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Telegram Premium Officially Launched: Here Is Everything You Need to Know

Telegram has officially launched its paid subscription service, Telegram Premium, allowing users to unlock several exclusive features previously unavailable on the popular messaging app. The company made the announcement alongside news of surpassing 700 million monthly active users and becoming one of the most downloaded apps of 2022.

Telegram’s CEO and founder, Pavel Durov, made the paid service official for the first time on June 10 via his own Telegram channel, announcing advantages like “additional features, speed, and resources.”

So what does a Telegram Premium subscription include, and how much does it cost? 

Telegram Premium is priced at £4.99, $4.99, or €5.49 a month, depending on your location. Premium subscribers will gain access to several new features, in addition to those already available for free.

One of the main feature highlights is support for 4 GB file uploads. Free users of Telegram can currently upload and send files up to 2 GB, but with Telegram Premium, that limit has been doubled to 4 GB. In addition, all Telegram users, including free ones, will be able to download the 4 GB files sent by Telegram Premium users. 

Aside from file size, Telegram Premium also increases the limit for almost everything else included in the app, including groups and channels, public links, and pinned chats. As a result, Premium users can follow a maximum of 1000 channels and create up to 20 chat folders, with 200 chats each.

In addition, subscribers can add a fourth account to the app, pin up to 10 chats, and save up to 400 favourite GIFs and ten favourite stickers

Another advantage is that Telegram Premium subscribers will have faster download and upload speeds than regular users. As Telegram itself put it, Premium subscribers will have the “fastest possible speed”, with the ability to access everything in their cloud storage as fast as their network can keep up.

A new interesting feature is voice-to-chat, which will allow Premium users to convert voice messages into text for situations when they cannot listen to a voice message out loud.

Premium users will also gain access to dozens of new stickers with full-screen animations, with the animations being visible to all users, both free and Premium. In addition, up to ten new emoji reactions have also been introduced. 

If you subscribe to the Telegram Premium service, you will also unlock new chat management tools and will be able to enjoy Telegram without any ads

Other features include animated profile pictures, which will be viewable by all users and premium badges, highlighting paying subscribers. 

To subscribe to the new Telegram Premium service, you must upgrade to the most recent version of the app and simply perform an in-app purchase. Telegram’s latest update also brings in some new features for free users, such as joining requests for public groups, verification badges in chats, and bot improvements. 

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