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  • SCANNING SPEED: 2 minutes
  • CUSTOMER SUPPORT OPTIONS: Phone, Email, Knowledge Base

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Avira Antivirus Review

Chances are you have already heard about Avira. But do you know what exactly makes Avira one of the best antivirus programs? Check out the details in this Avira Antivirus Review and find out.

Avira Antivirus Review

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  • VPN: Yes
  • SCANNING SPEED: 2 minutes
  • CUSTOMER SUPPORT OPTIONS: Phone, Email, Knowledge Base

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Best For

High-quality free plan


  • High malware detection rates
  • Integrated VPN
  • Ransomware attack protection
  • Free plan
  • Convenient browser extensions


  • The free version lacks some features
  • Unlimited VPN in the Avira Prime package only
  • No live chat option

As technology evolves, the volume and risk of online threats increase as well. In addition, the methods and tactics that the hackers implement are advancing and becoming more and more complex.

Even plain internet users need malware protection, and a high-quality antivirus program has become crucial to this matter. 

Avira has the reputation of being a big player in the antivirus industry, and for a reason. Proceed to read this Avira Antivirus Review, which will provide all the details you need and help you make a more informed decision when purchasing an antivirus program.

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What is Avira?

Avira is an award-winning, Germany-based company that has been developing cybersecurity solutions for over 30 years. Avira was founded in 2006 but has been under active development since 1986 through its predecessor company H+BEDV Datentechnik GmbH. 

Avira provides its customers with online freedom and security for years with high-quality free antivirus software.

Today, Avira has the trust of a customer base of 500 million users and Fortune 500 companies.

Security and Performance

Avira is a lightweight antivirus program with significantly low memory usage. Avira won’t slow down your device, but it will keep it running smoothly and fast with its integrated performance optimization features.

You will most probably start your Avira experience with a Smart scan, which is the first thing you will see after opening the app. Once you click on the Smart scan button, Avira will quickly check your device for security, privacy, and performance issues. It will finish the scan in around 2 minutes, which is pretty fast, and after the program finds the problems, you can fix them all with just one click.

The other Avira security features can be divided into three groups: security, privacy, and performance.


Antivirus Protection

As an antivirus software, Avira will primarily protect you from online viruses. Avira’s malware protection engine blocks all online threats and malware attacks, including malicious files, ransomware attacks, worms, spyware, hacking, phishing attacks, rootkits, trojans, and adware.

The app offers a few scan options. For example, the full scan will scan the entire system for infected files, while the quick scan will check the most vulnerable areas of your device. Even more convenient is the option to schedule various virus scans whenever you see fit, according to your preferences. 

You can schedule different virus scans, including a Full system scan, Quick scan, Rootkit scan, Hard drive scan, Removable drive scan, Local drive scan, My documents scan, Active process scan, and System scan

Protection Options

Avira also lets you decide which of the four protection options you would like to activate. The antivirus program advises its users to keep the four options switched on at all times. However, they can also choose to turn on/off the Real-time protection, Web protection, Email protection, and Ransomware attack protection. 

Real-time protection will keep infected files from making changes to your device. It is worth mentioning that freemium users have only this option. The premium users can also decide if they want to scan emails for viruses, stay protected from online risks, and blackmailing from hackers. 


In the Quarantine section, you can find the unsafe, infected files, and you can either delete them or decide to fix and keep them.

Software Updater

An outdated app not only bothers you with frequent update reminders but can make you vulnerable to cyber-attacks as well. Luckily, Avira’s Software Updater will manage needed updates for over 150 programs. 

Avira scans for outdated software, and premium users can download updates with just one click. If you are a premium user, you can also select the software you want to be up-to-date always and have Avira automatically download updates whenever available. 

Freemium users can also take advantage of this feature but will have to download the updates manually for each software. Avira will keep your device secure and optimise its performance while getting rid of the annoying update reminders.


