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New Hack Technique: Windows 10 Users Need to Protect Their Data Before It’s Too Late

Don’t click the ‘Download Now’ button!

Researchers have discovered a fake Windows 11 installer online. So don’t download an installer for Windows 11 unless it comes from Microsoft! Anyone who downloads it will end up with RedLine Stealer, a virus that can steal private data, such as passwords, cryptocurrency wallet information, credit card numbers, browser information, and more. According to HP cybersecurity researchers, whoever is behind this attack has put a lot of thought into it.

An attack uses an expertly crafted fake website like the actual Windows 11 update page. Consequently, all Windows 10 users need to be aware of this possible attack if they want to upgrade to the latest Windows 11 software freely.

Recent malware versions can even steal cryptocurrency wallet data and target FTP and IM clients. Besides uploading and downloading files, it can also execute commands and communicate with its C2 server.

As a result, malicious actors have set up new domains that impersonate Microsoft. Namely, researchers have discovered the domain windows-upgraded.com, which appears very much like an official Microsoft website. Although this one has already been removed, there are probably many others out there waiting to be uncovered.

Since the first announcement of Windows 11 in June of 2021, many campaigns have been conducted to trick people into downloading malicious fake Windows 11 installers. That activity seemed to die down for a while, but now it appears to be back and probably much worse this time. So pay attention, and remember — never click the ‘Download Now’ button if you aren’t sure what will happen to your data!