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  • Free Monthly Appointments: Unlimited
  • Mobile Apps: Android and iOS
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Fresha Review

A go-to appointment scheduler for small businesses in the beauty and wellness industry. This Fresha review will provide an in-depth look at this platform's features, so keep reading!

Fresha Review

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  • Free Monthly Appointments: Unlimited
  • Mobile Apps: Android and iOS
  • Free Email and SMS Notifications: /
  • Free Locations: Unlimited
  • Group bookings: /

Best For

Beauty and health industry small businesses


  • No subscription fees
  • Unlimited appointments, team members, and locations
  • Excellent customer support
  • Deposit to avoid no-shows


  • New client fees
  • Limited third-party integration possibilities

Fresha is a powerful and affordable appointment scheduling software that quickly gains popularity among business owners.

Fresha was founded in 2015 (originally under the name Schedul) as a simple and easy-to-use platform for businesses of all sizes, mainly in the beauty and wellness industry. This scheduling app is the perfect solution for companies that want to streamline their appointment scheduling process.

In this Fresha review, we’ll take a closer look at what this appointment tool has to offer. Stick around!

About Fresha

Fresha is a free cloud-based appointment scheduling software that helps businesses manage their appointments and bookings. The platform is designed to be a user-friendly alternative for professionals that want to organise their workflow but don’t have the resources for a pricier option.

Formerly known as Schedul, the app was introduced to the market in 2015 and rebranded in 2020. Fresha’s mission is to make appointment scheduling easy for beauty and wellness professionals subscription-free.

The app has successfully booked over 400 million appointments and it has over 60,000 business partners.

Besides appointment scheduling, the software features:

  • Payment processing — client payments are processed via pay by link, saved cards, and Fresha card terminals.
  • Point of sale (POS) — all the tools for retail, receipt prints, barcode scanners, etc.
  • Marketing promotions — intelligent tools for growing and retaining clients, as well as boosting your sales.
  • Product inventory and online store — resources to manage your stock and set up your online store.
  • Analytics and reports — live dashboards and financial reporting to help you monitor your business activities.

Let’s take a closer look at how exactly Fresha charges for its services.

Fresha Pricing

Fresha is 100% subscription-free. However, there are paid features plus three types of fees that you’ll be charged for:

  • New client fees — for every new client you get via the Fresha marketplace website and apps, you pay a 20% new client fee. These fees do not apply to returning clients or any appointments you get through your company website or social media profile.
  • Blast messaging fees —  based on the number of text messages or emails you send via Fresha’s built-in marketing tools, a blast messaging fee is calculated.
  • Payment processing fees — on each Fresha transaction, you pay the app 2.19% + 20 cents. Appointment reminders, payment processing, and a listing in the customer-facing Fresha marketplace are included in this fee.

Keep in mind that all of Fresha’s paid features are optional, and you can choose to opt out at any given time.

Fresha Features

Considering it’s completely free to use, Fresha has an impressive collection of features. So it’s no wonder the platform has 150,000+ stylists and professionals using it in over 120 countries.

The appointment scheduling tool offers a salon client marketplace, making it easy for clients to discover your company. That’s how Fresha makes its profits. By connecting you with a new client, the app gets its 20% new client fee, plus the 2.19% + 20 cents per transaction payment processing fee.

In other words, you will only pay Fresha if it generates business for your company.

Online Booking

Business owners that use Fresha’s scheduling software can make their services available to potential clients through Fresha’s marketplace.

Fresha’s Marketplace | CyberCrew

Fresha lets professionals have their clients book appointments via Facebook, Google, Instagram, and their website. The platform also allows clients to cancel, rebook, and reschedule appointments online.

With the help of online booking systems, businesses can automatically receive and accept appointments at any time of the day.

Service providers set up their business profiles and list their services and prices, while clients create customer accounts and browse and schedule services. Customers can also review and rate the service providers.

Client Management

Walk-in clients are added to Fresha individually by the service provider or in bulk (by uploading a CSV file). Each client file contains the customer’s contact information, their consultation form, invoices, purchase history, and upcoming and previous appointments.

