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  • Free Storage: 5 GB
  • Bulk Upload: Yes
  • Free Trial: Yes
  • Storage: Up to 12 TB
  • Mobile Apps: Android and iOS
  • Works On: Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, Apple
  • External Drive Backup: Yes

minimum price:


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IDrive Review

IDrive is an easy-to-use cloud backup service packed with useful features for affordable prices. If you’re considering signing up for this service, make sure to read this comprehensive IDrive review. It will help you determine if this cloud storage provider is a good fit for you.

IDrive Review

minimum price:


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  • Free Storage: 5 GB
  • Bulk Upload: Yes
  • Free Trial: Yes
  • Storage: Up to 12 TB
  • Mobile Apps: Android and iOS
  • Works On: Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, Apple
  • External Drive Backup: Yes

Best For

Large organisations


  • Unlimited devices per account
  • Reasonable pricing
  • File restore feature
  • Optional end-to-end encryption


  • Doesn’t offer unlimited storage
  • No monthly plans

IDrive is a cloud storage and backup provider with an impressive number of features. It’s one of the best-known brands in this category, and for a good reason.

IDrive offers excellent value for money, solid mobile apps, and a user-friendly, intuitive interface.

In this IDrive review, we’ll take a closer look at what makes this cloud storage provider such a good option for storing your data online.

What Is IDrive?

IDrive is an online backup service founded in 1995. It offers both cloud storage and cloud backup services, and IDrive users are given the same amount of cloud storage and backup space.

Cloud storage is a way to store files online so that you can access them from any device with an internet connection. This is different from cloud backup, which is a way to back up your data so that you can restore it if something happens to your computer (e.g., it gets stolen or destroyed).

Interface and Ease of Use

IDrive’s desktop interface is simple, and navigating it is pretty easy. However, if you do run into any problems, you can visit IDrive’s comprehensive online Help Centre and find the answer to any question you might have.

In the top-right corner of the IDrive app, you can find a section with the account panel and a universal search bar. The search tool is very efficient, having no problem finding files and documents.

Next to the search bar, you will notice a module that shows the remaining storage on your account. 

On the left side of the window, just under the company’s logo, you will notice Backup, Restore, Scheduler, Sync, Server Backup, and Settings tabs, with a Disk Image Backup button towards the bottom.

Here’s what the six main components of the desktop app do:

  • Backup — through this option, you get to choose which files (or folders) to backup. Moreover, you can monitor the backup progress and switch between backing up to your IDrive account and a local device.
  • Restorethis option provides an overview of all your devices and backed up files. Using it, you’ll be able to select folders from any device, download/restore them, or delete them if you want to.
  • Scheduler — with this feature, you can set up automatic backups. You can choose which files you want to back up, and how often.
  • Sync — IDrive’s file synchronisation feature allows you to sync folders between your devices and the IDrive cloud. 
  • Server Backup — this option allows you to select different types of servers to backup, including MS SQL, Oracle, Hyper-V, VMware, etc.
  • Settings — here, you can change your account details, set up two-factor authentication, and manage your subscription.


File Syncing and Sharing

File synchronisation is a method of keeping files stored in several different physical locations up to date. When you make changes to the file in one location, those changes will be reflected in the other location(s). Note that file syncing differs from file backup, which creates a copy of the file that can be restored if something happens to the original one.

With IDrive, you can set up Sync folders that automatically synchronise their contents between devices. In addition,IDrive’s sync feature lets you keep a copy of your files on the cloud and your local devices. Furthermore, there is a Selective Sync Down option that prevents certain files or folders from syncing. 

The Share feature allows you to share files with other IDrive users (or non-IDrive users) through email. Unfortunately, IDrive doesn’t provide a link for file sharing like some of its competitors.

However, you can set permissions for those you’ve shared the file with, allowing them, for example, to edit or download it. Note that you can only share your files if you’ve chosen the default encryption instead of private encryption.


Privacy and Security

IDrive is dedicated to ensuring privacy and security for its users. But, like most services, it collects its users’ personal data (name, address, and payment information) and info such as their device name, browser type, IP address, session times and date, and size of upload packets. 

Furthermore, IDrive has the authority to use said data to internally analyse and improve its service and share it with trusted third parties. In case you don’t want your IP address tracked, a simple way to hide it would be using a VPN.

One major disadvantage when it comes to privacy is that IDrive’s servers are located in the United States. The US is known for poor digital privacy regulations and willingness to adopt “shady” programs and policies, such as the Patriot Act or PRISM.

Moving on to security. 

When creating an IDrive account, you are asked to choose a master password (the only password you need to access your account). Also, IDrive offers two-factor authentication as an extra layer of security for your account. You can enable this feature in the Settings tab. Once it’s enabled, you’ll need to enter a code sent to your mobile device every time you try to log in.

It is important to mention that IDrive encrypts your data before it leaves your devices, using AES 256-bit encryption with an optional private key that only you know. The latter is not stored anywhere on IDrive servers, so not even IDrive employees can access your data.

Moreover, your data is compressed before it’s encrypted and uploaded to the cloud, saving time and bandwidth when backing up or restoring your data.

Private Encryption Key

When creating an IDrive account, this cloud storage provider will ask if you want to use a private encryption key or go with the default option — an IDrive-managed key.

The private encryption offers exclusive access to your backed-up files — not even the company itself can access your data. Moreover, IDrive does not store your private encryption key on its servers.

