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Sony Introduced LinkBuds: Sophisticated Wireless Earbuds That Are Worth Your Attention

Boost your authentic listening experience with the LinkBuds

Headphone makers are now making many efforts to bring some new products on the market. But, Sony now goes far beyond its competitors by studying how consumers use wireless earbuds when they’re out and about and will make even the biggest AirPods fans consider replacing them with Sony’s new product.

With this in mind, the company designed very special earbuds called LinkBuds that allow you to hear the tiniest sounds of the world and people around you when you’re making a call or listening to music. 

Currently, there are two ways to make it easier to hear what’s going on around you while wearing wireless headphones: transparency modes, where the headphones use a built-in microphone to amplify nearby sounds like a hearing aid, or bone conduction, where the headphones transmit sounds through your cheekbones, leaving your ears untouched.

However, with LinkBuds, you can experience new solutions. Unlike the traditional method of stuffing speaker drivers into your ear canals, Sony has created a speaker shaped like a ring with a hole in the middle.

Most earbuds make a special effort to block other sounds, but the LinkBuds don’t. As long as the volume isn’t too loud, you can still hear everything else since even with a hole, LinkBuds deliver sound directly into your ear canals and are pretty loud enough to drown out anything else. So if you wear them, you can easily carry on a conversation or hear the sounds surrounding you while still listening to your favourite music.

The most sophisticated design and material

The LinkBuds are undoubtedly the smallest, lightest wireless earbuds, making them a great alternative when comfort is a priority. To hold firmly to your ear, LinkBuds use a silicone ring with a squishy bump that slides under one of the folds. The Sony package includes five rings with bumps of varying sizes so you can find the right fit that won’t put too much pressure on your ear and cause irritation over time.

In addition to providing a very secure and comfortable fit, the lightweight (four grams in weight) Sony LinkBuds are designed with the right size silicone ring. Wireless earbuds are meant to be left in your ears all day. However, there’s still a bulge outside your ear that accommodates a battery that can provide 5.5 hours of playback on a charge or 17.5 hours in total when coupled with a charging case. So even if you push the volume to uncomfortable levels without distortion, the sound is crisp and clear, and the highs and lows are well balanced.

The best feature: Wide Area Tap

Users can tap the area around their ears instead of directly tapping the LinkBuds to activate shortcuts, and the buds will recognize the gesture. This fantastic feature is called Wide Area Tap. You can adjust shortcuts in the Sony Headphones app. By default, a double-tap on the area in front of your left ear raises the volume, a triple tap lowers it, and tapping around your right ear controls the volume. You can genuinely trust LinkBuds because Sony does what it promises very well, and you will surely want features like Wide Area Tap to increase your user experience. 

Are the LinkBuds worth it?

The LinkBuds offer a great experience if you’re tired of constantly having to take your earbuds out every time you need to have an in-person chat with someone. You can have a great experience while listening to music with a high-quality sound similar to the original recording or taking calls, enjoying gaming, and more. Even though the LinkBuds are arguably overpriced, considering the high quality, you can rest assured that with the £132 price tag, you will get to enjoy some of the best wireless earbuds today.