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  • Free Storage: 10 GB
  • Mobile Apps: Android and iOS
  • Desktop Apps: Windows, macOS, and Linux
  • Free Plan : Yes
  • Maximum Storage Capacity: 5 TB
  • Zero-knowledge Encryption: Yes
  • Third-party App Integrations: No

minimum price:


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Icedrive Review

Icedrive is a cloud storage service that will let you manage your cloud-stored data as if it was stored on your PC’s hard drive. If that sounds like something you might be interested in, check out this Icedrive Review.

Icedrive Review

minimum price:


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  • Free Storage: 10 GB
  • Mobile Apps: Android and iOS
  • Desktop Apps: Windows, macOS, and Linux
  • Free Plan : Yes
  • Maximum Storage Capacity: 5 TB
  • Zero-knowledge Encryption: Yes
  • Third-party App Integrations: No

Best For

Security and encryption


  • Desktop cloud-mounting software
  • Lifetime subscription
  • 10 GB of storage space for free
  • Zero-knowledge encryption
  • Unlimited file versioning


  • Limited file sharing
  • Limited collaboration options

If you are like most people, you have a lot of files that you need to access on the go. Between work documents, personal photos and videos, and music, it’s hard to keep track of it all without lugging around a laptop or USB drive. That is where cloud storage services like Icedrive come into play.

Despite being a newcomer to the cloud storage scene, Icedrive has quickly become one of the most reliable and security-focused cloud storage solutions today. If you are looking to store your data in the cloud, this Icedrive Review will help you decide whether this platform is the right option for you.


What is Icedrive?

Icedrive is a UK-based cloud storage service launched in 2019. Although it is not as established or well-known as other cloud storage services, like Google Drive or Dropbox, Icedrive has quickly gained recognition among cloud storage users for its market-leading features. 

These include a unique encryption protocol, a virtual drive that resembles a separate hard drive on your PC, and a lifetime subscription that makes it much more affordable than other platforms in the long run.

If that has piqued your interest, stick around, as we will take a closer look at each one of those features and more.

Ease of Use

One of Icedrive’s main selling points is its intuitiveness and ease of use. 

The service is simple to set up. All you will need to sign up to the platform is to enter your full name, a valid email address, and a password (note that Google and Facebook sign-ups aren’t allowed). Next, you will receive an email confirmation code that you will need to enter to complete the signup process.

Icedrive Signup Process | CyberCrew

You will then be greeted by Icedrive’s user interface. You can access Icedrive from any platform or device. The web browser application supports all modern browsers and screen sizes, and Icedrive’s portable apps for desktop and mobile are compatible with all the major platforms. Plus, Windows users can access Icedrive through the virtual drive mentioned earlier.

Website Interface

The Icedrive web interface looks sleek, modern, and, most importantly, is very easy to navigate. 

You can add files simply by dragging and dropping them from your computer onto the white canvas or by clicking on the Add New button at the right corner of the screen.

Right-clicking on a file or folder opens up a new dropdown menu from where you can open the file in question, download it, rename it, delete it or set it as a favourite. Icedrive also allows you to colour code folders, which can be of great help when you have a lot of documents and want to organise them.

Icedrive Website Interface | CyberCrew

From the My Icedrive menu option, you can access all your cloud-stored data. Alternatively, the Encryption tab will take you to the files you’ve chosen to encrypt. 

The web application also gives you access to all the files other Icedrive users have shared with you, as well as your favourite and recently uploaded files. You can also easily access all your deleted files and choose whether you want to restore them or delete them permanently.

Desktop App

Icedrive’s desktop app has two versions, a non-portable version that must be downloaded and installed and a portable app that doesn’t require installation. 

The portable app’s interface is almost identical to the website application and has the same functionalities. It allows you to access all your cloud-stored files and manage them directly from your computer without connecting to the internet. You can easily upload and edit new files, stream media with the built-in media player, and preview documents. 

Icedrive Desktop App | CyberCrew

Any changes you’ve made to your files from the portable desktop app will be automatically updated in the cloud. The best part is that file edits are downloaded to a temporary location, and once the changes have been updated in the cloud, they are automatically deleted from your device’s memory, saving you valuable storage space.

