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  • AVAILABILITY : 54 countries
  • COMPATIBILITY: TVs, computers, smartphones, tablets, game consoles, and other streaming devices
  • TOP TITLES: The Mandalorian, WandaVision, Loki
  • NUMBER OF STREAMS: Four simultaneous streams
  • DISNEY PLUS PLANS: £7.99/month; £​79.90/year

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Disney Plus Review: Is Disney Plus Worth It?

Disney Plus has a unique content library, which is now available in as many countries as ever before, including the UK. Check out this Disney Plus review, and see why you should hurry up and get your Disney Plus subscription.

Disney Plus Review: Is Disney Plus Worth It?

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  • ADS: /
  • AVAILABILITY : 54 countries
  • COMPATIBILITY: TVs, computers, smartphones, tablets, game consoles, and other streaming devices
  • TOP TITLES: The Mandalorian, WandaVision, Loki
  • NUMBER OF STREAMS: Four simultaneous streams
  • DISNEY PLUS PLANS: £7.99/month; £​79.90/year

Best For

Streaming Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars titles


  • Excellent originals
  • Great exclusive content
  • Budget-friendly
  • 4K UHD and HDR available
  • Seven personalised user profiles


  • No free trial
  • It doesn’t include live TV channels
  • The app doesn’t remember where you left off streaming

Have you considered having a Star Wars marathon lately or bingeing some good old Disney classics? If you have, we’ve got some great news. As of March 2020, Disney Plus is available in the UK, so you will now be able to indulge in some binge-watching. 

Moreover, in February 2021, the streaming service welcomed the addition of Star, so now you can enjoy Grey’s Anatomy and How I Met Your Mother alongside Marvel and Pixar titles. 

So, is Disney Plus worth it? Sure, especially if you’re a fan of Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and even National Geographic. So, check out this Disney Plus review, and see why you should add it to your collection of streaming services.


  • What is Disney Plus?
  • Disney Plus Content
  • Disney Plus Features and Availability
  • TV Shows and Movies
  • Watching Disney Plus with a VPN
  • Disney Plus Plans and Pricing
  • Disney Plus Competitors
  • User Reviews
  • Wrap Up: Is Disney Plus worth it?
  • FAQ

What is Disney Plus?

The Walt Disney Company launched the streaming service Disney Plus in November 2019. Although Disney Plus is one of the newest in the streaming service industry, it has gained immense popularity. 

As of the second quarter of 2021, Disney Plus grew to 116 million subscribers worldwide, as The Walt Disney Company reported. From its beginnings, Disney Plus has been the home for popular titles and classics from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic, and Star. 

Even though it is still expanding, Disney Plus is a tough competition, on par with the world’s most popular streaming services

Disney Plus Content

You can enjoy ad-free Disney+ streaming from its broad content library. While not as extensive as the content libraries of some of Disney Plus’s competitors, it offers exclusive titles you can’t find anywhere else. 

So, what is on Disney Plus? As of 2020, it is home to nearly 900 TV shows, movies, shorts, originals, and documentaries. Plus, it now offers an even wider selection of titles you love with the addition of Star – over 75 TV series and more than 280 movies. 

Disney Plus Star Content | CyberCrew

In addition, the Disney Plus streaming service will provide you with personalised recommendations and a high-quality viewing experience.

If you subscribe to Disney Plus, you’ll find something to enjoy, whatever your mood is. Disney Plus offers an abundance of genres, including action, adventure, comedy, crime, drama, fantasy, horror, mystery, romance, sci-fi, sport, and more. 

Disney Plus also has numerous originals, including movies, series, and shows. So, don’t forget to watch Lady And The Tramp, Marvel Hero Project, and One Day At Disney. Furthermore, one of the Disney Plus originals is the top-rated series The Mandalorian, which has a score of staggering 93% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Disney Plus Content | CyberCrew

Disney Plus Features and Availability

Streaming and Downloads

Disney Plus allows up to four streams across all your devices. So, you don’t have to worry about multiple users watching some TV show or movie simultaneously. 

You can also download content for offline viewing to make sure your preferred titles are available at all times. For example, when you know you won’t have internet access or when abroad. What’s more, Disney Plus allows you to store downloads on up to ten different devices simultaneously, which is very handy.


