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Best Christmas Gifts on Amazon UK

There is nothing more rewarding than picking out a heart-warming gift for a loved one during the holiday season. But finding the perfect gift can be a demanding task as well. To make things easier for you, we’ve rounded up some of the best Christmas gift ideas from Amazon that will give you a head start on your holiday shopping this year. Let’s dive in!

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  • Price: £139.99
  • Best For: Bookworms
  • Amazon Rating: 4.8
  • 5 star ratings: 80%

What better gift for the bookworm on your gift list than Amazon’s brand new upgrade in its e-book range, the Kindle Paperwhite?

This new e-reader comes with a few significant improvements over the older models. Namely, it has a larger 6’8 display which looks more like paper than a LED illuminated screen. In addition, the battery life has been boosted to up to ten weeks on each full charge, and the page turns are now 20 per cent faster.

Other highlights include a front lighting system for reading in the dark and an adjustable screen colour temperature, which helps to reduce eye strain. It also has 8GB of storage, enough for storing thousands of book titles.

  • Price: £108.95
  • Best For: Photography Enthusiasts
  • Amazon Rating: 3.9
  • 5 star ratings: 69%

The Polaroid Go is the ultimate gift for that friend or relative who loves to snap a good shot with an instant camera. They will fall in love with it at first glance for being the world’s smallest and cutest looking instant camera. It is pocket-sized and portable and comes packed with tons of little features for capturing the perfect snap on any occasion. 

Some of them include a double exposure mode, a selfie timer, and a reflective selfie mirror, which selfie lovers will find particularly useful.

  • Price: £39.99
  • Best For: Binge-Watchers
  • Amazon Rating: 4.7
  • 5 star ratings: 85%

Give your loved one the chance to catch up with some of the most popular TV shows and movies with Amazon’s Fire TV Stick. This latest release of Amazon’s best selling streaming device enables fast streaming in full HD with immersive Dolby Atmos Audio and comes with a brand new user interface.

You can use the Alexa Voice Remote to search and launch content from most major streaming services, including Netflix, Disney+, BBC iPlayer, Prime Video, Apple TV, Now, YouTube and many more.

  • Price: £42.50
  • Best For: Chocoholics
  • Amazon Rating: 4.6
  • 5 star ratings: 76%

There is no better way to show a chocolate lover how much you care than with carefully selected, cocoa-rich chocolates. The Large Chocolate Hamper is a curated selection of Hotel Chocolat’s most beloved recipes. 

Some of the treats include a large box of Hotel Chocolat’s milk, white and dark top-selling chocolates, their award-winning 70% Dark Chocolate Slab Selector and their Salted Caramel Nano Slab. 

On top of that, it is beautifully presented in a sleek black box wrapped in a white ribbon that makes this hamper the ultimate indulgence gift.

  • Price: £169
  • Best For: Sleepyheads
  • Amazon Rating: 4.3
  • 5 star ratings: 66%

The end of the year is the perfect time to relax and unwind, and a weighted blanket is one of the best ways to do that. Simba’s weighted blanket is an excellent choice to wrap up for a loved one this holiday season. 

The Simba Orbit is made out of thousands of nano glass beads, fitted into equally filled quilted pockets for even weight distribution. It also comes with a breathable and washable cotton cover that makes this blanket excellent for overnight use. 

So, if this fits your holiday budget, there is no better gift than that of a deep and relaxing night’s sleep all year round.

  • Price £199.99
  • Best For: Youngsters
  • Amazon Rating: 4.7
  • 5 star ratings: 85%

If you are looking for a safe and entertaining gadget for your child, Amazon’s Fire HD 10 Kids tablet is a great option. The durable kids-friendly design makes this device suitable for younger children ages 3-7 in particular.

What really sets this device apart are its intuitive parental control features that let you control all the content that appears on the child’s screen. It also comes with a bright and colourful 10-inch Full HD display with excellent image quality. 

Moreover, it features one year of Amazon Kids+  that will give your child access to thousands of apps, games, videos, songs, and audiobooks.

  • Price: £25 - £1,000
  • Best For: Last-Minute Shoppers
  • Amazon Rating: 4.9
  • 5 star ratings: 93%

If you have someone on your list that is very difficult to pick out a gift for or are looking for a thoughtful last-minute gift, this Amazon gift card can be a great solution.