Downloading the non-portable version will allow you to mount a virtual drive on your Windows PC. The virtual drive uses the native Windows File Explorer interface and acts exactly as an external hard drive on your computer, but without taking up any actual space.

Icedrive Virtual Drive | CyberCrew

Essentially, it lets you manage and interact with all your files in the cloud as if they were stored on your PC, and all the changes you make are automatically synchronised. Perhaps the only downside to this otherwise revolutionary feature is that it is only available on Windows. However, the portable desktop app is also available on macOS and Linux.

Mobile App

Icedrive’s mobile app is available for all Android and iOS devices and is just as well-designed and easy to navigate as the web and desktop applications.

Icedrive Mobile App | CyberCrew

The mobile app allows you to automatically upload media files, such as images and videos, to the cloud and encrypt them. However, the file encryption feature is only available for paid users. 

While the automatic upload feature only limits you to media files, you can also backup documents and audio files with the Backup Wizard. 

The Backup Wizard allows you to backup all the data on your phone, including camera images and videos, documents, and audio files, at once. Icedrive even offers the option to auto organise your files once they’ve been backed up. Note that the Backup Wizard is a mobile-only feature and is not available on the desktop or web application.

Icedrive Features

File Sharing

Icedrive’s file-sharing features are pretty standard. There are two ways to share cloud-stored files – via email and with a public link. The email option is very straightforward. To send a file via email, all you need to do is select Sharing Options from the dropdown menu that appears after right-clicking the file you want to send. 

Then, a pop-up box will open, where you need to type the recipient’s email address, along with a personal message (which is optional). 

Icedrive File Sharing | CyberCrew

Another way to share files with other users is with a public link option. Making a link public means it can be copied and sent to whoever you want. Icedrive also allows you to set an expiration date and a download cap to a public link and even password protect it. However, these options are only reserved for paid users. 

Icedrive File Sharing | CyberCrew

Aside from file sharing, Icedrive also allows you to request files from other users. You can do that by right-clicking a folder and selecting the Request File option. You can forward the file request link to anyone, and any content they send back will be automatically added to that particular file. 


Syncing Features

Syncing allows you to keep your Icedrive files up-to-date on all your devices. Icedrive has an interesting approach to syncing.

Unlike most other cloud storage services, Icedrive doesn’t create a separate sync folder that keeps duplicates of your cloud-stored files on your computer. However, it does allow you to sync any existing file on your PC to the cloud. 

Icedrive uses so-called “sync pairs” for cloud syncing, consisting of a remote folder on the cloud and a local folder on your device. The platform lets you choose how you want the syncing to be executed, with your options being:

  1. Two way: when changes are reflected both locally and in the cloud
  2. One way to local: when changes are only reflected locally, on your device
  3. One way to cloud: when changes are only reflected in the Icedrive cloud

Icedrive Syncing Features | CyberCrew

However, you should be aware that Icedrive doesn’t support block-level syncing, which is the syncing of only the block of data that has been edited or changed, allowing for quicker uploads to the cloud. The lack of block-level syncing results from Icedrive’s strong focus on security, as it isn’t possible to use block-level syncing with client-side encryption.

File Versioning

File versioning is one of Icedrive’s most noteworthy and impressive features. The platform doesn’t impose any time limits regarding file versioning. That means you can view, restore, or download any file to a previous version irrespective of how long ago the file was changed or deleted. 

However, restoring a file is only possible on a file by file basis, which means you will not be able to restore a whole folder or your entire account to a previous version at once. Restoring previous versions of files is also only available from the desktop and web applications. 

Icedrive File Versioning | CyberCrew

File Previews

With Icedrive, you can also preview files in their native applications without the need to install extra software on your computer. For instance, you can easily open and edit a Microsoft Word document, even if you don’t have the Microsoft Office suite installed on your computer. 

You can preview any file type, including image and videos formats, Office documents, and PDF files. What’s particularly impressive about Icedrive’s file preview feature is that it also allows you to preview encrypted files, which you can only do from the web application. 

Your encrypted file will still be safe when you preview it, as Icedrive will download and decrypt it on your device before making it viewable in the browser. 

Collaboration and Productivity

Collaboration is not one of Icedrive’s strongest suits. A file can only be worked on by one user at a time, and the platform lacks the option to set permissions. That means you will not be able to make documents read-only or grant edit permissions, which is a standard feature in other, more established cloud storage solutions, like Google Drive.