User Profiles

With one Disney+ subscription, you can create up to seven user profiles. That is very convenient since you will have personalised recommendations on each user profile. Moreover, it will keep other’s Disney Plus recommendations from interfering with yours. 

Disney Plus also gives you the option to set content ratings on each profile. That way, the Disney+ app will only show age-appropriate content, depending on what age group you’ve chosen.

Furthermore, you can create kids profiles, but it can not be the holder’s primary profile. Kids profiles show specially curated content and a limited feature set. As an additional precaution measure, you can also set a 4-digit profile PIN to restrict youngsters from accessing your profile.


Premier Access 

Premier Access is a kind of an additional Disney+ subscription. With Premium Access, you’ll have the luxury to watch some of the newest Disney Plus cinema movie releases before they are available to all Disney+ subscribers. 

As long as you’re a Disney+ subscriber, you can order a film that is available through Premier Access for the cost of £19.99. However, you will be able to watch it as many times as you’d like throughout the validity of your Disney+ subscription

For example, as of May 28th, Premier Access users could’ve watched Cruella, while it became available for Disney+ users on August 27th. Similarly, Black Widow became available on Premium Access on July 9th, while you will be able to find it in the Disney+ collection starting from October 6th. 


4K, HDR 

An essential question: Does Disney Plus support 4K and HDR? Indeed, you can watch colours come to life in some of your favourites. Disney Plus has numerous titles that you can stream in 4K UHD and Dolby Atmos sound. However, you must have a compatible device to do so. In addition, you’ll need a high-speed internet connection since a slow connection could compromise your video quality.

Nevertheless, Disney Plus will automatically detect your system’s capabilities. For the highest-quality Disney+ streaming experience, Disney Plus recommends an internet speed of at least 5 Mbps for HD content and 25 Mbps and over for 4K UHD content.

Data Usage

Lower data usage naturally leads to lower video quality. Disney Plus, however, gives you a choice. So, if you want to lower the data usage, you can manually set your data usage settings on each of your devices. 

For example, you can set up your mobile device to stream Disney Plus only when connected to WiFi. With this option, you can stream content in up to 1080 HD, which will use about 2.5 GB/hour. Similarly, you can watch HD with the Automatic setting and Disney Plus will use 2 GB/hour. In addition, you can also choose the Save Data option and use about 0.6 GB/hour while streaming in SD.

The same data usage options are for Disney+ streaming on a web browser. However, web browser streaming uses more data. With the Automatic option (1080 HD), the Disney Plus streaming service will use about 4.2 GB/hour. The Moderate data usage setting (HD) will use less data, about 1.2 GB/hour. Finally, with the Save Data option (SD) you can use the minimal data (0.6 GB/hour) for streaming on web browsers.

Disney Plus will understandably use the most data for streaming on other 4K UHD compatible devices/set-top boxes. The Automatic setting uses around 7.7 GB/hour and will let you watch content in 4K UHD. The Moderate (HD) and Save Data (SD) data usage settings use around 2.0 GB/hour and 0.7 GB/hour, respectively.



In its beginnings in 2019, Disney Plus was available only in the US, Canada, and the Netherlands. As of today, Disney Plus has expanded significantly. At the moment, it is available in over 54 countries worldwide. Disney+ is currently available in South and North America, Australia, Europe, Asia, and Africa.


You can stream your favourite Disney+ movie or TV show on a wide choice of devices, including:


  • Desktop Web Browsers – Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Edge
  • Mobile Devices and Tablets – Android phone and tablet, Apple iPhone and iPad, Amazon Fire Tablet
  • Smart TVs – LG WebOS Smart TVs, Samsung Tizen Smart TVs, Android TV Devices
  • Set-top Boxes and Game Consoles – Apple TV (4th Generation and later), Sony PlayStation 4, Xbox One
  • Other Disney+ Streaming Devices – Chromebook, Chromecast, Apple AirPlay, Amazon FireTV

Disney Plus app – Mobile-friendliness

Out of convenience, many of us love to watch our favourite TV shows or movies on our mobile devices. Luckily, Disney Plus is mobile-friendly, so you can stream and download content on your Android and iOS smartphone and tablet, as well as on Amazon Fire Tablet. 

