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  • SCANNING SPEED: 4.5 minutes
  • CUSTOMER SUPPORT OPTIONS: Phone, chat, knowledgebase, community

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F-Secure Antivirus Review

The internet, with all its threats, is complicated enough as it is. The last thing anyone would want is an also complicated cybersecurity solution. So check out my F-Secure Antivirus review and see why this hassle-free antivirus software is the right way to go.

F-Secure Antivirus Review

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  • VPN: Yes
  • FREE PLAN: /
  • SCANNING SPEED: 4.5 minutes
  • CUSTOMER SUPPORT OPTIONS: Phone, chat, knowledgebase, community

Best For

Straightforward malware protection


  • Excellent protection score on independent lab tests
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Fast virus scanning
  • Low system impact
  • VPN included


  • Pricey
  • Lacks some extra features
  • No free antivirus software

With all the technological advancement going on, cybersecurity is a well-known topic these days. Unfortunately, as time passes, there are more and more online threats and thinking about the harm your device, security, and privacy can get exposed to can be pretty overwhelming. 

So, having a decent antivirus program and a VPN will keep your cyber-related anxiety and risk of cyber-attacks at bay.

While choosing the right antivirus software is not an easy ride, there are some antivirus programs out there that are worth recommending. So check out this F-Secure Antivirus review, and see details about this top-performing antivirus program, which might be the right choice for you if your primary concern is uncomplicated privacy and security.


  • What is F-Secure?
  • Security and Performance
  • Plans and Pricing
  • Setup, Ease of Use and Privacy
  • Customer Support
  • Competitors
  • User Reviews
  • F-Secure Review: Wrap Up
  • FAQs


What is F-Secure?

F-Secure is a Finnish antivirus software with over thirty years of expertise in cyber-security. It is a reliable antivirus program with excellent independent lab test results. Not only does it have antivirus services for everyday users, but it offers security solutions for businesses too.

Aside from security products, you can find some handy free tools on F-Secure’s website available to everyone.  Thanks to its authenticity and experience, F- Secure has expanded globally and has a vast customer base of tens of millions of users.

Security and Performance

F-Secure is cloud-based, meaning it doesn’t keep its library of known malware on your device. That allows for speedy scanning and low system impact, which won’t compromise your device’s performance. Meaning that in the meantime, you can perform other activities like gaming and streaming, hassle-free. 

For example, it took nearly 4.5 minutes for F-Secure to complete a quick scan on my laptop, and it scanned 10,619 items. Meanwhile, it didn’t affect the device speed at all.

However, F-Secure notes that manually triggered virus scans are unnecessary since the antivirus software has automatic scanning, which always keeps you protected in real-time. F-Secure also offers a few more scan options. Namely, you can choose to scan USB devices, and you can also schedule a scan at your preferred time.

Talking about scanning, F-Secure will monitor and protect your device from viruses, ransomware, keyloggers, spyware, trojans and adware. Proof of the malware protection engine’s efficacy for detecting and removing viruses is the protection score F-Secure attained in the latest AV test. In all three categories, AV-Test gave F-Secure the highest protection score — 6.0/6.0.

Feature-wise, F-Secure won’t overwhelm you with extras. With a subscription to this antivirus program, you will only get effortless security from all kinds of online threats. While that is not bad in any case, other antivirus programs from the same class as F-Secure offer some handy system organisation tools like system optimiser, file-shredder, and others. 

Nevertheless, F-Secure does offer some essential features found in other antivirus programs, like Password Manager, Quarantine (to keep infected files), and a built-in Firewall. Furthermore, it provides a browser extension called Browsing Protection, Parental Controls, and a VPN included in one of the F-Secure antivirus packages.  


Browsing Protection

The Browsing Protection extension offers anti-phishing protection that will keep you safe from harmful and dangerous web pages. In addition, the browser extension has banking protection as well, which will let you know when you enter a safe banking site and keep your money safe by securing the connection to the site.


Freedome VPN


To make your online experience completely safe and private, F-Secure has a VPN called Freedome. Freedome comes as a separate app and offers an unlimited amount of data protection.

Same as other VPNs, Freedome, will assign you a virtual location, protect your Wi-Fi connection, and keep you protected from online tracking and monitoring. In addition, it provides a reliable kill switch that will protect your privacy even if the VPN connection fails.

Although it can’t compete with other prominent players in the VPN industry as a standalone VPN provider, Freedome will give you decent protection in combination with F-secure antivirus.


Parental Controls

With F-Secures Parental controls, you can secure your kid’s device and set some limits too. This feature will block harmful content and allow you to set a limit on how much time your kid spends in front of the screen. While your kids might not be happy with the new screen time rules, they’ll sure be thankful in the long run.


