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  • SCANNING SPEED: 1.5 Hours

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G Data Antivirus Review

The German company G Data offers comprehensive antivirus protection through various flexible plans and reasonable pricing. Check out our detailed G Data Antivirus Review to learn more.

G Data Antivirus Review

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  • VPN: No
  • SCANNING SPEED: 1.5 Hours

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Mac OS Mac OS
Windows Windows

Best For

Malware and ransomware protection


  • Several licensing options
  • Email and web protection
  • Affordable prices for one device
  • Helpful customer support


  • Slight system impact
  • It doesn’t include VPN, firewall, and parental controls
  • Highly-priced for more than one device
  • No live chat

Choosing a suitable antivirus software for your device can be a difficult task. Having so many options and things to consider makes the overall process even more challenging. 

In this G Data Antivirus review, we examined detecting and removing viruses by analysing various factors, including performance, pricing, and convenience. We have also compared G Data with other similar products available in the market.  

G Data is a top-rated antivirus software provider that has its origins in Germany. The company has been making antivirus solutions for more than 30 years. Hence it has a strong track record of good performance. We will be covering G Data Antivirus, which is the company’s entry-level product. 

  • What is G Data? 
  • Security and Performance 
  • Plans and Pricing 
  • Setup, Ease of Use, and Privacy 
  • Customer Support 
  • Competitors 
  • Reviews 
  • Wrap Up 
  • FAQs 

What is G Data? 


G Data released its first antivirus tool back in 1985. G Data is famous for developing the world’s first virus protection tool. Apart from providing software security solutions, the company’s other products include solutions for speech synthesis and voice recognition. The company has also won various awards for its services. 


The company now offers three tiers of protection 

  • A starter malware detector and antivirus solution 
  • A more comprehensive protection tool with added parental controls and a built-in firewall
  • An advanced solutions suite that includes all of G Data’s services in a single package 

Moreover, G Data provides Windows virus detection, Mac antivirus, and protection for Android and iOS. G Data Antivirus is known to provide one of the best antivirus protection

Security and Performance 

In this G Data review, we will break down the security and performance features of the G Data Antivirus into various parameters. 


Scanning Time – A full system virus scan by G Data Antivirus may take anywhere between one and a half to two hours, which is currently the industry average. G Data will do a repeat scan much quicker and clocks in under 20 minutes. The product also has other scanning options like real-time scanning and deep scanning. 


Resources Required – G Data’s products have a reputation for taking up too much CPU space. However, independent analysts have stated that the latest version of G Data Antivirus took anywhere between 4% – 8% of CPU space. Hence, we can conclude that the latest iterations of the software are pretty efficient and do not consume too much processing power. 


Malware Protection – G Data Antivirus is an effective malware removal tool. The company has developed a highly comprehensive malware protection engine. G Data protects against any malware-hosting website, detects any malware at the time of download, and can even accurately identify and delete unknown malware and infected files based on the behaviour of the malware.  


Real-Time Protection – G Data Antivirus provides real-time protection against threats, including dark web monitoring. It actively scans any new read and write operations on your system to maintain system integrity. In addition, G Data protects against both phishing attacks and malware attacks.  


Web Protection – This antivirus solution provides web protection in addition to threats from downloaded and installed software. That means that the software automatically detects any hazards that may come from a user’s web browsing activities. 


Email Check – Threats from emails are a common occurrence in today’s time. Those using G Data Antivirus can rest assured that the software will scan emails for viruses and ensure that users only open safe emails. 


Spam Filter – Besides protecting against malware, this software also checks and flags out any spam that may be entering your inbox and system. 


Anti-Ransomware – Aside from protecting against malware, G Data’s product is especially effective against ransomware attacks and malicious files. The product detects and removes ransomware with impressive accuracy. Since ransomware is particularly prevalent these days, such software may be the best protection against them.  

Plans and Pricing 

 With G Data software, you can buy a license for anywhere between 1 and 10 devices. The price per system goes down if you purchase protection for multiple devices. However, the cost for multiple devices is still relatively high when compared to similar antivirus providers. 