The Disney Plus app has a user-friendly interface and a responsive design across all devices. In addition, it offers some tools for individuals with different degrees of visual impairment, including Closed Captioning, Audio Descriptions, Text to Speech, etc.


TV Shows and Movies


The Disney Plus streaming service doesn’t include direct access to Disney’s cable channels, so you can’t watch live TV shows at the same time they’re on the air on TV. Instead, Disney Plus offers a content library with titles from the Disney Channel and National Geographic plus Star Wars, Marvel, Star, and Pixar content.

TV shows

With a Disney+ subscription, you’ll have a lot of choices when it comes to watching TV shows. More precisely, you can pick from over 350 series, various genres, so you’ll have numerous options for whatever you feel like watching. For example, you can stream some Disney series like Lion King’s Timon & Pumbaa, Muppets, or even Suite Life Of Zack & Cody. 

If you’re in the mood for Marvel, don’t miss out on Marvel Comics X-Men, Marvel’s Runaways, Super Hero Squad Show, and more. You will also have access to the Star Wars series, all seasons of Simpsons, Disney Plus originals like The Mandalorian, plus great series included with Star, like Family Guy.


Out of more than 900 Disney Plus titles, over 500 are movies. Again, you’ll be able to choose from an extensive content library from all genres. Whether you like older or new popular titles, you can find some great stories from all periods, including 101 Dalmatians (1996), Alice In Wonderland (2010), Big Hero 6, Pirates Of The Caribbean, Finding Dory, Toy Story 4, Ant-Man, Thor, Solo: A Star Wars Story, Home Alone, Lady And The Tramp, and many many more.


Disney Plus has plenty of documentaries, including the National Geographic content library for those who want to learn something new while being entertained. In addition, you can choose from National Geographic movies, series, and specials, including Before The Flood, Diana: In Her Own Words, Origins: The Journey Of Humankind, Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey, Brain Games, Giants Of The Deep Blue, Secrets Of Christ’s Tomb: Explorer Special, and counting.


While Disney Plus doesn’t offer live sports events, it has some excellent sports movies. Some of them are Eddie The Eagle, Safety, Bend It Like Beckham, The Rookie, The Luck Of The Irish, The Greatest Game Ever Played, The Game Plan, and more.


You will find the best movies and TV shows for your youngsters if you create a kids profile for them. These profiles include specially curated content that is age-appropriate. What’s more, who said you couldn’t join your kid and relive your childhood memories while streaming some excellent titles. 

Disney Plus will keep you and your kids entertained with great movies and TV shows, including Spider-Man, Bonkers, The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse, Aladdin, Beverly Hills Chihuahua, Cinderella, Frozen, and many more titles.


Watching Disney Plus with a VPN

While the majority of the Disney Plus content is available across all countries, there might be some titles missing in your country’s Disney Plus content library. The differences among content catalogues could be due to varied rights that might make some movies or TV shows unavailable where you live. 

For example, Disney Plus’s new addition, Star, is available in the UK, Canada, Australia and a few more countries. However, you won’t be able to stream Star’s content if you live in some country in Asia or South America. Nevertheless, you can still watch some movies or TV shows unavailable where you live, by using a reliable VPN provider.

Some of the best VPNs that unblock region-restricted Disney Plus content are: 


  • NordVPN – This VPN provider has massive server coverage. It has 5155 servers in 60 countries worldwide. It also has fast speeds and protocols, which make it very effective at unblocking region-restricted content. 
  • ExpressVPN – Another great choice for unblocking Disney+. It has strong security and privacy and very high speeds. Like NordVPN, it also has a vast network of servers: 160 server locations in 94 countries.
  • Surfshark – Surfshark is a budget-friendly VPN provider. It has numerous security features and decent speeds, making it an excellent choice for unblocking geo-restricted Disney+ content. It has 3200+ servers in 65 countries. 


Disney Plus Plans and Pricing

With the addition of Star, Disney Plus changed its subscription price. As of February 2021, the Disney Plus monthly subscription price rose by £2 for new UK subscribers. The price increase also applied in all of the countries where Disney Plus included Star. 

So, from now on, the monthly subscription for Disney Plus costs £7.99. The yearly subscription, on the other hand, will cost you £​79.90.