Icedrive also lacks integration with third-party productivity software like Google Workspace and Office 365.

The lack of collaboration features makes Icedrive more oriented toward personal use rather than teamwork. If you are looking for a cloud storage provider with more advanced real-time collaboration features, you should probably give services like Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive a try. 

Security and Encryption

Twofish Protocol

Security is arguably Icedrive’s biggest selling point. Icedrive is the only cloud storage service to employ the Twofish protocol for file encryption. Twofish is a lesser-known encryption protocol than the far more popular AES and hasn’t been broken to date, so it is recognised as far more secure.

Zero-Knowledge Encryption

Icedrivo also adopts client-side and zero-knowledge encryption. With client-side encryption, your files will be encrypted from the first moment you start uploading them to the cloud before they even hit the Icedrive servers. That will ensure your data is not intercepted while in transit.  

Zero-knowledge encryption also means no one, not even Icedrive, will be able to decrypt your secured data. However, that also means that you should be particularly careful with the encryption key as if you lose it, your data will be irretrievably lost. 

Two-Factor Authentication

As an added security measure, Icedrive also offers two-factor authentication. You can enable two-factor authentication through Google Authenticator, FIDO and Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) or via SMS, but the latter option is only available for paid users. 


The Icedrive privacy policy is very clear and concise, stating that Icedrive will never share your data with third-party companies. Being a UK-based company, Icedrive also follows UK’s laws and requirements for user privacy and is fully compliant with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).  

Icedrive lets you view all sensitive data regarding your account and activity. You can request to have any logged data linked to your account fully erased if you want to. Icedrive also lets you choose how, when, and why you want to be contacted by its staff.

Moreover, the platform doesn’t integrate with any third-party analytics software, such as Google Analytics, so you won’t have to worry about anyone keeping track of your browsing habits. 

Icedrive also gives you the option to fully delete your account at any time, stating that it will not keep your account in quarantine, and any files you had in it will be removed from its servers forever.

Finally, you should also be aware that Icedrive’s servers are located in the UK, Germany and the US, but the platform doesn’t allow users to choose their server location upon signing up.

Customer Support

The main way to get in touch with Icedrive’s customer support team is by mail. Moreover, if you have an Icedrive account, you can jump the queue by submitting a ticket. Icedrive itself advises its users to use this method to get a faster response. 

Icedrive Customer Support | CyberCrew

After submitting a ticket, you can expect an answer to your query within 24-48 hours. You will be notified about the response via email but will have to log in to your account to read it. Icedrive also has a phone number listed, but it doesn’t state exactly when phone support is available. 

All in all, Icedrive’s customer support is generally fast and knowledgeable. That said, it would have been even better if there was a live chat option available, as it would provide faster support for more urgent issues. 

Icedrive Plans and Pricing

Considering the excellent features it offers, Icedrive is a pretty affordable cloud storage platform.  The platform offers a free plan and three paid plans: Lite, Pro, and Pro+. A free Icedrive account boasts a massive 10 GB of free storage space, along with 3 GB of daily bandwidth. 

Icedrive Free Plan | CyberCrew

However, Icedrive’s free plan lacks client-side encryption, which may be a deal-breaker for some users. The free plan also lacks some other premium features, such as the option to password-protect or set an expiration limit to public links and two-factor authentication via SMS.

Aside from those limitations, Icedrive’s free plan is a great way to get a feel of the platform and see if it fits your needs. 

Icedrive’s paid plans can be purchased on a monthly or annual basis. One of the unique things about Icedrive is that it also offers a lifetime subscription, which means you can make a one-off payment and enjoy Icedrive for the rest of your life. 

Here is a full breakdown of Icedrive’s pricing


Lite Pro Pro+
Bandwidth Limit 250 GB 2 TB 8 TB
Storage Space 150 GB 1 TB 5 TB
Monthly Price N/A £3.99 £16.99
Yearly Price £17.99 £39.99 £169.99
Lifelong Price £79 £179 £479

As you can see, the most basic Lite plan doesn’t have a monthly subscription, so if you choose it, you will have to commit to it for a year. However, at £17.99 a year, it is a real bargain. 

