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  • Number of Devices per Licence: 1
  • Backup Storage: Unlimited
  • Free Plan: /
  • Zero-knowledge Encryption: /
  • Customer Support: Live Chat, Ticket, Knowledge Base

minimum price:

$7 (around £5)

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Backblaze Review

Backblaze is ideal for users who have a large amount of data but want to avoid the hassle of manually selecting which files to back up. Keep reading this Backblaze Review if you want to know more about this excellent cloud backup service.

Backblaze Review

minimum price:

$7 (around £5)

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  • Number of Devices per Licence: 1
  • Backup Storage: Unlimited
  • Free Plan: /
  • Zero-knowledge Encryption: /
  • Customer Support: Live Chat, Ticket, Knowledge Base

Best For

Ease of use


  • Unlimited backup storage
  • Unlimited file versioning
  • Automatic file backups
  • Data recovery through shipped hard drive
  • Very affordable


  • One computer per licence
  • No mobile backup

When it comes to online backup services, Backblaze is one of the most popular and well-known options available. The company has amassed a large user base since its inception in 2007, and for a good reason. Backblaze is reliable, reasonably priced, and doesn’t require any complicated setup process. But does it live up to its reputation?

In this Backblaze review, we’ll take a look at everything the cloud backup service has to offer and see how it compares to other similar options. So, whether you’re looking for your first backup solution or are debating switching from your current provider, read on for our complete evaluation of Backblaze.

About Backblaze

Backblaze is an online backup and cloud storage service. Founded in 2007 in Silicon Valley, California, the company provides unlimited backup storage for both personal and business users.

Backblaze prides itself on offering the “world’s easiest cloud storage”, and that is arguably its main selling point. The service automatically backs up data to its servers, with virtually no effort required on the user’s part.

In addition to its backup services, in 2015, Backblaze also introduced a file syncing and sharing solution called B2 Cloud Storage, which is similar to popular cloud storage services like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.

Today, Backblaze is the cloud backup service of choice for over 500,000 users in 175 countries worldwide. The company is headquartered in San Mateo, California, USA.

Ease of Use

What really sets Backblaze apart from the competition is its ease of use. The software is designed to be lightweight and user-friendly, and it can be set up in just a few minutes.

Singing up for Backblaze is as simple as entering an email address and a password. Once you’ve signed up for an account, the Backblaze desktop app, called Backblaze Control Panel, will automatically download on your computer, allowing you to start backing up your data right away.

Backblaze Sign Up Page | CyberCrew

Backblaze is a set-it-and-forget-it solution. Because it runs continuously in the background, you don’t even have to remember to start it up – it will just keep working quietly and efficiently, making sure your data is always secure in the cloud.

The Backblaze desktop app is available for both Windows and Mac, and there’s also a mobile app for iOS and Android devices. However, Backblaze has yet to provide Linux support.

Desktop App

The Backblaze Control Panel is very straightforward and easy to navigate. From the main interface, you can pause or initiate a backup manually and view your file restore options. However, the latter option serves only as a hyperlink to the web, as you can only restore your data from the web interface.

Backblaze Control Panel | CyberCrew

Performing a backup is extremely simple. Backblaze doesn’t require you to select which files you want to back up manually – it automatically backs up all the data on your computer to the cloud, with the exception of temporary and system files.

Clicking on the Settings button opens up a set of other options. You can set up file exclusions, schedule backups, see which files are scheduled for backup, decrease or increase throttling, and set up your own private encryption key, among other options.

Backblaze Preferences | CyberCrew

Web Interface

Much like the desktop app, the Backblaze web interface is also very simple and stripped down. Once you log into your account, you will get an overview of your backed up files, with the option to restore them if needed. You can also see the number of backups made, how much space they take up, and when the most recent backup took place.

Backblaze Web Interface | CyberCrew

From the web interface, you can also locate your computer in the case of loss or theft, view your latest restores, and access any files you’ve shared with other users.

Mobile App

While Backblaze doesn’t let you back up data from your mobile device, the Backblaze mobile app is still a convenient way to access your backed up files on the go. The app is pretty basic – its main function is to give you an overview of all the devices linked to your account and let you preview and download backed up files.

Backblaze Features

File Backup and Restore

As soon as you install Backblaze on your computer, it automatically starts syncing your most important data with the cloud, saving you the hassle of manually selecting the files you want to back up. The only files that Backblaze doesn’t back up by default are operating system files, application files, and temporary files.

However, if you prefer a more hands-on approach, you can also manually exclude certain files or file types from a backup. With that said, the file exclusion process can be quite tedious, as it requires you to select each individual file that you prefer to not back up without an option to select multiple files at once. Excluding a file type is much simpler, as it only requires you to enter the file extension in the appropriate field, and all files of that type will be automatically excluded from the backup.

