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  • Protocols: OpenVPN, SLS, TLS, Auto-path, OpenVPN-TCP
  • Connections: 5 simultaneous connections
  • Streaming: Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime, English Premier League and Bundesliga.
  • Torrenting: Allowed

minimum price:


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HideMyAss VPN Review

HideMyAss VPN Review

minimum price:


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  • Protocols: OpenVPN, SLS, TLS, Auto-path, OpenVPN-TCP
  • Connections: 5 simultaneous connections
  • Streaming: Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime, English Premier League and Bundesliga.
  • Torrenting: Allowed

works on:

Windows Windows
Mac OS Mac OS
Apple Apple
Router Router
Android Android
Linux Linux

Best For

Server-network width


  • Strong security options
  • Specialised P2P streaming servers
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Performs IP shuffles


  • Poor app design
  • Plans renew automatically

Are you looking for new ways to protect yourself from cybercrime? If so, let’s see what the HideMyAss VPN service provider has to offer.


You’ve probably already seen dozens of VPN ads on the internet, and if you’re wondering which one is the best, we’re here to give you an answer. The purpose of this HideMyAss VPN Review is to identify the key features of this service and help you find the most beneficial online protection tools that will encrypt your internet traffic.


Firstly, this is what we’re going to cover in our review:

  • Services and features offered by HideMyAss VPN
  • HideMyAss prices and plans
  • Speed and performance
  • Privacy and registration process
  • HideMyAss VPN competitors
  • HideMyAss VPN online reviews

What is HideMyAss VPN (HMA)?

Back in 2005, Jack Carton decided to build a web proxy website to bypass his school firewalls. However, he soon discovered that others needed this kind of service as well. After HideMyAss got their hands on this precious web proxy website, they started developing new online security tools many people around the globe use today. 


Founders of HMA believe privacy is the first step to freedom and that every person who seeks answers and growth needs it to fulfil their potential. They say they will always be a company you can trust with your privacy, and their goal is to be open about their beliefs and intentions. 

Services and Features Offered by HideMyAss VPN

Now that we know more about their history, let’s see what makes HMA one of the best VPN services on the market. 


Many VPN providers offer super speed and privacy features, but here’s what makes HMA VPN stand from the crowd. What makes them unique is the fact that one subscription can protect all your devices. They offer strong encryption for Windows and Android, and you won’t have to login into their VPN to start using online security tools. 


More importantly, you can decide which apps get VPN protection. As a bonus, they’ll also protect you from DNS leaks. In other words, as long as you’re using their services, they’ll make sure that other parties can’t see which websites you visited. 


HMA is a secure VPN because its automatic connection rules allow you to decide which networks require VPN. If you don’t want to use their VPN service for your home network, you’ll be able to turn it off and use it when connecting to public Wi-Fi or other networks only.


In addition, the IP Shuffle function allows you to change your IP address randomly during the VPN session. This option is ideal for people who believe that third parties may be tracking their online activities. 


Now, let us say a few words about HideMyAss VPN protocols.


HMA VPN providers are known to implement their encryption with the OpenVPN protocols. Instead of supporting IKE, IPsec, L2TP or PPTP, OpenVPN runs a security protocol based on SSL (Secure Sockets Layer protocol) and TLS (they use TLS Tunnel to encrypt all data travelling between your device and their SSL VPN server).


It’s critical to mention that OpenVPN-UDP (also called Auto-path) is a default protocol for clients who use their VPN service on Windows or Mac OS devices. On the other hand, clients use OpenVPN-TCP if Auto-path is turned off and OpenVPN is selected. 


HMA is one of the world’s largest VPN networks. If you decide to use their service, you’ll have access to over 1100 VPN servers configured in around 290 locations around the globe.


With so many options to work with, you’ll be able to surf the web without worrying about geo-restrictions. Their P2P-optimised servers allow you to browse and download content regardless of where you are in the world.


VPN protection is the first step to internet security. We mentioned earlier that you’d be able to protect yourself using the HMA virtual private network service on any device. HideMyAss VPN will protect the privacy of your Mac, PC, Android or iOS device. HMA didn’t forget about Linux users, and if you’re using this OS, rest assured that they got you covered. 


However, that’s not all! Should you decide to install a VPN on a router, HMA will protect your whole smart home and improve your security system.

HideMyAss VPN Prices and Plans


We understand that pricing is often a severe issue for consumers, but to protect your traffic properly, you need a safe VPN. You can find free solutions for your online safety problems, but opting for a well-known and secure paid VPN is the best way to reduce the risk of data leaks. 

There are different ways to protect yourself from cyber attacks, but investing in a high-quality VPN would be the best solution. With that being said, let’s see how much the HMA VPN service costs. 


We’ve created a table to illustrate HMA VPN pricing details. 


5 Connections £0,00 £3,29 (Save: 59%) N/A £2,39 (Save: 70%)
10 Connections N/A £5,99 (Save: 33%) £4,99 (Save: 44%) £4,59 (Save: 49%)


Without a doubt, a 36-month plan is HMA’s most tempting offer. For only £2,39 per month, you’ll be able to use HideMyAss VPN to bypass all geo-restrictions. It’s critical to mention that this is a limited offer, so it would be best to visit their website and consider this opportunity asap. 


