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  • CPU: Starting from Shared 1-core CPU
  • RAM: Starting from 2 GB
  • RAID LEVEL 1 STORAGE: Unlimited

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Domain.com Review

This Domain.com review will give you insight into all the services offered by Domain.com — a well-known affordable web hosting service provider aimed at small businesses.

Domain.com Review

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  • CPU: Starting from Shared 1-core CPU
  • RAM: Starting from 2 GB
  • RAID LEVEL 1 STORAGE: Unlimited

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Cost-effective web hosting


  • Cost-effective services
  • Free SSL certificates
  • Unlimited storage and scalable bandwidth
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  • No advanced hosting plans

If you’re looking to build a website for yourself or your business, you need a web hosting service provider. Domain.com is one such web hosting company that has been operating since 1998. In this Domain.com review, I’ll cover everything you need to know about this provider.

The company is known for offering services such as web hosting, domain names, SSL certificates, website design, email hosting, and online marketing.

Domain.com operates in a highly competitive market, but it has made a reputable name for itself over the years. Currently, the company counts more than 1.2 million websites worldwide as part of its portfolio. In addition, it is one of the largest web hosting solutions providers for small to medium-sized businesses.


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  • Domain.com Main Features
  • Domain.com Services and Hosting
  • Speed and Performance
  • Prices and Plans
  • Privacy and Registration Process
  • Main Competitors
  • Customer Reviews
  • FAQ

What is Domain.com?

Domain.com has been around for a long time, during which it has built a solid reputation for itself. Although it is most known as a domain registrar, it has a lot more to offer, including highly competitive shared hosting and WordPress hosting services.

Formerly, the company provided “scalable” bandwidth along with its hosting services. However, it is now open to providing greater resources under customised plans for advanced users.

However, Domain.com doesn’t provide VPS hosting services anymore. But then again, according to the company, its services are enough to suit 99.5% of its customers. Therefore, even though the company does not provide VPS hosting services, its existing services are suitable for most website owners.

Domain.com can be considered a one-stop shop for creating and running your website. That is because, unlike other web hosting service providers, it also offers digital marketing solutions. In addition, it provides website design, website building, and other specialised services for WordPress users.

Furthermore, it also offers security solutions to ensure that each website it hosts is protected against online attacks.

Domain.com Main Features

cPanel – cPanel is one of the most widely used control panels for building a website and controlling the server. However, Domain.com does not offer cPanel to its users. Instead, it provides its own custom-built tool to help users navigate and build their websites.

The custom tool is intuitive enough and easy to use. Along with it, for more advanced features, users can take advantage of vDesk. vDesk helps you streamline the customer support of your business.

Overall, the website control tool offered by Domain.com is enough to set up most types of websites.


Add-ons – Domain.com offers several add-on features that are enough to get your website up and running without too much hassle. Domain.com, as mentioned earlier, provides security solutions along with its hosting plans, which provide basic protection against hacking and online attacks.

Moreover, there are several paid add-on services that you can purchase as you go about building and running your website. Some of these add-on features include G Suite and Office 365.


Site builders – This provider offers its own Domain.com website builder to users along with several add-on tools. The website builder has a drag-and-drop interface, making it quite easy for users to add elements to their website. Some of the quickest features to drop on your website include contact forms, social media links, slideshows, and so on.

Its e-commerce hosting plan allows you to add PayPal integration, online selling capabilities, inventory management and tracking, and more.


Domain-specific Email Addresses – Domain.com allows you to create Domain-specific email addresses. The email is hosted by either Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace.


Uptime – Uptime is the amount of time during which a website stays accessible to visitors. Uptime is vital for any website owner since downtime can harm website accessibility. Namely, a test website hosted by Domain.com did not go down even once over a two-week period, which shows that it provides excellent uptime.


SSL Certificate – An SSL certificate makes your website more secure, and Domain.com provides free SSL certificates under all its plans.


Servers – Under its basic plan, Domain.com provides shared web hosting servers. However, it does not offer cloud servers, VPS servers, or reseller servers. It should also be noted that it doesn’t provide Windows-based servers.

Domain.com Services and Hosting

Domain.com provides shared hosting, WordPress hosting, and e-commerce solutions. However, it does not offer reseller hosting, VPS hosting, cloud hosting, or dedicated hosting services.

Shared Hosting

Domain.com has pretty standard plans for shared hosting. It offers basic features such as unlimited disk space, scalable bandwidth, email hosting, analytics, FTP, MySQL, etc. It also provides free SSL Certificates with its shared hosting plans.

In total, Domain.com offers three different shared hosting plans — Basic, Deluxe, and Ultra. With the Deluxe and Ultra plans, you can host an unlimited number of websites. The main difference lies between how many FTP logins you receive and the SQL databases you can access.


WordPress Hosting

Domain.com offers three plans for WordPress hosting — WP Starter, WP Essential, and WP Live. Overall, the three plans have pretty decent offerings.

The WP Starter plan comes with pre-installed themes and plug-ins. Next, WP Essential adds Malware removal along with WordPress support. Finally, WP Live enables design guidance and website optimisation advice.

If you need a bit of help polishing your website, then opting for WP Live for a limited period of time could be a good option since Domain.com provides more agile customer support under this plan.



Domain.com has a dedicated e-commerce plan which enables a range of features that help you build an online store.

This plan comes with an online store, digital products, shipping services, inventory tracking and management, payment gateways (through PayPal, Stripe, etc.), and so on. It also provides priority support which means that your queries jump to the front of the queue.



Domain.com offers domain registration services. It provides free domain registration for the first year, which is pretty standard across all web hosting providers.