Client files can be updated, deleted, merged, or blocked.

By using the Fresha client app, your customers can create their own profiles. You’ll notice a star next to their name if they do so. The customers will be able to edit their contact information, but you are in charge of accepting the changes or restoring the old details for your records.

Staff Management

Service providers can add bookable and non-bookable staff members on their Fresha platforms. The information for each staff member includes their contact, job title, location, work hours, and commission.

Staff permissions can be customised based on the staff members’ roles. There are basic, low-level, medium-level, high-level, and owner permissions.

Fresha Staff Permissions | CyberCrew

  • Basic permissions only allow for viewing other staff members’ calendars.
  • Low-level permissions are for service providers and allow for booking appointments, sending out messages, and seeing clients; contact information.
  • Medium-level permissions are for higher company roles (admin and receptionists) and can download clients.
  • High-level and owner permissions are for management, and they include the same range of accessibility.

Avoiding No-Shows

Fresha has a new feature aimed at dealing with no-shows. Last month, the free online booking platform introduced a feature that allows businesses to ask clients for an upfront percentage of their desired service to secure their appointment.

The deposit can be either a partial amount or the total price of the service, fully customisable to the owners’ needs. Moreover, you can set the deposit for all clients or certain groups only. An example of this would be first-time clients.

Paying a deposit is an easy way to handle no-shows. The deposit’s amount will automatically be taken off the final payment after the client shows up and receives the desired service.

Automatic After-Care Advice

As we’ve already established, Fresha’s partners are mainly from the beauty industry. Most of them need to send additional instructions to their clients once they’ve gone home after their appointments. These instructions are usually sent to avoid any unwanted reactions and ensure longer-lasting results, such as reminding clients to avoid tanning after a laser hair removal or putting on sunscreen following a facial.

In the service’s menu, following the short description of the service, you can add an individual aftercare description that will automatically be included in the Thank You email Fresha sends to your clients as soon as you check out their appointment. You can also send multiple instructions for clients that receive more than one service.

Reminders for Online Bookings

Up until now, Fresha had allowed its partners to send up to two reminder notifications for a single appointment (via email and SMS).

However, with its latest update, businesses can now send another reminder for online appointments an hour before the actual appointment starts. Fresha will send this third reminder via an in-app notification and email.

Smart Campaigns

Fresha has a couple of marketing tools to help you reach more customers. You have access to built-in email and SMS campaigns, which depending on your needs, can vary in price. One cool thing you can do is send custom blast messages with discount codes.

After enabling a Smart Campaign, you can personalise the message and choose how much discount you want to reward the recipient. Then, finally, select which client will receive the campaign.

There are five different Smart Campaigns you can select:

  • Birthday Special — clients that have a birthday coming up will automatically receive an email. Surprising your clients on their birthday is a proven retention method.
  • Welcome New Clients — a day after their first finished appointment, the clients will get an email encouraging them to come again.
  • Invite Clients to Book Online — your clients that never book online will be the receivers of this campaign. A day after their appointment, they will get an email suggesting they turn to online booking.
  • Win Back Clients — clients that haven’t gotten back in a long time will be “persuaded” to return.
  • Reward Regulars — based on recent sales activity, the top-spending clients, will be awarded special offers.

Ease of Use

Fresha is user and beginner-friendly appointment scheduling software with convenient mobile apps for both businesses and clients.

It only takes a few minutes to register and set up your profile, and the app guides you through the process. A demo feature will help you familiarise yourself with the app. If you get stuck at any point, there are video tutorials and articles that you can turn to. Plus, video tutorials explaining Fresha’s features are available on YouTube.

Customer Support

On its official website, Fresha states that it believes the best way to deliver support is online, so you can’t reach them via phone. So instead, the platform provides support for its partners through email.

Fresha has a Help Centre full of helpful articles and tips to answer many frequently asked questions and encountered problems.

However, if you can’t find your answer in the Help Centre, the company offers 24/7 support via email. You can reach a support team member at [email protected]. Usually, an answer will arrive in a few hours.


There are a few alternatives to Fresha you might want to consider. Let’s see how they measure up compared to this free platform.

