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Metaverse Related Job Postings Skyrocket in the UK

The development of new online platforms and innovative ways of interaction is blurring the line between real and virtual worlds. Virtual friends, remote work and school are all small ways we’re already entering the metaverse.  

As we are slowly transitioning our daily lives from physical to virtual reality, the job market itself is underlying significant changes. 

Meta has already invested more than £7 billion in the metaverse. There are predictions that 10,000 jobs will be created over a five-year period. UK companies are trying to stay on top of the movement and are ramping up their search for developers, designers, and data scientists to work in metaverse related jobs.

According to job search engine Azuna, since Facebook rebranded to Meta, advertisements for metaverse related jobs have increased fivefold.

In October 2021, when Facebook announced that it would focus on building virtual 3D realities, the metaverse job adverts stood at 47, while last month, this number was as high as 250.

Similar trends are noticed in the US, where metaverse jobs jumped from 697 to 1,892. UK and US firms are working hard not to miss capitalising on the metaverse trend.

James Neave, head of data science at Azuna, said: “ Hiring metaverse experts is the latest recruitment trend to show exponential growth. The last three months have seen a surge in job openings related to the metaverse both here in the UK and over in the US, with demand catalysed by Zuckerberg’s Facebook rebranding and refocusing exercise”. 


Neave stated that hundreds of companies are advertising for positions related to the metaverse. While gaming still makes up a large portion of the market, other industries also invest heavily.  

People still have divided opinions on the metaverse. Some say that it will be a place where we work and socialise, and others just see it as a rebranding of AR. 

Similar trends have been noticed in cryptocurrency-related jobs. They have risen from 269 to 1,520 in the past year. 

Jeremy Dalton, head of metaverse technologies at professional services firm PwC said: “I expect to see both grow in tandem, cryptocurrencies offering a trusted medium of transaction in the digital marketplace that is the metaverse”.

In the ever-changing and dynamic environment, we live in, employment will eventually shift towards those who are better skilled and can creatively adapt to the emerging needs of the metaverse.