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HostGator Review

Check out this HostGator Review to learn everything you need to know about its hosting services. Compare pricing and features with competitors and check customer reviews.

HostGator Review

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Responsive and informative customer support


  • Excellent speed and performance
  • Helpful customer support
  • Various hosting plans
  • Flexible payment methods


  • Expensive advanced plans
  • Aggressive upselling

Choosing the right web hosting solution for your business or personal needs can be a complicated process. There are so many options out there, and each option has its pros and cons.

Additionally, different web hosting services are suitable for meeting different kinds of requirements. The best way to select a web hosting service is to read reviews and determine whether the service is a good fit. 


It would help if you considered several aspects when looking for a web hosting provider such as HostGator. These factors include speed and performance, pricing, features, customer support, and more. 


In this comprehensive HostGator Review, we will be covering all the above factors and more. We hope that you will find this HostGator web hosting review helpful, and it takes you a step further in your website journey.  

  • What is HostGator? 
  • HostGator Main Features 
  • HostGator Services and Hosting 
  • Speed and Performance 
  • HostGator Prices and Plans 
  • Privacy and Registration Process 
  • HostGator Competitors 
  • HostGator Customer Reviews 

What is HostGator? 

HostGator is a web hosting company, which has grown to become one of the largest web hosting companies in the world. It was founded in 2002, and it is one of the oldest web hosting service providers in the industry. Since then, it has served more than 2.5 million websites. 


The company is based in Texas, US and has servers located in the US. The company has more than 800 employees, which is quite a lot for a web hosting company. HostGator is also a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Endurance International Group. 


HostGator is a professional web hosting company with a global presence. It has dedicated local websites for numerous countries (but not the UK). However, you can avail of its services in the UK through its global website. 


The HostGator customer service team is available at all times and on all days, unlike some services which do not provide support on weekends or after working hours. 


It also provides a vast amount of educational content, which is available for free on the web. This educational content includes a blog, an extensive FAQs section, and a YouTube how-to video series. In addition, it has also hosted deep-dive webinars on a variety of burning topics. 


Overall, HostGator is one of the top web hosting companies out there. 

HostGator Main Features 


Overall, HostGator provides a wide variety of features to its users. Here are the details. 


cPanel – cPanel is the most popular and widely-used control panel tool for web hosting. This popular tool is usually integrated into the service of the web hosting company. It allows users to customise their web hosting. HostGator also offers the cPanel tool to its user base, allowing users to manage their web hosting easily.  


In addition to cPanel, HostGator’s service management dashboard also allows users to upload files and edit them.


Add-ons – HostGator provides several tools that can help a small business owner. These tools include marketing and SEO tools, HostGator webmail (email addresses with your own domain name), Google analytics, security tools, and a lot more. 


HostGator also supports open-source software, so you can install any number of additional tools to ease your website management. 


Site Builders -HostGator offers the Gator site builder to help users build their websites. The Gator site builder comes at an additional cost for anyone using HostGator’s hosting services. 


This drag-and-drop website builder has more than 4000 different templates for users to choose from. It caters to almost every kind of website and has suitable templates and features for it. As a result, the website builder is ideal for anyone, regardless of how technically sophisticated they are. 


Domain-specific Email Addresses – One of the most significant advantages of using HostGator is its unlimited and free domain-specific email accounts. Users can create as many email accounts as they like.

These email addresses will have the domain of the website so that it looks professional. For example, if your website name is “coolfounder.com”, you can get email addresses in the style of “zyx@coolfounder.com”. 


Uptime – HostGator offers 99.9% uptime which means that your website will be down only in the rarest of circumstances. Some downtime is unavoidable. However, HostGator’s uptime is comparable to the best web hosting services out there. 


Cloudflare Integration – HostGator is one of the few hosting companies that offer free Cloudflare protection. You can activate Cloudflare from your dashboard to protect your website against malware and other types of attacks. This Cloudflare activation is free for all customers of HostGator’s services


Cloudflare is one of the most prevalent cybersecurity services for basic websites, and it provides real protection against attacks. 


SSL Certification – HostGator provides secure web hosting with free SSL certificates with all of its hosting plans. You can even get a private SSL certificate. An SSL certificate allows websites to move from “http” to “https”, which is significantly more secure.  


Servers – As one of the largest WordPress hosting companies that cater to clients worldwide, HostGator maintains thousands of data centres globally. So irrespective of where you are based, you can find a server with HostGator which will suit your speed requirements. 

HostGator Hosting Plans and Services    

HostGator offers a variety of hosting plans. Here is a breakdown of the main ones. 


Shared Hosting – HostGator’s most basic plan is for shared web hosting, also called the “Hatchling Plan”. This plan allows you to share server space with other websites.

Shared hosting with HostGator comes with the ability to host one website and with unlimited bandwidth. You also receive disk space, databases, unlimited email accounts, and support for third-party software.