Speed and Performance

Speed and performance are key elements that make a good web hosting provider. The speed and performance determine how easy it is for users to access your website. It also affects how much time they’ll be willing to spend on your website.

Here is a breakdown of Domain.com’s uptime and server response time provided for its basic shared hosting service.


Uptime – Uptime is the amount of time during which the website is up and running. When a website is down, users cannot access it.

During two-week uptime tests, Domain.com-hosted websites did not experience downtime at all.

That’s quite impressive, especially considering that the test website was hosted on Domain.com’s most basic shared hosting plan.


Server Response Time – Server response time is how fast a server responds to a connection request. It determines how fast your website runs and how quickly it responds.

More than 2,000 pings were sent to a test website to check how quickly the server responded. The test took place for seven days. On average, the server response time was found to be 215 ms. That is quite impressive, primarily since the test website was hosted on the most basic shared hosting plan.

To put it into perspective, websites’ usual server response time averages around 300 ms.


Domain.com Plans and Pricing

Domain.com offers three shared hosting plans and three WordPress hosting plans. Each of these plans is discussed below.

Shared Hosting Plans

Basic – The Basic plan is the most affordable plan offered by Domain.com. It is available at the cost of $3.75 (roughly £2.84) per month, and it is billed annually. The Basic plan includes one website, ten databases, and five FTP logins.


Deluxe – The Deluxe plan is available at the cost of $6.75 (roughly £5.10) per month, also billed annually. It comes with unlimited websites, 25 databases, and 25 FTP logins.


Ultra – The Ultra plan is available at the cost of $13.75 (roughly £10.40) per month, billed annually. The Ultra plan offers unlimited websites, unlimited databases, and unlimited FTP logins.

It should also be noted that Domain.com does not offer monthly subscriptions, and all of its plans are billed annually.

WordPress Hosting Plans

WP Starter – The WP Starter plan has a price point of $3.75 (roughly £2.84) per month, billed annually. This plan comes with pre-installed themes and plug-ins, unlimited storage, and scalable bandwidth.


WP Essential – This is the most recommended plan offered by Domain.com. The WP Essential can be availed at the cost of $6.95 (roughly £5.26) per month, billed annually. This plan consists of everything the WP Starter offers, plus SiteLock professional security, malware scanning and removal, and 24/7 customer support.


WP Live – WP Live is Domain.com’s most advanced WordPress hosting plan. It comes at $49 (roughly £37.05) per month, billed monthly. The plan consists of on-demand chat support, website design assistance, and website backup services.

Privacy and Registration Process

The registration process of Domain.com is quite straightforward.

The first step is to select a domain name. Domain.com provides domain hosting services. To do so, you can search all available domains to find the one that works for you.

domain.com registration process | CyberCrew

The next step is to choose the plan and confirm your bill.

domain.com registration process | CyberCrew

The final step is to provide your billing details and choose a payment method.

That’s it. Once this 5-minute process is complete, you’ll be able to start setting up your website. Overall, I found the registration process quite intuitive, fast, and hassle-free.

Domain.com also provides the option of choosing add-on services to go with your plan during check-out itself.

Domain.com Competitors

I’ve compared Domain.com with some of the best web hosting service providers in this section. 

Domain.com vs HostGator

HostGator is a popular alternative to Domain.com. The pricing and affordability of HostGator are very similar to those of Domain.com. Namely, its most basic shared hosting plan starts at $3.95 per month, and similarly, Domain.com’s basic plan costs $3.75.

However, HostGator scores more than Domain.com because it offers Windows-based and Linux-based servers. The company also offers VPS hosting and Dedicated hosting plans.


Domain.com vs GoDaddy

GoDaddy, similar to Domain.com, started as a domain registration company and grew from there. Hence, GoDaddy’s services are similar to Domain.com, with the key difference being GoDaddy’s far more comprehensive services. Moreover, GoDaddy is best known for its secure VPS hosting services.


Domain.com vs NameCheap

NameCheap also started as a domain registrar and then grew to a full-fledged web hosting service. It offers highly affordable hosting along with a wide range of services. In addition, NameCheap provides a 100% uptime guarantee to its users and sells SSL certificates, site builder tools, and more.

Customer Reviews

The Customer Reviews for Domain.com are mainly positive. However, there are complaints as well. The most appreciated aspects by Domain.com users are the excellent uptime, affordable plans, and customised control panel.

However, I found some users complaining about Domain.com not having advanced options for advanced users. Furthermore, users did not like that Domain.com does not offer monthly plans, and you need to commit to at least one year to sign up with the service.

On the flip side, users appreciate the level of customer support that Domain.com offers, saying that their doubts were answered quickly and with insight into the problem.

Wrap Up

To conclude this Domain.com review, this provider offers plenty for those who need to quickly set up a basic website. Conveniently enough, the company also promises scalable bandwidth, which means that its services can grow along with your website traffic.

Moreover, Domain.com has a strong reputation for providing reliable services at an affordable cost which is also decisive for hosting providers.

So hopefully, this review has helped you in your decision-making process and encouraged you to give Domain.com a try.


Is Domain a good hosting site?

Yes, Domain.com provides a range of reliable hosting solutions that fit almost any need. They have a long track record and have made a name for themselves in the industry.

Can I trust Domain.com?

Yes, absolutely. If there are any issues, you can contact their reliable customer support team, and they’ll help you resolve the issue.

Is Domain.com good for WordPress?

Yes, all Domain.com hosting plans support WordPress. They even have specialised plans for those who want to use WordPress as their CMS.