Backblaze Exclusions | CyberCrew

Backblaze also lets you choose whether you want backups to be performed continuously, once per day, or initiated manually. Continuous backups are the default and recommended option. As the name suggests, they happen continuously in the background, automatically backing up any new or changed files on your computer to your Backblaze cloud backup.

Backblaze Backup Schedule | CyberCrew

Backblaze also provides unlimited backup storage and doesn’t impose any file size restrictions. It does, however, limit the number of devices you can back up, allowing you to only back up one computer, along with any external hard drives connected to it, per licence.

You can, however, move a paid licence from an old to a new computer. You can choose to either delete the old backup and start anew or resume your old backup on your new computer.

While Backblaze is an excellent choice for creating a cloud backup of the files stored on your computer, it doesn’t offer some of the backup options we’ve come to expect of similar services. Namely, it lacks image-based backups (a clone of your entire hard drive), and it doesn’t support network drives. If you are looking for those services, you’d be better off with a different cloud backup provider, such as Drive.

File Restore

Once you’ve backed up your files, there are three main ways to restore them.

Backblaze File Restore | CyberCrew

The first option is to download individual files directly or select multiple files and restore them in a zip format.

Alternatively, you can also choose to save files to the B2 Cloud Storage service. As that is a separate service from Backblaze, this option comes with additional B2 costs. However, if you choose this method, your files will be kept in a zip format as a B2 Snapshot, and you will be able to access them even if they have been deleted from your backup or computer.

Finally, you can choose to have your files physically sent to you on an external USB hard drive. This service costs $189 (around £153) per hard drive, but if you return the hard drive within 30 days, you are eligible for a full refund.

File Versioning

Backblaze also supports file versioning, which means you can view and recover previous versions of your files. By default, Backblaze saves older versions of files and deleted files for 30 days, but you can extend that period to one year or forever for an additional fee.

For only $2 a month (around £1), you can have access to all versions of your files for up to a year. Unlimited file versioning costs the same, but you also have to pay $0.005 per GB per month to retain files older than one year.


Sharing files backed up in Backblaze is only possible if you sign up for the B2 Cloud Storage service. Enabling the B2 Cloud service will get 10 GB of free cloud storage space, along with 1 GB of free download bandwidth per day.

Sharing a file backed up in your Backblaze account is extremely simple. You simply need to head over to the View/Restore section of the Backblaze web interface, click on a file, and click on the Share With Link button.

Backblaze File-Sharing | CyberCrew

That will create a shareable link to the specific file, that you can copy and share with other people. However, the link receiver will have full access to the file in question, as Backblaze doesn’t allow you to set more granular permissions, such as edit or read-only permissions.

Locate My Computer

Locate My Compute is a unique feature that allows you to access your computer’s location in the event it gets lost or stolen. This feature can only be accessed from the Backblaze web interface, and it is free for all Backblaze users.

Backblaze Locate My Computer | CyberCrew

To activate it, you will need to log in to your Backblaze account and enable the mapping option. Backblaze will then show you a map of where your computer was last seen. You can also see a list of the IP addresses that have been used by your computer, as well as the time and date of each sighting.


Backblaze places a great emphasis on security. The service uses standard AES 128-bit encryption to protect user data, which, while not as secure as AES 256-bit encryption, is still considered generally unbreakable.

After being encrypted, files are transferred from your computer to Backblaze’s cloud servers over a secure SSL connection, which prevents interception while in transit. As an extra layer of security, you can enable two-factor verification via an authentication app like Authy or Google Authenticator or via SMS.

While Backblaze doesn’t provide end-to-end encryption by default, it does allow you to set up a private encryption key known only to you. Setting up a private encryption key will prevent anyone, including Backblaze, from decrypting your data.

The only drawback is that if you forget your encryption key, you will be locked out of your files forever, as not even Backblaze will be able to recover them.


The Backblaze privacy policy is clear and concise. It states that Backblaze divides the personal information they collect about you into three categories:

  • Personal information provided by you — including your email, password, phone number (if you set up two-factor verification), and physical address (if you have a hard drive with your files shipped to you).
  • Automatically collected personal information — includes any information about your device that is collected automatically, such as IP address, data about your software, file types transferred, names of external drives, and so on.
  • Personal information that is collected from third parties — such as user clicks, mouse movements, page visits, surveys, and other info that Backblaze uses to offer a better service to its users.

The privacy policy also states that Backblaze will not, under any circumstance, share your personal information, such as address or email, with any other company without your consent.

It is also worth mentioning that Backblaze currently has three data centres – in Sacramento, California, Phoenix, Arizona, and Amsterdam, Netherlands. Upon signup, users can choose where they want their data to be stored, whether the EU Central or the US West region.

Customer Support

If you ever run into an issue with Backblaze, customer support is available in the form of a support ticket system, a live chat, and a comprehensive knowledge base. The live chat is open Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm Pacific Time. When you submit a ticket, you can expect an answer to your question within a 24-hour timeframe.