WordPress Hosting – WordPress Hosting refers to web hosting specifically for websites built on WordPress. HostGator’s WordPress Hosting is quite affordable. The most cost-effective plan allows one website to be hosted with a maximum of 100,000 visitors per month. 


VPS Hosting – VPS web hosting has more to offer compared to shared hosting plans. VPS Hosting will allow up to 240GB storage space,  8GB RAM, and 2TB of monthly data transfer. You also receive full root access and advanced server features.  


Dedicated Hosting – Dedicated server plans allow you to take control of entire servers. These plans can be customised, with the upper limit being 25TB of monthly data transfers, RAM of 16GB, and storage of 1TB. 


Reseller Hosting – Besides general plans for shared web hosting or dedicated hosting, HostGator also offers Reseller Hosting. Reseller Hosting allows you to become a partner of HostGator and resell its services to other websites. Reseller plans provide 600GB bandwidth, 60GB disk space, and an unlimited number of websites.  


Email Hosting – HostGator, unlike most other web hosting platforms, provides unlimited email hosting services with all its plans. Even the most basic shared hosting plans offer unlimited email hosting. In addition, the HostGator email allows you to use your domain name as part of your email address.  


Websites – The number of websites that can be hosted depends mainly on the hosting plan. The most basic plans offer one website, whereas advanced plans can go up to an unlimited number of websites. 


Domains – The most basic shared hosting plan offers only one HostGator domain. However, you can easily build on this plan and get an unlimited number of domains. 


Speed and Performance 

Speed and performance vary for each web hosting company. Here are the results for HostGator:


Server Response Time – Server response time indicates how fast a website can load content. Testing with Bitcatcha showed that HostGator websites earn a grade of “A+”. The server response time was less than one second, which is significantly fast. 


Speed Test – Higher speed helps business websites rank higher on Google and also provides better user satisfaction. Test sites loaded within 1 second, which is quite good and better than the average. Also, the test sites performed well even with high traffic.  


Uptime – Sites hosted on HostGator also have impressive uptimes. Uptime is the time during which users can access your website. Uptime tests also show an uptime of 99.9% for a 30-day period which is better than the industry average. Moreover, the test site had 100% uptime and didn’t go down even for a second during a period of 24 hours. 


Overall, the speed and performance provided by HostGator are pretty impressive. So if your main priority when choosing a hosting service is speed and performance, you won’t be wrong to choose HostGator. 

HostGator Review of Plans and Prices

HostGator, like other hosting service providers, has a wide range of plans to choose from. Also, HostGator’s Pricing differs for each plan. In this review, we’ll break down the main plans offered by HostGator. 


Shared Hosting Plans


Hatchling Plan – The Hatchling Plan is the most affordable and basic plan offered by HostGator. It provides support for one website. You also receive unmetered bandwidth, a free domain, and an SSL certificate. The cost of the Hatchling Plan starts at $2.75 per month (roughly £2.00) if you take advantage of the introductory offer.    


Baby Plan – The HostGator Baby Plan is a more advanced version of the Hatchling Plan and comes with an unlimited number of websites. There are no other differences. The HostGator Baby Plan price starts at $3.5 per month (roughly £2.55) with the introductory discount.  


Business Plan – The Business Plan is the most advanced plan for shared hosting. There are just a couple of minor improvements: free dedicated IP and a free positive SSL upgrade. This plan starts at $5.25 per month (roughly £3.80).  


WordPress Hosting 


The WordPress web hosting plans offered by HostGator are best for users who want to use WordPress to build their websites. 


HostGator is a WordPress hosting company that offers three plans: Starter Plan, Standard Plan, and Business Plan. The main difference between these plans is the number of visitors the site can handle, the amount of data backup available, and the number of websites a user can host. 


The cost for each of these plans ranges between $5.95/month (roughly £4.30) and $9.95/month (roughly £7.20), including the introductory discount. 


Dedicated Hosting 


Dedicated Hosting allows users to use an entire server for their needs. There are three dedicated hosting plans available: value server, power server, and enterprise server. 


The primary differences between these plans are the number of cores, amount of RAM, and storage space provided. In addition, certain value-added features may also differ depending on the plan.


The Dedicated Hosting plans are significantly more expensive than other plans. The prices range from $89.98 per month (roughly £65.45) to $139.99 (roughly £101.35). 

Registration Process and Customer Support   

We went through the registration process ourselves to determine how easy it is to register with HostGator. Namely, the registration process can give you a glimpse of how user-friendly a web hosting service is. 


Registration Process 


The first step to registration is to choose a plan that suits your needs. It is pretty easy to check the different plans offered by HostGator and compare their differences. The plans offered by HostGator are categorised as shared hosting, dedicated hosting, and WordPress hosting. 


Once you have chosen your plan, click on “Buy Now” to start the registration process. 