Of course, you should pick an HMA plan that works the best for you, but you should know you’ll save 70% if you choose this option.

Instead of paying £287,64 to use their online safety tools for 36 months, you’ll only have to invest £86,04. However, you’ll have to pay the total price (£86,04) upfront. 


The next option is less alluring, but HMA made sure that you still get a good deal. If you choose the 12-month plan, you’ll save 59% on your purchase. For £3,29 a month, you’d get to enjoy the same benefits as every other client.


The 12-month plan is billed every year, which is ideal for people who prefer to pay for everything at once. Instead of saving £95,88 for your online safety, you’d have to pay £39,48 each year to protect yourself from cyber-attacks ( and save 59% along the way).


Suffice to say, HMA offers an upgrade to 10 connections for any who deem 5 just wouldn’t cut it, with an understandable increase in cost, but with an added plan of 24 months not available for 5 connections plan.


But what about the HideMyAss VPN trial period? 


Let’s say you’re reading this HideMyAss VPN Review to determine whether you want to invest in their service. But, if you prefer to make experience-based decisions, a 7-day HMA free trial would be the best option. 


Luckily, HideMyAss VPN free trial is available to any new clients. Give it a try, and you’ll be able to use their service for seven days without spending a dime. Use this opportunity to decide whether their online safety tools are worth the investment and try to choose the HMA plan that won’t poke another hole in your budget.


If it’s going to help you make a decision, consider that HMA VPN is mobile-friendly, but it also works on plenty of other devices in your home. HMA offers to give you your money back after one month, and you can cancel their subscription anytime.

Speed and Performance

VPN Speed is an essential factor when choosing your VPN service provider. Your VPN provider can do a good job when it comes to protecting your online security, but if their download and upload speed can’t meet your standards, you won’t enjoy the time you spend on the internet.


Recent studies show that the fastest HideMyAss VPN download speed is 14.89 Mbps. Their fastest upload speed is 5.74 Mbps, and the lowest latency is 33 ms. The results may differ depending on your location. 


In the table below, you’ll be able to notice differences between HideMyAss and other VPN service providers and determine which one is the fastest VPN.


VPNs Download Speed Upload Speed Latency
HideMyAss 14.89 Mbps 5.74 Mbps 33 ms
NordVPN 36.49 Mbps 9.28 Mbps 251 ms
VyprVPN 19.22 Mbps 11.73 Mbps 12 ms
CyberGhost 103.11 Mbps 59.57 Mbps 14 ms


Privacy and Registration Process

Privacy is one of the main reasons why so many people choose to invest in a VPN. Without a VPN, almost everyone would manage to track you and learn more about your online activities. No log policy may be vital to you because those are just fancy words for: “We won’t harvest your data and use it to betray your trust”.


HMA uses their servers to handle your DNS requests. No log HMA servers will protect you from malicious attacks, but their Smart Kill Switch will ensure no data leaks if you suddenly disconnect from your VPN. 


Split tunnelling is yet another excellent feature. It lets you decide which apps require VPN and which servers those apps connect to when you start using their service. If you want to browse without using a VPN on certain apps or websites, split tunnelling will make that happen. 


Now that we covered the basics, let’s go through the registration process together:


If, after reading our review, you decide to try the HMA VPN service, the first thing you’ll see on their website is the GET HMA VPN button. The picture below shows you where to find it. 


Once you click on the GET HMA VPN button, it will take you to a web page that shows their pricing options. You will see three boxes that each represent a different HMA plan. 


By clicking on the BUY NOW button, you’ll get to the checkout page. If you have a promo code, you’ll have to include it in the section below. 


HideMyAss offers a variety of payment methods. You can use your Visa or MasterCard to pay for their service or make a payment using your PayPal account. To complete the registration process, you’ll have to provide your name, country and email address. 


If you’re buying an HMA VPN for your company, click the YES button below the Payment Information. Click on the PLACE AN ORDER button to start using their VPN service. 


If after paying for a subscription and using it for a bit, you realise that HMA VPN technology is not the best option for you, you’ll have to contact customer support and request a refund before your 30-day trial ends. Your order is managed by 2Checkout, and they will handle all transaction details and delete your data after processing the payment information. 

HideMyAss VPN Competitors

We told you everything we know about HideMyAss VPN. But all that information doesn’t mean much if we don’t show you the comparison between HMA and other VPN service providers. We won’t include all HideMyAss alternatives in our review, but we hope this information helps you decide which one is worth your money. 

HideMyAss VPN vs NordVPN

One of the first things we noticed when researching HideMyAss VPN is that you can use it on every device in your home (but only connect to five simultaneously). However, once you pay for a NordVPN subscription, you’ll be able to use it on six devices. Both HMA and NordVPN allow you to use their service on smartphones, tablets, PCs or even your router. 