The cost of an antivirus package for one device is $29.95 (roughly £21.74) per year, while that of ten devices is $99.95 (roughly £72.55) per year. 


Similarly, the cost also varies depending on the number of years of the subscription. Also, a user can buy a maximum of three years of protection at a time. For a single device, the subscription cost for one year is $29.95 (roughly £21.74), while the price for three years is $79.95 (roughly £58.03). 


Hence, it is more cost-effective if you purchase a three-year subscription. However, if you want protection for numerous devices, it may be more reasonable to opt for a different antivirus solution. 


All subscriptions will provide all features of the G Data Antivirus software. In addition, the product is available with a single plan, so you don’t have to worry about which features are included and which aren’t. 

Setup, Ease of Use, and Privacy 


This G Data Review will also discuss user experiences, such as setting up, interface, and privacy. 


Setting it Up 


The process of setting up G Data Antivirus is relatively easy. You just need to download the software package to your system. The entire software takes around 1.7 GB of space on your hard drive. Once you’ve downloaded the package, you will need to install it. The installation process is simple and much like installing any piece of software on your computer. 


After the installation finishes, the software will automatically start running 3 of its own Windows services. Additionally, you will find two more background processes. Don’t worry; these new processes are part of the software’s security line-up and will help keep your system secure. 


Setting up the software shouldn’t take more than half an hour (this does not include your first system virus scan). However, it is recommended that you run a full system scan once you install the software, which could take another hour or more. 


Mobile App 


Unlike similar antivirus providers, G Data does not throw in its mobile security app along with its security solutions for Windows and Mac. Instead, you will need to purchase its mobile app called G Data Mobile Security separately. The cost of the app is around $11.99 (roughly £8.7). However, there is a free version as well. 


The mobile app has mainly good reviews from users as well as professional reviewers. The G Data app is also successful in providing malware detection and web protection. Moreover, it has a device tracking feature in case you lose your smartphone. 




Users should remember that G Data is a German company, and Germany has stringent privacy laws. G Data Antivirus comes with an in-built privacy firewall that ensures maximum privacy and protection for your data. 


G Data Antivirus also allows a user to tweak and change their Windows privacy settings. Further, users can also encrypt files using the software and store them safely on their system.  


Uninstalling and Disabling   


G Data Antivirus comes with in-built options to disable its functioning. To do so, you can click on “Settings”, then go to ”Antivirus”, proceed to “Real-time Protection”. Here you will find the option to enable or disable “Virus Monitor”, “Behaviour Monitor”, and “Exploit Protection”. You can follow the same process to enable these services again. 


Uninstalling the software is also a simple process. You can run “Add or Remove Programs” on Windows and then select the option to uninstall G Data Antivirus. Before the uninstallation process is complete, you will have the option to delete and remove your “personal files and logs” and delete and remove the “quarantine files”.    

Customer Support 

There are three main ways in which a user can contact G Data’s customer support. To begin with, G Data offers an online help centre that answers the most frequently asked questions a user might have. Further,  users can opt for a ticket that allows them to contact a customer service expert. Lastly, there is an international phone line which you can call if you need immediate or urgent assistance. 


However, the frequently asked questions section available on G Data’s website is not the most comprehensive. Therefore, chances are, this section won’t solve a customer’s doubt in most cases. It is also challenging to navigate through this section to find the answer that you’re looking for. The best way to check whether G Data has answered your question is to Google your query rather than relying on the website’s internal search option. 


Another criticism is that the website does not have a live chat option for immediate redressal of queries. The current options available are pretty cumbersome, and it would have been great if there was a way to solve your doubts through a simple chat option. 


However, on a positive note, the customer support executives are helpful and knowledgeable. They are also quite courteous, helping to smoothen the process. If you use their online ticketing system, you can expect an email response from them within an hour or two. 


G Data Antivirus Review: Competitors

This section will compare G Data Antivirus against other similar antivirus solutions available in the market to see which one provides the best virus protection.  