HostGator will then take you to a registration form which you need to fill in. That is quite a lengthy form and covers everything that HostGator needs to know to open your account. 


The form consists of several sections:

  • Choose a domain name/import a domain
  • Customise your hosting plan
  • Create your HostGator account
  • Enter billing info
  • Enter a coupon code
  • Review order details 


Overall, it may take about 15 minutes to go from choosing a hosting plan to getting your account up and running.

Customer Support  


Customer support is an important (and often overlooked) aspect of a WordPress hosting company. HostGator provides 24/7/365 customer support through live chat, email, and a phone line. 


The best way to get in touch with them is through the HostGator live chat window available on their website. We found their response time on live chat to be less than 5 minutes. Moreover, they provide helpful and insightful answers to any question you might have regarding their services or technical support. 


Additionally, there is also an extensive “knowledge base” and “FAQs” section that a user can take advantage of. It is easy to search through these sections using a search bar. 

HostGator Competitors 

The best way to find out if some web hosting service is worth it is to compare it with some of the best web hosting services such as BlueHost, SiteGround, and DreamHost. Here we compare HostGator with other service providers based on pricing and features offered.  


HostGator vs Bluehost


Pricing – Overall, the prices of both HostGator and Bluehost are pretty similar, and you won’t find a significant difference. Bluehost’s shared hosting plans range between £2.12 and £10.03/month. In comparison, HostGator’s shared hosting plans range between £2 and £3.8/month. 


Features – Overall, the features available for shared hosting are also quite similar. Bluehost also provides one free domain, SSL certificate, unmetered bandwidth, and one website under its most basic plan. The primary difference is that Bluehost also offers daily malware checks to users.   


HostGator vs SiteGround


Pricing – The prices of SiteGround are slightly higher when compared to HostGator. For the most basic web hosting plan, SiteGround charges £2.99, while in contrast, HostGator’s pricing starts at £2. SiteGround also offers fewer options for its hosting plans, unlike HostGator, which has a wide variety of services. 


Features – For the most basic plan, SiteGround also offers the ability to host just one website similar to HostGator. The primary difference between the two services is that SiteGround offers Managed WordPress services. In contrast, with HostGator, you will have to do it yourself. This additional feature may also account for the price difference. 


HostGator vs DreamHost 


Pricing – There is no significant pricing difference between HostGator’s basic plan and DreamHost’s basic plan. DreamHost’s services start at £1.88, whereas you can avail of HostGator’s services for a minimum of £2.  


Features – DreamHost, in addition to being slightly cheaper than HostGator, also offers two additional features. Specifically, DreamHost provides free migration services through which you can import a website hosted by a different hosting service. Additionally, you also get a free website building tool. 

HostGator Customer Reviews 

Numerous people already use HostGator’s service. So it might be insightful to read HostGator reviews to check if there are trends. 


One common theme running across HostGator reviews is that HostGator provides excellent customer support. Numerous customer reviews were praising HostGator’s prompt and helpful customer service. 


Another aspect that reviewers praised quite often is how easy it is to migrate a site from a different web hosting service to HostGator. 


Some users complained that HostGator aggressively upsells its services, asking you to upgrade to a higher plan or opt for more features. 


However, overall, HostGator’s got rave reviews from most customers, making it a web hosting service provider worth considering. 

Wrap Up 

Overall, HostGator is excellent at what it does. The web hosting service has been in the business for a long time and has kept pace with the changing times and developing technology. 

We hope that you have found our HostGator Review helpful and insightful. Do check out our other reviews to get an even better sense of which web hosting service provider to opt for.


Can I Use WordPress with HostGator?

Yes, you can use WordPress with HostGator. There is also a feature available that will allow you to download WordPress with a single click. You can also opt for the HostGator WordPress hosting plans, which will provide managed WordPress services.

Does HostGator offer Windows-based servers?

Most web hosting service providers only offer Linux servers, but HostGator gives you the option of choosing between the two. 

Is HostGator any good?

Yes, HostGator is a good web hosting solution overall. It provides good customer support, and its speed and performance are above the industry average. Its services come at a reasonable price as well. 

Which is better: HostGator or SiteGround?

They both have their pros and cons. Even though SiteGround’s services are significantly more expensive, it offers managed hosting services. In contrast, with HostGator, you have to do it yourself. Overall, HostGator is cheaper, but SiteGround is easier to use.

Is HostGator fast?

Yes, websites hosted by HostGator work pretty fast, even during times of high traffic. We found that HostGator websites performed well during speed tests and server response time tests.

Does HostGator use an SSD?

No, unlike most other major website hosting service providers, HostGator still does not use SSD storage. Instead, it provides storage through basic drives and not SSD or solid-state drives.

Is HostGator good for beginners?

Yes, HostGator is a good option for those building their first website. It has relatively affordable basic plans and good customer support even for technical issues.