The Lifelong plans range from £79 to £479 and are also pretty affordable, considering you will be able to use Icedrive’s services indefinitely after paying once. The Lifelong plans are also the most affordable in the long run, as they become cheaper than both the monthly and the annual plans after a few years of using the service.

Icedrive Alternatives

Icedrive vs pCloud

pCloud is one of the most established cloud storage services today, launched back in 2013. Icedrive and pCloud have many features in common, starting from the generous free plan and the lifetime subscription to features such as file versioning and file sharing. 

Namely, both platforms offer a lifetime subscription and 10 GB of cloud storage space for free. However, when they first sign up to the platform, pCloud users only get 2 GB of cloud storage space for free. 

To unlock further free space, users have to perform various tasks, such as downloading the desktop and mobile apps, uploading files and inviting other users to the platform. In contrast, Icedrive users have 10 GB of free cloud storage at their disposal from the first moment they sign up to the platform.

One of pCloud’s strongest selling points is the host of media-management tools available. The platform comes with dedicated video and audio players that you can use to play media directly from the cloud. 

Check out our full pCloud review if you feel like this cloud storage provider could be a better fit for you than Icedrive.

Icedrive vs Google Drive

Google Drive is perhaps the most well-known and widely-used cloud service today. It was launched back in 2012 and has enjoyed immense popularity ever since. Google Drive is the only cloud storage provider that overshines Icedrive in terms of free storage space, offering up to 15 GB of cloud storage space at no cost.

Another area in which Google Drive outperforms Icedrive is real-time collaboration features. Google Drive gives users free access to its web-based office suite, with apps such as Docs, Sheets, and Slides. 

The collaboration options are almost limitless. Google Drive users can grant edit permissions, suggest edits, leave comments on documents, and work on the same documents simultaneously with other people. 

However, when it comes to security, Icedrive is the definite winner. Google Drive secures user data with 128-bit AES encryption and lacks zero-knowledge encryption, making the platform more vulnerable to security breaches than Icedrive.

So, if the security of your data is more important to you than collaboration or file sharing, you should stick with Icedrive.

Icedrive vs Dropbox

Launched as far back as 2008, Dropbox is the service that pioneered the concept of cloud storage and file syncing. With Dropbox, users can choose whether they want their data stored locally or cloud-only, which can help save up valuable space on their devices. 

Dropbox also offers many features for real-time collaboration and sharing, integrating with both Google Workspace and Office 365. Users can also use Dropbox Paper, Dropbox’s own document-editing and collaboration service. 

But its integration with third-party software doesn’t stop there. Dropbox offers seamless integration with apps such as Slack, Zoom, Final Draft, Gmail, and many others, allowing you to streamline your workflow and access all your favourite apps right from Dropbox. 

In terms of free storage space, however, Dropbox falls short. The platform only has 2 GB of cloud storage for free, just a fraction of what Icedrive’s free plan offers. From a security standpoint, Dropbox encrypts files both in transit and at rest, but it doesn’t provide client-side encryption, so compared to Icedrive, it is slightly less secure.

Wrap Up

So, is Icedrive the cloud storage service for you? If you’re looking for a hassle-free way to store your files online, then yes – Icedrive is definitely worth checking out. The generous 10GB of free storage space is hard to beat, and the user interface is simple and easy to navigate. 

Plus, Icedrive’s lifetime subscription is a great deal for anyone who needs a lot of storage space and wants to save money in the long run. To conclude this Icedrive Review, I’d say that I’m pretty impressed with this cloud storage service – it ticks all the boxes in terms of features and usability. Why not test it out for yourself and see what you think?


Is Icedrive free?

Yes, Icedrive has a generous free plan that comes with 10 GB of free cloud storage space and 3 GB of daily bandwidth. However, the free plan doesn’t include client-based encryption, and it lacks some other features, such as password-protecting and setting expiration dates to public links. 

Is Icedrive encrypted?

Yes, Icedrive uses client-side zero-knowledge encryption to protect user files, which means your files will be encrypted even while in transit. In addition, your encrypted files cannot be accessed by anyone, not even Icedrive’s staff.

Can I trust Icedrive?

Yes, Icedrive is a trustworthy cloud storage service that complies with GDPR and that follows UK’s laws and requirements for user privacy. The platform’s privacy policy also clearly states that Icedrive will never share user data with any third-party companies.