The Disney Plus streaming service doesn’t have a free version nor a free trial. So, if you want to try out the service first without committing in the long run, you can opt for a monthly subscription.


Disney Plus Competitors

Disney Plus vs Netflix

Disney Plus is continuously expanding and becoming more and more popular; still, Netflix has the most expansive content library. The two streaming services have a remarkable difference in the type of content they offer. 

For example, most of Disney Plus’s content is superheroes-related. However, it’s added more diverse content with the inclusion of Stars. Netflix, on the other hand, has a broader range of content and titles for everyone. 

Nevertheless, both streaming services have titles that you can’t find anywhere else, so it’s not bad to consider purchasing subscriptions for both streaming services

Disney Plus vs HBO Max

Like Disney Plus, HBO Max is also one of the newer streaming services out there. However, it is one of the priciest too. A monthly subscription for HBO Max costs $15 (roughly £12). Unlike Disney Plus, HBO Max is available only in the US, although you can still stream it with some good VPN. 

HBO Max and Disney Plus both have great exclusive content. While you can’t find Star Wars and Marvel titles on HBO Max, you can’t find some HBO Max titles on Disney Plus either. Examples are Game of Thrones, The Sopranos, Friends, Doctor Who, Big Bang Theory, and so on. 

So, if you need to choose only one of the two streaming services, a tough decision is ahead of you.

Disney Plus vs Hulu

As of 2019, the Walt Disney Company fully controls Hulu; still, Hulu differs significantly from the Disney Plus streaming service. Like HBO Max, Hulu is available only in the US. 

In addition, Hulu has a more expansive content library than Disney Plus, with over 2500 movies and 1600 TV shows. Disney Plus brings you content from the biggest brands, while Hulu has a wider variety of content, including current television programs. 

Some examples are Rick and Morty, Vikings, Transplant, Ellen’s Greatest Night of Giveaways and more. However, with Disney Plus’s inclusion of Star, its users will also be able to watch numerous titles that are available on Hulu.


User Reviews

In all honesty, who wouldn’t love watching titles from Disney Plus’s content library? Reviewers on Amazon agree, which is why they have given Disney Plus a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. At the moment of writing, there are 767,960 total Disney Plus reviews on Amazon. 

What’s even better, 76% of the reviewers have rated the streaming service with five stars, and only 5% of them had given it one star. Thus, users are mostly satisfied with Disney Plus and how it has been the leading entertainment for them, their kids, and their grandchildren. What more could you ask for?

Disney Plus User Reviews | CyberCrew


Disney Plus User Reviews | CyberCrew


Disney Plus User Reviews | CyberCrew

Even the poor reviews are not that bad. Some mentioned that they don’t like that Disney Plus doesn’t remember where they left off while streaming. In addition, most of the 1-star and 2-star reviews are from users who would love to see some more titles on Disney Plus. However, we’ll let this one slide since Disney Plus is still new in this industry and will expand in future. 


Wrap Up: Is Disney Plus worth it?

If you want a streaming service your whole household can enjoy, you should consider getting a Disney+ subscription. Disney Plus has a lot to offer, and it obtained millions of subscribers in such a short period for a reason. 

To conclude this Disney Plus Review, let’s note that Disney Plus offers something you won’t get from either Netflix, Amazon, or Hulu. On top of that, its subscription price won’t break the bank either. So why not give it a shot?


What is on Disney Plus?

Disney Plus is home to nearly 900 TV shows, movies, shorts, originals, and documentaries, and over 75 TV series and 280 movies from Star. It offers titles from Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar, Star, and National Geographic.

Is Disney Plus worth it?

Disney Plus offers titles you won’t find on any other streaming service. Furthermore, Disney Plus gives you access to an expansive content library and a wide variety of genres, all for a budget-friendly price of £7.99.month.

How to get Disney Plus on TV?

You can stream Disney Plus on your smart TV. Just go to your TVs app store, download the Disney+ app, select SIGN UP NOW, and follow the instructions on-screen. You will then need to enter your information on a web browser (on your computer, smartphone or tablet), including an 8-digit code shown on your TV screen. After these steps, your TV will be synced and ready for Disney+ streaming.