It comes in a reindeer ornamented free box and is redeemable for millions of items available at Amazon.co.uk. If you worry that a gift card might seem a little too impersonal, you also have the option to order a personalised gift note in addition to the card and add your message. 

Moreover, you can pick a gift amount between £25 and £1,000 depending on your holiday budget and how much you are willing to spend.

  • Price: £61.94
  • Best For: Family Members
  • Amazon Rating: 4.4
  • 5 star ratings: 69%

S’mores is a delicious treat we never get tired of and the ultimate Christmas present for anyone with a sweet tooth. This S’mores making kit by Nostalgia features a flame-free electric heater perfect for indoor use and four-compartment trays to hold and share all the S’mores ingredients.

It also comes with four stainless steel roasting forks to prepare perfectly roasted marshmallows for the S’mores. Overall, It is simple to use and maintain, and would make a great addition to an indoor party over the holidays.

  • Price: £399
  • Best For: Gamers
  • Amazon Rating: 4.5
  • 5 star ratings: 85%

The newest version of the Nintendo Switch could be the perfect gift for gamers of all ages this holiday season. This Nintendo Switch model comes with an updated, higher quality 7-inch OLED screen as its most notable upgrade. Not only is this screen brighter and larger, but it also produces more vibrant images than its LCD counterpart for a fully immersive gaming experience. 

Aside from that, it comes with an adjustable stand for flexible viewing angles and slightly bigger speakers for an enhanced audio experience. The 64 GB of storage and the excellent library of games make this device a must-have for all gamers, especially those who haven’t owned a Nintendo Switch before.

  • Price: £239.00
  • Best For: iPhone Owners
  • Amazon Rating: 3.5
  • 5 star ratings: 46%

A pair of AirPods Pro is the ideal tech Christmas gift for iPhone owners. These latest in-ear headphones by Apple feature active noise cancellation, making them a practical choice for any day to day activity. They are a perfect travel companion, ideal for jogging, exercising or listening to music and excellent for working, both at home and in an office setting. 

So, if you feel like spoiling a loved one with a luxurious Christmas gift and can afford it, you will hardly find a better option than this.

  • Price: £15.99
  • Best For: Home Decor Lovers
  • Amazon Rating: 4.7
  • 5 star ratings: 77%

Scented candles are the one gift that is almost universally appreciated and that suits any occasion and relationship. It is a fantastic choice if you are on a tight budget but still want to show someone you care about them. 

This gift set from Honeyfrost is filled with 12 scented candles in different festive scents such as Black Cherries, Snowflake Sweets, Vanilla Cupcakes and Christmas Candy.

Candles are beautifully packaged in a premium box decorated with a gift bow, which will save you the hassle of gift wrapping. Overall, this is one of the best women’s gifts you can choose, both for its soothing effect and low price point.

  • Price: £264.62
  • Best For: Music Lovers
  • Amazon Rating: 4.7
  • 5 star ratings: 82%

Sony’s industry-leading noise-cancelling headphones now come at a substantial discount that gives them even better value. The Sony WH-1000XM4 headphones combine immersive sound quality with next level noise cancellation and supreme comfort. They also have up to 30 hours of battery life.

This headset would make an ideal gift for music lovers and frequent travellers, and it is one of the best Christmas gifts of the year overall.

  • Price: £15 - £200
  • Best For: Movie Marathon Fans
  • Amazon Rating: 4.8
  • 5 star ratings: 90%

A Netflix subscription card can be the perfect virtual gift. The world’s largest streaming platform offers an impressive content library to catch up with, from timeless classics to critically acclaimed originals. 

The card does not expire, and new members can use it to start watching great entertainment immediately on any device. In addition, this gift card can be delivered by email. What better way to surprise a loved one that you may not get the chance to see in person this holiday season?

  • Price: £99.99
  • Best For: Coffee Addicts
  • Amazon Rating: 4.2
  • 5 star ratings: 65%

A ceramic mug is the one gift that will never go out of style or lose its utility. This unique temperature control smart mug can keep drinks hot for up to 90 minutes. It even comes with a smart app that you can use to set the temperature to your preference for different types of drinks. 

It also features a sleek and minimalistic look and is the perfect size to enjoy a cup of hot tea or coffee on a cold winter’s day. So if you are looking for a unique and memorable gift for a hot beverage lover, this is a perfect choice.