The knowledge base also offers a wealth of information and is a great way to find an answer to a more common problem without directly contacting a support agent.

Backblaze Pricing

Backblaze is unique in that it has only one pricing plan – $7(around £5) a month for unlimited backup for a single computer. You can also opt for the yearly plan, which comes at $70 (around £56) a year. There is also a two-year plan, which, at the cost of $130 (around £106) for two years, is the most affordable one in the long run.

Backblaze Pricing | CyberCrew

Whether you choose personal or business backup, the prices remain the same.

While Backblaze doesn’t have a free plan, it does offer a 15-day trial, during which you can try out the service for free before committing to it.

The B2 Cloud Storage service is also pretty cost-effective. It has a pay-as-you-go subscription model, so you only end up paying for the amount of data you store and the number of downloads you perform.

The service comes at $0.01 per GB for download and $0.005 per GB per month for storage. However, signing up for a backup plan with Backblaze will automatically get you 1 GB of daily downloads and 10 GB of cloud storage on B2 at no cost.

Backblaze Competitors

Backblaze vs iDrive

iDrive is another popular cloud backup solution that is very often compared to Backblaze. However, the two services differ in more than one way. While Backblaze focuses on offering a simple, streamlined experience to its users, iDrive is a more feature-rich solution.

Backblaze provides unlimited backup storage for one computer per license, while iDrive takes a whole different approach. It lets users back up an unlimited number of devices (both mobile and desktop) with a single account, but it limits the storage space to 5 TB or 10 TB, depending on the plan.

Aside from that, iDrive also has more advanced backup options, allowing users to perform hybrid, image-based backups and NAS backups, which you will not find in Backblaze.

Unlike Backblaze, iDrive also has a free tier available, which comes with 5 GB of cloud storage space. In addition, both platforms offer file versioning, but iDrive goes one step ahead, allowing users to keep up to 30 different versions of files for an unlimited time.

IDrive also encrypts files with military-grade AES 256-bit encryption and, similarly to Backblaze, gives users the option to create a private encryption key known only to them.

Backblaze vs Dropbox

While both are considered cloud storage providers, Backblaze and Dropbox are entirely different types of services.

Dropbox is a cloud storage and file synchronisation service that lets you store your files online and sync them across devices.

In contrast, Backblaze specialises in data backup. Cloud backup services like Backblaze are designed to perform a continuous backup of all the files on your computer and protect them in the event of a computer crash or hard drive failure.

Rather than file backup, Dropbox focuses on file syncing, sharing, and collaboration features and is one of the oldest and most reputable cloud storage services.

Dropbox also integrates with a range of third-party apps, such as Google Workspace and Office 365, allowing users to create collaborative documents and work on them simultaneously with other users.

Unlike Backblaze, Dropbox also has a free plan, which can be used indefinitely, but limits users to only 2 GB of free cloud storage space.

Backblaze vs Google Drive

Google Drive is the most popular and widely used cloud storage and file synchronisation service worldwide. It is used for storing files online, synchronising them across devices, and collaborating on them in real-time.

In contrast to that, Backblaze is designed primarily for backing up data, so it lacks many of the file sharing and collaboration features you will find in Google Drive.

Google Drive integrates with all of Google’s other services, such as Gmail and Google Workspace, making it the perfect choice for users who are already using Google’s ecosystem of products.

Its tight integration with the Google Workspace office suite allows for excellent file sharing and collaboration features. Google Drive also has one of the most generous free plans, offering up to 15 GB of cloud storage space entirely free.

Wrap Up

So, what is the final verdict of our Backblaze review? Given its unlimited backup storage, easy to use interface, and low price point, Backblaze is one of our top contenders for the best online backup services. Backblaze will continually back up all your files to the cloud, and it will do so unnoticeably in the background, with virtually no user intervention required.

To sum up, I highly recommend giving Backblaze a try – especially if you’re looking for a streamlined and user-friendly cloud backup solution.


Is Backblaze a good service?

Yes, Backblaze is an excellent online backup service. It provides automatic file backup, which makes it extremely easy to use. Moreover, it comes with unlimited backup storage and is very affordable.

Can Backblaze see my files?

Yes, Backblaze doesn’t provide zero-knowledge encryption by default, so it could potentially view your files. However, if you set up a private encryption key, no one, not even Backblaze, will be able to decrypt your files.

Does Backblaze have a free tier?

No, Backblaze does not offer a free tier but does offer a 14-day trial so you can try out the service for free before committing to it.

How safe is Backblaze?

Backblaze is a safe online backup service that uses standard 128-bit encryption to protect user data. In addition, the company transfers files from your computer to the cloud over a secure SSL connection, making sure your files don’t get intercepted while in transit. With Backblaze, you can also set up a private encryption key, which will prevent even Backblaze from being able to view your files.