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Netflix Introduces Video Games Free

The streaming giant outlined its ambitions for gaming, which indicates that it ultimately plans to pursue console games for Xbox and PlayStation. For Netflix, this is the most significant venture into a new type of entertainment since it started its streaming services in 2007.

Netflix will include remote video game streaming to its service, focusing primarily on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. That means that you’ll be able to reduce your bitrate since you don’t need 4K quality on a small screen. However, it is still unknown exactly how the platform will implement this or its various requirements.

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What is Netflix’s Statement?

As part of its game development, Netflix will include games based on the content it already offers (e.g. Black Mirror: Bandersnatch and Stranger Things 3: The Game). Gaming will be a new content category for the streaming service, similar to its expansion into original films, animation, and video games on unscripted TV. Netflix members will be able to play games for no additional charge as with movies and series.

Games for mobile devices will be its primary focus. With nearly a decade of original programming, the streaming service is now ready to learn more about its members’ gaming preferences. In addition, the company is enthusiastic about its movies and TV series offering, thus expecting continued investment and growth across its existing content categories.

Interactive Film Experience

Netflix has already broadcasted an episode of its Black Mirror: Bandersnatch – choose-your-own-adventure-style TV series. In addition to that, it has also produced Stranger Things 3: The Game for Nintendo Switch.

It may take years for the streaming company to establish itself in the gaming market because the competition is even more challenging. Netflix also announced that Covid has created some lumpiness in its membership growth but is constantly trying to improve its service.