ireland, has invested £6.3 million in Dianomi in 2018. The company’s IPO went public under BGF’s portfolio – being the first in the UK to do so.

Dianomi was founded in 2003 by Rupert Hodson, Raphael Queisser, and Cabell de Marcellus. Today, it gives advertisers the ability to place advertisements on 438 million devices each month. This penetration is achieved through partnerships with more than 300 business and finance content publishers.

The company’s last year revenue amounted to £28.4 million, a 58.8% increase from 2019’s, and its operating profit grew six-fold to £2 million. Dianomi’s network comprises London, New York and Sydney offices.

According to Rupert Hodson, CEO of Dianomi, this supports the prediction that motivated them to establish the company – a prediction that investments in digital advertising will one day exceed those in print. Further estimates that digital advertising in the financial market will increase by 100% from that in 2017, reaching $23.6 billion in 2021, confirm the trio’s farsightedness.

“Consumers have now transferred in large numbers to reading news online via phone, tablet or laptop, this has created significant sustainable organic growth for Dianomi, as well as opportunities to expand our presence in the mobile and video segments alongside entering new sectors where our premium positioning can naturally transfer. Today’s IPO is therefore intended to help accelerate our ability to take advantage of these opportunities.”

-Rupert Hodson


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