G Data vs Bitdefender 

Bitdefender is one of the most popular antivirus solutions out there. 

Pricing – Bitdefender’s Total Security is cheaper than G Data Antivirus if you’re planning on installing the antivirus on more than one device. For a one-year subscription for five devices, Total Security is available at a price point of $39.98 (roughly £29.02). For comparison, a one-year subscription for one device, G Data Antivirus, is available at a price point of $29.99 (roughly £21.74). So for five devices, you will need to pay $49.95 (roughly £43.51). 

Hence, if pricing is the main factor, you should only opt for G Data Antivirus if you’re looking for protection for only one device. Otherwise, there are far more reasonable options out there, such as Bitdefender’s Total Security.  

Features – Bitdefender’s Total Security also provides a few added features when compared to G Data Antivirus. In addition to malware protection, ransomware protection, and web protection, Total Security offers system optimisation, Premium VPN services, password manager, parental controls, and most importantly, a firewall. 

Feature-wise, Bitdefender’s Total Security is more similar to G Data’s second-tier protection suite called Internet Security (also has a firewall and parental controls). 

Overall, we would have to recommend Bitdefender’s Total Security over G Data’s Antivirus if you’re looking for something more than a malware and ransomware protector.  

G Data vs Avira 

Pricing – Unlike G Data, Avira offers free security for laptops that includes the same antivirus engine that Avira uses for its premium antivirus packages. This free antivirus software plan covers various features such as antivirus scanner, real-time protection, Avira Phantom VPN, and Safe Shopping browser. 

You can opt for Avira Internet Security for more comprehensive protection, which has a similar price to G Data’s Antivirus. Furthermore, you can opt for packages that protect one, three, or five devices. 

Features – Avira Internet Security includes premium features such as password manager, automatic software updater, and also fixes broken drivers. 

Overall, Avira Internet Security offers similar features and a similar price compared to G Data’s Antivirus. The free version of Avira’s antivirus is particularly appealing since it provides the same antivirus protection as the premium versions. 

G Data vs Kaspersky 

Pricing – Kaspersky offers three levels of protection which are each reasonably priced. The entry-level product is Kaspersky Antivirus with a price of $29.99 (roughly £21.74) (practically the same as G Data’s Antivirus). However, Kaspersky Antivirus offers protection for three devices at this price, while G Data’s Antivirus only offers one. Hence, it can work out to be significantly cheaper than G Data. 

Features –  The range of features is quite similar to G Data’s Antivirus. Kaspersky also offers comprehensive real-time protection against malware and ransomware. Additionally, Kaspersky also has a Secure Connection VPN and anti-phishing feature that protects you from fake websites. Unfortunately, the basic plan does not provide any firewall or VPN services. 

Overall, we would weigh in favour of G Data’s Antivirus since it offers web and email protection.    


G Data’s Antivirus reviews are mainly positive thanks to its comprehensive and effective malware and ransomware protection capabilities. The company is also widely known for its superior privacy protection against other similar solutions. G Data’s Antivirus also scores high on not affecting system performance while running and consuming fewer resources while doing more. In addition, people found that G Data performed well under virus detections tests

One of the frequent complaints against G Data’s Antivirus solution is relating to its pricing plan. Users find that many other companies provide similar services at cheaper costs when using antivirus for multiple devices. The company’s Antivirus solution also does not offer a firewall which could have ensured G Data be head and shoulders above the rest. 


G Data Antivirus is an entry-level software that provides comprehensive coverage against malware and ransomware. In addition, the software effectively delivers web and email protection without consuming too many system resources. 

G Data has been in the business for a long time and can be trusted to deliver on what they promise. However, if you’re looking to protect a large number of systems, there are several more cost-effective solutions out there. 

In this G Data Review, we’ve tried to analyse as many factors as possible and provide honest insight into the software. Overall, we recommend G Data to anyone who wants adequate antivirus protection without any value-added features, which may cost more but end up unused.