ID Protection – Password Manager

F-Secure’s password manager called ID Protection, like the VPN, comes as a separate app. Like every password manager, ID Protection will need you to create one strong master password to secure all your accounts and provide you with ID theft protection. Furthermore, it offers features like auto-fill credentials, online identity monitoring, and breach alerts.


My F-Secure

My F-Secure is a web console provided by two F-Secure packages, F-Secure Safe and Total. To access My F-Secure, you need to log in with your F-Secure account credentials. This feature allows you to manage all devices connected to your account from one place. 

Moreover, you will find some handy tools like the Finder, which will show you the location of your mobile device, the alarm, and the tools for locking your device or wiping all data from it.

Plans and Pricing

If you decide to purchase an F-Secure antivirus subscription, you will have three options to choose from, F-Secure Anti-Virus, F-Secure SAFE, and F-Secure TOTAL.

Also, since the password manager and the VPN are only part of the F-Secure TOTAL plan, you can purchase a separate subscription for ID Protection (starting from £3.99/month for five devices) and Freedome (starting from £24.99 for three devices).

For the subscriptions, you can pay either with PayPal or with a credit/debit card, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and JCB. Furthermore, F-Secure offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, and even though it doesn’t have a free version of its software, it does provide a 30-day free trial for each plan.


F‑Secure Anti‑Virus 

This subscription plan is the most basic one and offers essential protection from all kinds of online attacks. It will protect your device from viruses, spyware, infected email attachments, and other malware attacks.

However, this subscription plan is only available for Windows PCs. F-Secure antivirus will protect you in real-time, and it won’t slow down your device in the meantime. Prices start from £19.95/year for the protection of 1 PC.


1 PC 3 PCs
One year £19.95 £29.95


F-Secure SAFE

This subscription plan offers the same antivirus protection as F-Secure Anti-Virus, including viruses, ransom­ware, spyware, trojans and adware, and secures your online browsing, shopping, and banking. In addition, it also includes the Parental Controls feature and optimisation for gaming and streaming. Furthermore, F-Secure SAFE is available on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices.

The lowest cost for F-Secure SAFE is £59.99/year for up to three devices. This subscription plan also has an expansive array of options for the subscription length and the number of devices it can protect. So, you can choose between 1 or 2 years and 3, 5, 7, 10, 15, 20, or 25 devices. Nevertheless, here are some of the most popular options:

Three devices Five devices Seven devices
One year £59.99 £79.99 £99.99
Two years £99.99 £139.99 £174.99


F‑Secure TOTAL

F-Secure TOTAL, as the name implies, will provide you with the total online protection you need. It includes all the antivirus protection and features from the previous two antivirus packages, plus the ID Protection password manager and the Freedome VPN.

This subscription plan is also available on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS, and it understandably has the highest prices. Same as with F-Secure SAFE, you can subscribe for 1 or 2 years and choose protection for 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 10, 15, 20, or 25 devices. The lowest price is £39.99/year for one device. Here are the most popular F-Secure TOTAL subscription options:

One device Three devices Five devices
One year £39.99 £49.99 £59.99
Two years £59.99 £71.99 £95.99


Setup, Ease of Use and Privacy

Although F-Secure has a few separate apps to install, it will only take you a few minutes to do so. First, you need to create a My F-Secure account, and from there, you can install a suitable app for each device. Then, F-Secure will send you an installation link on the email address that you choose to enter.

Both the computer and the mobile apps are user-friendly and have a neat looking interface that won’t overwhelm you. The Freedome and ID Protection apps are also easy to use. On the F-Secure antivirus app, you will find all the main features on the main window app. However, once you click on each segment, it will open up in a new separate window. While that is not that bad, it would be more convenient if the features opened up within the main window app.

The mobile app is straightforward. The first thing you’ll notice is the Virus & Threat protection section where you can start a new scan and see your scan history. There is another section where you can launch the Safe Browser, but you can also download it as a separate app. In addition, at the bottom of the screen, there is a button called People, where you can add a device to your account and manage Parental Controls.


Customer Support

If you encounter some issues while using F-Secure, you can opt for several support options. You can access customer support either from F-Secure’s website or through the app, which will again lead you to the website. Chances are, you’ll be able to solve most of your F-Secure related problems with its searchable knowledge base, where you can find articles, user guides and videos. 

In addition, you can also address your issue in the F-Secures Community. You can either look through the help forum and previous discussions to see if there is a similar problem to yours or post a question yourself. In addition, if you need to speak to a customer support representative, F-Secure has a phone line and chat support.

However, neither of these options are available 24/7, so if you’re having an issue while the phone line and the live chat are unavailable, you might have to return to the knowledge base after all.