Another feature with which Avira keeps its users safe is the built-in firewall. You can easily turn the Firewall protection on in the app Privacy section, and it will block all attempts for gaining unauthorized access to your device.


Avira Browser Safety

To stay protected from online threats while browsing, Avira offers a browser extension made for this purpose. As a result, you can enjoy secure surfing and safe downloading while keeping your identity protected. 

Monthly, Avira blocks over 80 million malicious sites, detects over 20 million phishing and spam attacks and prevents over 1 million potentially unwanted applications (PUA) from hiding in your downloads. 

Avira will further protect your online browsing by highlighting infected sites in your search results. It will also stop ad networks from monitoring you and ensure you won’t be redirected to malicious search engines.

Free VPN

Privacy protection doesn’t end at using an antivirus program. For your online identity to be completely anonymous, you need to implement a virtual private network (VPN) in your daily habits. 

Fortunately, Avira has included unlimited usage of Phantom VPN in its features. That, however, is for the Avira Prime users only. The users of the other Avira packages still get to use the VPN, but they are significantly limited to only 500 MB a month. It’s worth mentioning that if you register with an email address, Avira will double your available traffic to 1GB a month.

Phantom VPN will route all your data through an encrypted tunnel, thus secure and anonymise all communications between your device and the internet. Also, the VPN will assign you a different IP address and route your data via one of its servers. As a result, you can rest assured that no one can track any of your online activities back to you.

Password Manager

The Avira Password Manager is available on all Avira-supported devices – Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. Moreover, it is accessible as a separate smartphone app and in conjunction with the Avira Browser Extension. 

The Password Manager generates strong, unique passwords and encrypts them before safely storing them in the cloud. 

For premium users, the Password Manager can check for weak and reused passwords and notifies you if that is the case. It will also alert you if one of your accounts has been a part of a data breach. Furthermore, the security status will check if some of the websites you have registered for are unsafe. 

An additional convenience is the option to access all your accounts with just one master password. The Password Manager will also automatically log you into your online accounts.

File Shredder 

Did you know that even when you delete some data on your computer, they are still not physically deleted and thus vulnerable to hacker attacks? 

Hackers can partially or entirely restore deleted data on a hacked computer, which is why Avira has included the File Shredder feature in its app. The File Shredder will permanently delete all of your deleted data to avoid it from being recovered.

Privacy Settings

Avira has a Privacy Settings section that allows its users to manage their privacy preferences in detail. For instance, you can prevent Microsoft and certain apps from sharing your data. So, the Privacy Settings lets you opt between Avira-recommended or enhanced settings for the best protection. 

After choosing your preferred settings, you will need to restart your device to apply the changes.



The Optimizer will scan your device for system and application junk. With just one click, you will remove all unnecessary files that take up space and slower your devices. As a result, you’ll speed up your device and make it start faster. The Optimizer will clean cookies and fix broken registry entries which will help maintain your device’s health.

Battery saver

When you click on Battery Saver, the app will open a separate Avira System Speedup window. Most of the features here are for premium users, but freemium users have limited access to some of them too. 

In the Avira System Speedup, users can find multiple handy options. The Quick Optimizer, the Power cleaner, the Startup Optimizer, the Data backup tool, and other features for improving overall performance are part of this section.

Driver Updater 

Outdated drivers can affect your device’s performance and cause instability and security vulnerabilities. Avira’s Driver Updater will keep all of your drivers up-to-date, thus preventing poor connectivity, frequent freezes, printer malfunctions, and twitchy mouse movements. With the help of this feature, users will enjoy improved security, stability, and performance gains.

Duplicate Finder

The Duplicate Finder scans the system to find duplicate files which unnecessarily take up space in your device. Premium users can delete all duplicates with just one click. Freemium users, on the other hand, won’t be able to remove the duplicates that easily. However, the scan shows the file location, and freemium users can manually delete each duplicate file.