  • Price: £19.99
  • Best For: Commuters
  • Amazon Rating: 4.6
  • 5 star ratings: 79%

Gifting the Anker PowerWave Wireless charger is a great way to give a friend or relative a stylish and practical way to charge their phone wirelessly. With an impressive 67,000+ ratings on Amazon, this wireless charger is by far the most sought after product in its category. 

It provides 10W high-speed charging for all Samsung Galaxy smartphones and up to 5W for charging iPhones and all other Qi-enabled phones. It also comes with two coils, which means you can charge your phone vertically and horizontally. The stand even works with phone cases of 5.5 mm or less.

  • Price: £49.97
  • Best For: Spa Day Enjoyers
  • Amazon Rating: 4.4
  • 5 star ratings: 68%

If you have someone in your life who deals with neck and back pain daily, this at-home heated massager can really make a difference in their life. 

It comes with eight massage rollers and bi-directional movement for instant pain relief. Additionally, the infrared heat function provides deep tissue relaxation and improves blood circulation in the back and shoulders. It is also adjustable and comes with a timer, so it automatically shuts off every 15 minutes.

  • Price: £9.99
  • Best For: Skincare Fanatics
  • Amazon Rating: 4.5
  • 5 star ratings: 75%

The Arcology Jade Roller and Gua Sha set could make a special self-care gift for any woman in your life. The jade roller is one of the biggest self-care trends of the year, and this Amazon set is one of the best ones you will find.

It features an anti-ageing face roller and a gua sha stone made out of 100 per cent natural premium jade stone. The jade stone feels wonderfully cooling and relaxing on the skin and helps to reduce fine lines, dark circles, and any signs of ageing.

It also comes in a beautifully designed gift box and an extremely accessible price tag that could fit anyone’s holiday budget.

  • Price: £53.99
  • Best For: Techies
  • Amazon Rating: 4.8
  • 5 star ratings: 83%

The brand new Amazon Echo Dot with a clock is one of the best tech gifts of the year. It comes in an improved minimalistic design, and it features an LED display clock, making it an ideal addition to any bedside table. 

Aside from working as a bedside alarm, it packs all the other smart features of previous Echo models. You can ask Alexa to play music, answer questions, give you all the latest info and make hands-free calls. If your giftee already owns an Echo device, they can also use the Amazon Echo Dot to create a stereo pair for superior sound quality.

  • Price: £116.99
  • Best For: Gadget Lovers
  • Amazon Rating: 4.5
  • 5 star ratings: 72%

The Philips Wake Up Light can make the perfect smart home gift for just about anyone. Who wouldn’t love the idea of peacefully waking up to a simulated sunrise in the morning and falling asleep to a beautiful sunset each evening?

This SmartSleep light comes with five soothing natural wake-up sounds and up to 20 brightness settings. Moreover, the warm glow that radiates from it can also serve as a favourable reading light. Other features include an FM radio, a tap-to-snooze function, and an automatic dimmable display.

  • Price: £94.00
  • Best For: Frequent Travelers
  • Amazon Rating: 4.3
  • 5 star ratings: 61%

A foldable keyboard is an excellent gift for the frequent traveller or writer as it can save them the inconvenience of constantly having to carry a whole laptop with them. The iClever foldable keyboard features a tri-folding design for easy carrying and is made of aircraft-grade aluminium alloy texture for superior build quality.

Supported operating systems include Android, Windows and iOS, and it can connect to any device with built-in Bluetooth. It also features a colour changing backlit and two different brightness levels.

How to Choose the Best Christmas Gift on Amazon?



Choosing the ideal gift for every person on your gift list may seem a bit overwhelming, so here are a few tips that will make your festive season much more relaxed.

Create a Holiday Budget 

The holiday season can put a huge toll on your household budget, only adding to the stress that comes with gift shopping. However, creating and sticking to a holiday budget will help you enjoy the gift-giving season without feeling guilty for overspending. 

First, make a list of all the people you want to buy a gift for. Then, set a spending limit and divide it appropriately, so you have a better idea of how much you can afford to spend on each person.  

Amazon’s gift finder tool can make things extra easy for you in this aspect, as you can adjust the price filter according to the sum you set aside when browsing through gifts.

