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Google One VPN – Now Available in the UK

Back in October 2020, Google launched its own standalone VPN called Google One VPN in a bundle with the Google One cloud subscription storage service. The perk was first made available to US subscribers with a 2TB storage plan. 


Just last month, however, Google branched out its VPN service to Android users in seven more countries: UK, Canada, Mexico, France, Germany, Spain and Italy, as reported by 9to5Google. Users can easily enable the Google One VPN via the Google One for Android app. 


The Google One VPN is yet another benefit this search giant provided to its users, followed by the 10% cashback for Google Store purchases made available in 2019. 


The Google One VPN functions as a regular VPN service. It disguises your IP address and routes all your data through an encrypted virtual tunnel, successfully hiding your browsing activity. Google One is also a no-logs VPN, meaning it doesn’t collect any personally identifiable information. 


Naturally, Google assures it will “never use the VPN connection to track, log, or sell your browsing activity”. Also, Google guarantees to offer even more security than other VPNs by “separating the authentication of the subscriber from the use of the service”. It does this by inserting a special cryptographic block between the user and the session ID to further distance users from their online activities. 


Still, as with all other issues surrounding Google, this one was also met with hype and controversy.  Some users raised concerns about whether it is safe to trust Google’s VPN service with your private data. 


And it is a valid concern, especially when you take into consideration Google’s questionable past marketing strategies, such as selling ads based on users’ individual browsing history. 


Well, that is only a small part of Google’s long history of collecting and sharing user data. Just a few years ago, Google was involved in another major scandal when news broke out that Google let Gmail web developers scan and read user mail.

So, if you are interested in using Google’s VPN service, we recommend you reconsider your options before making a hasty decision you might later regret. Instead, if you are looking for a secure and affordable VPN service, check out our Best VPN UK for 2021 article and find a better-fitted solution.