Safe Shopping Extension

Avira has your back even when looking for your next buy online. The Safe Shopping feature is a browser extension that will block malicious and phishing websites and prevent browser hijackings. And not only that! This feature will even compare offers and product prices (from secure websites only) on the items you are shopping for and provide you with the best available deals.

Mobile-friendly Avira

Android and iOS

The Avira mobile app is no less than the Windows and Mac versions. It even has some extra features that are smartphone-specific and add to privacy, security, and convenience. Similarly, Avira antivirus for Android and iOS comes with a Smart Scan, Permissions Manager, Password Manager (premium users only), VPN (100 MB a day for freemium users), and Optimizer.

The mobile-friendly version also has a call blocker, microphone protection and allows users to control which apps other users can access with the App Lock. Moreover, you can check if one of your email addresses has been a part of a data breach. 

With your permission, Avira will monitor your device to protect you if you lose it or in case of theft. Another convenient feature is the Network Scanner, which will display all devices connected to your Wi-Fi. That way, it will inform you if there are any uninvited connections on your network.

Plans and Pricing

With multiple options to choose from, Avira offers prices and antivirus packages for everyone. The variety of prices, features, covered devices, and subscription length allows diverse users to use Avira’s services. So whether you want to pay or not, commit to a long term, or prefer to keep it short, Avira has what you need to fulfil your preferences, plus a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Avira Free Security

Even though it is free to use, Avira’s free plan still protects its users with robust malware protection technology. In addition, Avira Free Security has antivirus protection, which blocks all online threats, including ransomware attacks, which is not very common in freemium antivirus programs

Users get the benefits of the features meant for speed boosting and PC cleaning, providing a more optimised device performance. Aside from the online threats protection, Avira protects your privacy with other features like the Firewall,  Password Manager, and many different privacy settings.

Although there is a VPN included in the freemium plan, it is not much of use since you will be limited to only 500 MB/month. However, it is enough to get a taste of it if you plan to upgrade to Avira Prime in the future. 

Avira Antivirus Pro

The Antivirus Pro package is quite similar to the Free Security package except for the two extra features — email protection and web protection. 

Users can opt for protecting one, three, or five devices simultaneously and choose between 1-month, 1-year, 2-year, and 3-year subscriptions. 

Of course, the prices differ depending on the number of devices you choose, starting from £2.99 for the monthly subscription for one device. However, the best value plan is the 3-year subscription for £68.99 (~ £1.92/month – 1 device).

Since the Antivirus Pro package doesn’t offer much more than the freemium version, it isn’t the best-paid antivirus option. Instead, you better opt for one of the other premium antivirus packages that Avira offers to get the best value for your money.

Avira Internet Security

The Internet Security package will provide you with all the Avira Pro’s benefits, plus some extra features that make the higher price worthwhile. Also, it is worth mentioning that this package is available only to Windows users

With this package, you will also get access to the Password Manager, the automatic Software Updater, and the Driver Updater. Not only will these features protect you, but they will also significantly save your time.

Similar to Avira Pro, when purchasing the Internet Security package, you can choose between one, three, or five devices and 1-month, 1-year, 2-years, and 3-years subscriptions. Again, the best value plan would be the 3-year subscription for £86.99 (~ £2.41/month for one device). The lowest overall price is for the monthly subscription for one device, with a price of £3.99.

Avira Prime

Avira Prime is the package that has all the good stuff included and is available across all Avira-supported platforms. It is the priciest package but will give you great value for your money. With this subscription, you will enjoy all of the features mentioned throughout this Avira Antivirus Review, plus unlimited usage of Phantom VPN.

The length of the offered subscriptions is the same as in the other packages. You can choose either a 1-month, 1-year, 2-year, or 3-year subscription. Moreover, the minimum number of covered devices is five, adding even more value to this package.

The prices start from £8.99 for the monthly subscription and £241.99 (~ £6.72/month) if you opt for the 3-year subscription.