Also, don’t forget about other Christmas expenses, as the spending doesn’t always stop with gifts. Other expenses, such as a Christmast tree, decorations, food, entertaining and holiday outings, are often overlooked but can add up to a significant amount. 

If you want to be super organised, set aside a small amount to cover any unexpected costs that may pop up during the holiday season. 

Plan Ahead

Planning ahead is the best thing you can do if you want to avoid the last-minute Christmas pressure and rising prices. The threat of shipping delays and supply shortages is all the more reason why you might want to start your Christmas gift shopping earlier this year. 

With Black Friday deals kicking off early in 2021, early shoppers now have an abundance of choices. Of course, no retailer offers bigger or better discounts than Amazon. This retailer is known for launching its first Black Friday deals weeks ahead of the actual date and delivering huge discounts on thousands of premium brand products.

These include products from a wide range of categories such as tech, smartphones, beauty, smart devices, home appliances and more. In addition, Amazon’s own products, such as its Echo and Kindle devices, also often come with huge Black Friday discounts.

So, keep an eye on the best Amazon Black Friday deals this year, as it is highly likely you will find some of your favourite Christmas gift ideas at almost half their price.

Amazon Gift Shopping

By shopping online for your gifts, you will be able to avoid the long queues and overcrowding and have the gifts delivered to your doorstep. What’s more, you will hardly find a better and more reliable online retailer than Amazon. The world’s largest online vendor has made gift picking easier than ever with its Gift Finder Tool.

This helpful tool lets you choose who you are buying a gift for and then helps you get even more specific by offering multiple category filters. There are over 20 distinct categories to select from depending on the person’s age and gender. 

Also, most gift options are Prime eligible, which means they will be delivered to your doorstep in 2 days or less. So if you are not already a Prime member, we suggest you sign up for a free, 30-day free trial now. You will get many benefits that will come in handy during the holidays, such as free and fast deliveries and exclusive discounts and deals available only to Prime members.

Amazon has also recently introduced a new mobile shopping feature that has made gifting even more convenient. Prime members can now use the Mobile Shopping App to send gifts to friends and relatives by providing their email addresses or phone number. Once the recipient has received a gift message by email or text, they can enter their preferred delivery address through their Amazon account. 

Choosing the Perfect Gift

While knowing how much you have to spend on each person on your gift list can narrow down your options, picking out the actual gift can still be tricky. Thus, it is crucial to do your research first. For example, think about what the recipients buy for themselves and their hobbies, interests, or personal style.

You can even make a list of all their interests and things that define who they are and brainstorm things that go with each interest on the list. This way, you may think of a few interesting ideas that wouldn’t have occurred to you otherwise.  

Presenting your Gift

Gift wrapping does not only ensure the surprise effect, but it also adds a nice personal touch that tells your loved one that you really put your heart into the gifting process. So make sure you go through this final step before presenting the gift. The anticipation as you wait for your loved one to open their gift will make it all worthwhile. 

Amazon also offers gift-wrapping options at Checkout at a small additional cost if you find it too difficult or time-consuming to do it yourself.

You can even get creative by disguising a small package into a large box, creating a scavenger hunt with clues or wrapping up a gag gift only to reveal the real one afterwards. These are only some of the ways you can leave a lasting impression when presenting your Christmas gift. 

Wrap Up

In the end, remember that it’s the thought that counts. Often during the holiday season, we find ourselves overthinking the gifts that our friends and family would love the most. But, chances are, your loved ones will appreciate the thought and care you put into their gift, regardless of what you decided to get them.


Can Christmas gifts be returned to Amazon?

Yes, Amazon allows gift recipients to return gifts that were purchased from its platform. Still, instead of receiving a full refund, they will receive an Amazon gift card that will be credited to their Amazon account after the return has been processed. 

How will the receiver know who sent their gift through Amazon?

Before you send a gift through Amazon, you will have to mark it as a gift. Then, it will arrive with a note that shows who bought the item and a gift receipt.  Otherwise, the recipient will not know who the gift is from.

Is it possible to send anonymous gifts with Amazon?

No, you cannot send gifts anonymously through Amazon since the invoice includes two addresses: the delivery and the billing address. 

What happens when you select an item as a gift on Amazon?

When you mark your item as a gift, you will be able to include a packing slip so the receiver knows who the gift is from. You also have the option to hide the prices on the packing slip.