F-Secure vs Bitdefender

Bitdefender is one of the most popular antivirus programs out there. It is newer than F-Secure but still provides one of the best security software. Compared to F-Secure, it is more feature-rich since it offers some handy tools in addition to its malware protection features.

Unlike F-Secure, Bitdefender has a Microphone Monitor, Webcam Protection, File Shredder, System Optimizer, Battery Mode, and other helpful features. Nevertheless, both F-Secure and Bitdefender have excellent scores in the latest AV tests regarding essential protection.

However, while F-Secure has 6.0/6.0 marks in all three categories (Protection, Performance, Usability), Bitdefender has a slightly lower score of 5.5/6.0 in the Usability category. The test showed false detections of legitimate software as malware with a number higher than the industry average, thus the lower score.

Price-wise, Bitdefender is more budget-friendly with prices starting from £34.99/year to protect five devices with its best value Total Security subscription plan. On the other hand, F-Secure’s best value plan has a cost of £59.99/year and it can also protect up to 5 devices.


F-Secure vs McAfee

McAfee is another top antivirus software providing robust online security solutions. But, again, if we compare it with F-Secure, it offers additional tools and features aside from essential antivirus protection.

Some of the features McAfee provides but F-Secure is missing are System Optimisation, File Shredder, Encrypted Storage and more. Other McAfee features that F-Secure offers, as well, are multi-device compatibility, Password Manager, Browsing Protection, and a VPN.

Protection-wise, both antivirus programs have the highest-grade results on the latest AV tests. Both F-Secure and McAfee have 6.0/6.0 marks in all three categories – Protection, Performance, and Usability.

However, if we compare the prices of these two antivirus programs, F-Secure is again on the pricier side. While McAfee has a cost of £39.99/year for its most feature-rich subscription plan covering ten devices, F-Secure has the same price for the same level subscription to protect only one device. So if you want to protect ten devices with F-Secure, it’ll cost you £83.99/year.


F-Secure vs Norton

Norton is one more popular name in the cybersecurity industry, and for a reason. It provides top-grade antivirus software and has a vast customer base. Since F-Secure is a straightforward antivirus program, Norton is yet another antivirus program that offers more extras than F-Secure.

While both antivirus programs include a Password Manager, VPN, Parental Controls and Firewall, Norton additionally has a data backup tool, SafeCam feature, and even a 100% Virus Protection. In addition, you get your money back if your device gets a virus that Norton’s experts can’t remove. When it comes to the latest AV test results, it turns out that both F-Secure and Norton provide excellent malware protection.

The two antivirus programs have 6.0/6.0 marks in Protection, Performance, and Usability test categories. Finally, F-Secure gets the title of the priciest antivirus program in this comparison as well. Norton 360 Premium, which is Norton’s subscription plan with most features, will protect up to 10 of your devices for the cost of £ 44.99/year. On the other hand, F-Secure’s TOTAL subscription plan that covers up to 10 devices costs £83.99/year, which is almost double Norton’s price.


User Reviews

The best way to check if a service is worth considering is to try it yourself. The second best way is to check reviews from those who have already used it. However, I already did that in order to give you an insight into how satisfied F-Secure’s users are. 

I checked F-Secure reviews on Amazon, and with a total score of 4.7 stars, F-Secure proves to be more than decent antivirus software. Although there are only 63 F-Secure reviews at the moment of writing, 83% of them have a rating of 5 stars. 

Most of the content users are satisfied with how easy it is to set up and use F-Secure and how it does its job without being noticed. Many of the reviewers also mentioned that they have never felt safer utilising an antivirus program. In addition, they claimed they have been using F-Secure for years.

On the other hand, the not so satisfied users are not happy with the obvious – F-Secures price. Considering the security and simplicity F-Secure provides, it gives a pretty decent value for your money. However, many believe that F-Secure’s price is the main drawback to this antivirus program and that they could find a more feature-rich provider for the same price or less.

F-Secure Antivirus Review: Wrap Up

F-Secure is an antivirus program that doesn’t have an abundance of extra features but seamlessly and flawlessly does the job of protecting your device’s privacy. So, if ultimate online privacy and security are your primary concern when choosing antivirus software, consider F-Secure one of the best options.


What Is F-Secure Antivirus?

F-Secure is one of the best paid-antivirus programs out there. It is based in Finland and has experience in providing online security for over 30 years.

Is F-Secure Any Good?

F-Secure offers the best antivirus protection in an uncomplicated way. It won’t overwhelm you with any extra features but will effectively protect you from malicious files, phishing attacks, ransomware attacks, and all kinds of malware attacks.

Does F-Secure Slow Down Devices?

Although every antivirus software will slow down your device, F-Secure won’t slow down your system much. It is cloud-based and doesn’t keep its library of known malware on your device, which means that its impact on your device’s speed will be unnoticeable.