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Elitist Clubhouse sailing into Android waters

The platform finally became available to Android users after being iOS exclusive during its first year.

Despite its elitist approach to being available on iOS devices only, Clubhouse grew to 10 million users in its first year running. Now it seems it’s looking to broaden its horizons by introducing the app into the Android population a week ago, ramping up those user numbers even higher.

Publicizing the Android app, the company acknowledged the platform had grown faster beyond anyone’s expectations. “This had its downsides, as the load stressed our systems—causing widespread server outages and notification failures, and surpassing the limits of our early discovery algorithms.” the company stated in its Twitter post.

While now being available across multiple platforms, the Clubhouse app will remain invite-only, thus “keeping the growth measured” as stated by the company.

US residents have been able to claim their app for a while now, however, for those outside the US, it will be necessary to pre-register for access via the Clubhouse page in the Google Play store. Users that do so will become notified when the Android app becomes available in their region. Even then, users would still require an invitation from another member in order to access the application.

“Android rollout continues!” – social platform Clubhouse posted on its Twitter page on Sunday, indicating availability in the countries that are to follow: Brazil, Japan, Russia on Tuesday, India and Nigeria by Friday, and the “rest of the world throughout the week”.

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