Setup, Ease of Use, and Privacy

Avira’s antivirus program is easy to install and set up. The installation process is simple, and it won’t take up much of your time. The apps across all platforms have a user-friendly interface and are very intuitive to use. Although it offers numerous features, it won’t overwhelm even those who are not computer geeks.

Is Avira safe?

Aside from protecting your privacy with robust features, Avira will also keep your data safe with its strict Privacy Policy. With Avira, you won’t have to worry about them misusing your data. 

Avira has a transparent Privacy Policy and claims that they’ve never sold and never will sell their customer’s personal data to third parties like the government or pass it on to advertising networks for marketing purposes.

Customer Support

If you need help while using Avira antivirus, you can either search through their detailed knowledge base or reach a customer support representative through phone or email. While Avira’s options are sufficient, it would be great if the company upped its game by adding a 24/7 live chat option. It is the preferred option for most users, and most of their competitors offer it, after all.

It is also worth mentioning that all customer support options are available only for users of one of the premium Avira antivirus packages. Therefore, freemium users will have to try to solve the problem themselves with the help of the knowledge base on Avira’s website.


Avira vs Avast

Both Avira and Avast have the reputation of being one of the best antivirus programs on the market. The two of them provide secure protection for their users and have high malware detection rates. 

Both providers have numerous security and optimization features but, Avast has brought even more variety in its feature list. While both Avira and Avast have decent free versions of their service, Avira’s prices are more approachable. 

Avira vs Kaspersky

Is Avira better than Kaspersky? With Kaspersky and Avira, users can get antivirus protection across Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices. However, Kaspersky offers multi-level protection for Linux as well. Overall, both of them are easy to use and provide strong protection against online threats.

Kaspersky has more customer support options with its live support, which is a category in which Avira should improve. 

Again, Avira has lower prices, and it has unlimited VPN usage in its Avira Prime package. On the other hand, Kaspersky allows only 300 MB usage per day, even in its Premium Suite. 

Avira vs Norton

Which is better, Avira or Norton? Norton is one of the top three best antivirus programs at the moment, making it hard to compare. However, Avira is also among the most popular antivirus programs on the market and doesn’t differ much from Norton. 

Both offer secure protection from all kinds of online threats, with Norton having a slightly higher malware detection rate. 

Avira has a more user-friendly interface, and its prices are lower than Norton’s. However, Norton is more feature-rich and might give you more value even for higher prices.


Those who have already used Avira antivirus seem to be very satisfied with its services. If you look for Avira antivirus reviews on Trustpilot, you will find that there are 24,738 reviews of which 65% have rated it as Excellent and 21% as Great. The overall score is 4.6 out of 5. That should give a clear picture of Avira’s performance to those who consider purchasing it. 

Throughout the reviews, you can see that most customers are satisfied with how easy-to-use Avira is and the level of protection they provide. Most of the reviewers also claim that they have used other services earlier but concluded that Avira antivirus is the best security software for them


Avira is a powerful, feature-rich antivirus program that is well worth considering. Even if you don’t fancy spending money on an antivirus program, you can still use Avira for free and get strong malware protection. 

As previously mentioned in this Avira Antivirus Review, those who would like to enjoy all the service’s benefits should opt for the Avira Prime package. Whichever package you choose, you can rest assured that Avira will provide you with the best virus protection and give you great value for your money. 


Does Avira detect malware?

Indeed. Avira has a high malware detection rate. One of the latest AV tests (conducted by AV-Comparatives) showed that Avira has a detection rate of 96.2%.

Is Avira free?

Yes, Avira offers a free version of its services which is the Avira Free Security package. The freemium version has numerous features and uses the same strong protection technology as in the premium plans.

Does Avira sell your data?

Avira antivirus has a strict Privacy Policy and firmly claims that it doesn’t sell your data to third parties such as governments and advertising networks.