If you subscribe to NordVPN, you’ll have access to their online security tools, including NordPass and NordLocker. NordPass is a password manager that allows you to store, organise and access your passwords. 


You can use NordLocker to encrypt and store files on your computer or the cloud. HMA, on the other hand, doesn’t provide these additional safety tools. 


HMA VPN is ideal for bypassing restrictions on US Netflix libraries. Additionally, you can use HMA VPN to watch BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime, English Premier League and Bundesliga. NordVPN will unblock several streaming websites, including Netflix, BBC iPlayer and Hulu. 


After comparing one of the best-rated VPN service providers, it’s safe to say that both offer exciting features. If you want to invest in a VPN to gain access to streaming videos from libraries worldwide, HideMyAss is a better option. However, NordVPN invites you to use their online safety tools to better manage your passwords and online accounts.


Another big player in the VPN market is VyprVPN. Their Chameleon technology is specifically designed to fight censorship and allow their users to bypass geo-restrictions. VyprVPN’s Kill Switch blocks all internet traffic when you disconnect from the VPN. However, HMA VPN found a similar solution to this problem. They will ensure your data doesn’t leak if you disable their services.


While you’ll get access to over 70 server locations worldwide if you subscribe to VyprVPN, HideMyAss has 1100+ servers in over 290 places. VyprVPN uses dynamic server switching to prevent overloads and ensure their VPN servers are always available, but HMA uses 256-bit encryption to protect your data from cyber-attacks.


After considering how many different server locations each of these VPN providers have, HideMyAss VPN is inevitably bound to do a better job protecting your privacy. 


If that wasn’t enough, let’s use another example to answer one of the more essential questions— “Is HideMyAss a good VPN?”

HideMyAss VPN vs CyberGhost

When we were comparing HideMyAss with previously listed VPN services, it was easy to prove why HMA was a better provider. However, CyberGhost VPN is a rival that will be hard to beat. CyberGhost has over 7100 servers worldwide, and they also offer zero-logs VPN service. More importantly, CyberGhost decided to publish a Transparency Report in 2011 to convince new clients to 

trust them. 


CyberGhost is a reliable VPN service, but HMA offers high-quality security and no DNS leaks. You can subscribe to CyberGhost 1-month plan for £10.89, which makes it cheaper compared to HMA. 


Customer reviews show that CyberGhost is better for Android devices and torrenting. Even if we acknowledge that HMA is ideal for avoiding Netflix’s notoriously complex blocks, it’s still challenging to conclude which service is better. 


Our HideMyAss VPN review show’s what we’ve learned about this VPN service provider. Let’s see what other users have to say about HMA.


HideMyAss VPN Reviews Online

We decided to visit the DigitalMillionaires forum to see whether their members like HideMyAss VPN, and this is what we have learned:


Some members of the DigitalMillionaires forum mentioned it’s possible to improve speed using HMA VPN only if you connect to rarely used servers. If you manage to find these servers, your rate will increase to roughly 60 Mbps.


It’s vital to mention that HMA Pro software has minor problems. For example, if you configure it to change the IP address every 10 seconds, you might have to wait 1-2 minutes to switch to another IP. 


HMA VPN discount code helped many users gain access to their online privacy tools. Compared to other VPN providers, clients rarely complain about HideMyAss VPN. 


Some users use HMA VPN on Linux, iPad and Windows, and they only experience minor installation issues that they manage to fix by contacting the HMA customer support team. 


HMA clients can use their service on multiple devices, and most of them would recommend HMA to their friends and family. For us, that’s more than enough to say that HMA is one of the best VPN software on the market. HMA is one of the best-rated VPNs globally, and their strong encryption and privacy features make most of their clients happy. 

Wrap Up

As the name says, the HideMyAss VPN provider makes sure you don’t have to worry about your privacy or DNS leaks ever again. They use similar online safety tools as other VPNs, but they go the extra mile to protect their clients and keep them happy. 


So, is HMA VPN safe or not? The answer is definitely – yes; it’s completely secure, and it will help you achieve your privacy goals. However, it would be fair to add that other VPN providers offer similar or even improved features compared to HMA. 

We hope that our HideMyAss VPN Review helped you realise why cybersecurity is essential. If you want to avoid malicious attacks or watch tv shows on locked content libraries, visit the HMA VPN site and see for yourself how a VPN service can improve your online safety.


Is HMA a good VPN?

HMA claims to be one of the best choices for unblocking websites and accessing restricted content. Most HMA clients rarely complain about their service.

Is HideMyAss free?

No, HMA is not free. However, you can subscribe to a 7-day free trial and cancel your purchase (HMA offers a 30-day money-back guarantee)

Is HideMyAss safe?

With thousands of active users, there’s no harm in saying that HMA VPN is safe. Additionally, HMA is entirely legal.

Does HideMyAss work with Netflix?

HMA works on both Netflix and other popular streaming platforms. If you subscribed to Hulu, BBC iPlayer or Amazon Prime, make sure to get HMA VPN as well.