Fresha vs Setmore

Setmore is a cloud-based appointment scheduling software for small businesses. With this tool, you can manage your appointments, staff, and customers from one centralised platform.

Unlike Fresha, Setmore has a rich list of external tools that integrate easily and for free. On top of that, the software also offers group scheduling.

Besides having a free plan, you can go Premium with Setmore. The Premium plan covers two employees and will set you back roughly £6.88 per employee per month. Then, there’s the Pro plan which serves as an extension of the Premium, aimed at larger teams. The Pro costs roughly £3.82 per employee, with a three employee minimum.

Setmore is a pricier option compared to Fresha, no doubt. However, it lacks an inventory management feature and doesn’t provide quality reports.

You can check our Setmore review to learn more about the Oregon based booking platform.

Fresha vs Square Appointments

Square is a well-known name in the business world. The company started as a payment processor but eventually expanded its services. Today, Square provides businesses with multiple solutions, one of which is the appointment scheduling software — Square Appointments.

Compared to Fresha, Square Appointments is better suited for larger businesses and organisations.

Square Appointments has three pricing plans, out of which one is free. The paid ones offer a larger scope of features, lower transaction fees, and other advantages. The Plus plan costs £29 per month per location, and the Pro plan costs £69 per month per location.

Although Square has a free plan, it only allows one user, whereas Fresha doesn’t limit the number of users using the platform.

Square Appointments also heavily relies on other Square products.

On top of Fresha being completely free to use, its transaction processing fees are lower than Square Appointments’.

Here you can check out our in-depth Square Appointments review.

Fresha vs Timely

The final cloud-based appointment scheduling tool I’ll compare to Fresha is Timely.

Timely is another user-friendly online booking platform, best suited for small to midsize businesses in the beauty, wellness, and health industry.

Unlike Fresha, Timely allows for many third-party integrations and has phone support. It’s way more expensive than Fresha, and it doesn’t have a free plan. You can, however, enjoy a free trial and see how the platform fits your business needs.

The three plans Timely offers are:

  • Build — £12 per month
  • Elevate — £18 per month
  • Innovate — £21 per month

Customer Reviews

Fresha has a stunning 99% positive customer reviews on GetApp.

Fresha Customer Reviews | CyberCrew

The platform scored an overall rating of 4.9/5 stars. The customer service, ease of use, and straightforwardness of the scheduling and payment princesses are highly appreciated by Fresha’s partners.

All the features that Fresha offers for free keep professionals from switching to different online booking providers.

I came across some negative reviews about Fresha not accepting deposits. However, as mentioned before, in April’s update, the platform introduced deposits to prevent no-shows.

Final Verdict

Fresha is an excellent cloud-based appointment scheduling software that offers a long list of features, most available for free, and there is no monthly subscription to use the service. This Fresha review explained some of its most popular features and compared the service to some alternatives available on the market.

Fresha’s ease of use makes it accessible to businesses of all sizes, especially small businesses.

Unfortunately, the software doesn’t integrate with third-party applications, but it does provide quality reports.

If you’re looking for an appointment scheduling software, Fresha is an excellent option to consider. The platform will undoubtedly help you streamline your business operations and improve your day-to-day operations.


What is Fresha?

Fresha is a free cloud-based appointment scheduling platform perfect for small businesses and professionals that work in the beauty and wellness industry.

Is Fresha booking safe?

Fresha is a highly secure app that backs-up clients’ data to its encrypted cloud database every five minutes. Users’ data is protected using SSL security, and the software doesn’t share personal data with third parties.

How does Fresha booking system work?

Businesses share their products and services on Fresha (for free) where clients can book them online. Fresha gets 20% for every new client a business acquires through their app, plus transaction fees on every purchase.

Is Fresha just for salons?

Different beauty salons, barbershops, spas, gyms, therapy centres, tattoo studios, and other beauty and wellness businesses and professionals are Fresha’s targeted audience.

Is fresha a free app?

Fresha is entirely free to use by both businesses and their clients. However, businesses have to pay certain fees for every new client they get as well as transaction processing fees.