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Gmail’s new voice and video calling feature has finally arrived

Start creating audio or video calls directly from the Gmail app

Gmail news | CyberCrew

Google has announced the most striking option that enables you to make video or audio calls within the Gmail app on iOS and Android. From December 6th, anyone with a Google Workspace account, a G Suite account, or a personal Google account can start using this fantastic new feature.

Prior to this addition, starting calls from Gmail required sending an invite to a Google Meet video conferencing session, which seems excessive for a one-on-one conversation. However, keep in mind that in order to conduct group calls, Google Meet will still be needed.

Google’s goal is to make Gmail the central hub for all its communication services, and this addition is a handy one. In other words, starting a conversation doesn’t require creating an invitation on Meet and sending it to other people anymore; instead, just press the button and take advantage of this new feature. Even if you start a call from the Google Chat app, you’ll be redirected to Gmail.