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Facebook Business Suite Introduces Scheduling For Stories

Digital marketers, social media managers, we have excellent news, your waiting has come to an end!

Facebook has announced a new feature for Business Suite users, enabling scheduling Stories for Facebook and Instagram. Scheduling posts comes in handy as it saves a lot of time and is now available for Stories, too. Considering the fact that 50% of people visit a website for shopping purposes after seeing goods or services in IG Stories, it is logical that more and more brands use Stories for marketing. This is further supported by statistics that say 58% of people become more interested in a brand or a product after seeing it in IG Stories; and UK Facebook users click on almost double the global average of ads – 19 per month.

With this feature, you can create and prepare Stories and then schedule the time you want them to be published.

scheduling stories

In case you’ve changed your mind and want to alter something in your scheduled Story, you don’t have to worry since you can edit scheduled posts, and after saving changes, you can preview updated posts in your Content Calendar.

On top of this, Facebook is creating an option to make Facebook and Instagram posts and save them as Drafts. A new feature is planned to be implemented in the following weeks, so keep up with us for further updates.

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