As mentioned earlier, there is a downside to using a private encryption key — the file sharing option isn’t available.


One area where IDrive doesn’t rank well compared to its competitors is the upload and download speed.

Using a high-speed connection, it should typically take ten minutes to download 3.5 GB worth of pictures, text, and video. Still, IDrive takes about an hour to finish this task. Similarly, uploading the same amount of files usually takes about half an hour to 45 minutes. However, IDrive needs almost two hours for this.

According to customer reviews, the upload/download processes are too slow. However, the company has come up with a solution — IDrive Express. As cited on the IDrive official website, IDrive Express can “backup or retrieve several gigabytes of data, within a week, using physical shipment of temporary storage devices sent by IDrive. All you need to do is use Local Backup from the IDrive app and securely backup or restore all of your data from the hard drive and return the drive to IDrive”.

File Backup and Restore Features

The Scheduler option allows you to choose between two file backup options — hourly or daily. Upon logging in to IDrive, you will find a couple of default folders for backup — desktop, pictures, videos, music, and documents. You can remove and replace these folders manually by using the Change button in the Backup tab.

 IDrive supports block-level and multithreaded transfers. Block-level transfers mean that only changed data blocks are backed up, saving time and bandwidth. Multithreaded transfers enable you to back up multiple files simultaneously by breaking them down into several threads.

The IDrive backup software provides continuous data protection as well. When this feature is activated, it constantly backs up files that are less than 500 MB whenever changes are made to them. 

IDrive’s Restore tab comes with several options as well. You can move a file directly from a backup device to your desktop or restore it using the checkboxes. Next, you can see and select previous versions of the file. 

With IDrive Snapshots, you can even retrieve data that has been stolen. Snapshots are historical views of your data stored in your IDrive account. They allow you to perform point-in-time recovery if your system gets attacked by ransomware or another type of malicious software.

If your data is infected with encryption-based ransomware, all you need to do is select a timeline before the infection and restore it. 

IDrive Mobile App

In addition to the desktop application, IDrive has a mobile app for Android and iOS devices. Its primary purpose is to backup videos and photos stored on your phone or tablet. 

You can use the app to view your backed-up files, photos, and videos, share files with others, and save them directly to your device. Also, on the app’s main screen, you will see all the photos you have yet to back up. To move them to your IDrive online storage, just click on the Backup button.

The mobile app interface is intuitive and easy to navigate. However, some users have complained about the app not offering enough features.

The iOS app can backup calendars, videos, photos, and contacts. Besides all this, the Android app can backup call history, text messages, music, and other files saved on the phone. 

Pricing and Plans

When it comes to IDrive pricing, this online storage provider offers four main plans:

  1. Basic
  2. Personal
  3. Team Plan
  4. Business Plan

Each of the plans is split into more categories. 

The Basic Plan is free, coming with 5 GB of storage space and no additional features. The rest of the plans are paid, so let’s look at their main features.

Personal Plan

Choosing a Personal Plan will allow you to back up multiple devices at once and access the continuous data backup feature. Next, you’ll be able to backup open files (Microsoft Outlook), external hard drives, and NAS devices.

Finally, you’ll be able to manage your computers remotely and backup your entire drive as an image file to a secondary location (like an external hard drive or cloud).

This plan offers two different storage options:


Storage space Price
5 TB $59.62 (roughly £45.57) first year

$119.25 (roughly £91.14) for two years

10 TB $74.62 (roughly £57) first year

$149.25 (roughly £114) for two years


Note that IDrive offers a special student discount. So if you are a student, make sure to check it out.

IDrive Student Discount | CyberCrew

Team Plan

On top of all Personal Plan features, the Team Plan also allows for creating new user accounts within your storage space via the Dashboard and priority customer support. On top of that, IDrive assists your organisation in complying with regulations governing your industry like HIPAA, SOX, GLBA and SEC/FINRA support.

The Team Plan has nine different options to offer:


Storage Computers/Users Price
5 TB 5 Computers/5 Users $74.62 (roughly £57) first year

$149.25 (roughly £114) for two years

10 TB 10 Computers/10 Users $149.62 (roughly £114.35) for first year

$299.25 (roughly £228.70) for two years

25 TB 25 Computers/25 Users $374.62 (roughly £286.30) first year

$749.25 (roughly £572.65) for two years

30 TB 30 Computers/30 Users $449.62 (roughly £343.60) first year

$899.25 (roughly £687.30) for two years

35 TB 35 Computers/35 Users $524.62 (roughly £400) first year

$1049.25 (roughly £802) for two years

40 TB 40 Computers/40 Users $599.62 (roughly £458.29) first year

$1199.25 (roughly £916.58) for two years

45 TB 45 Computers/45 Users $674.62 (roughly £515.60) first year

$1349.25 (roughly £1031.20) for two years

50 TB 50 Computers/50 Users $749.62 (roughly £572.90) first year

$1499.25 (roughly £1145.90) for two years

100 TB 100 Computers/100 Users $1499.62 (roughly £1146.15) first year 

$2999.25 (roughly £2292.30) for two years

Business Plan

The Business Plan comes with the most features and boasts the Server Cloud Backup feature. Using it, you can ensure your data stays protected on Microsoft 365, Hyper-V, as well as MS SQL, MS Exchange, MS SharePoint, Linux, VMware, and Oracle servers. Using IDrive, you can also create a backup for important system components to ensure quick recovery in the event of a system failure.

Unlimited users, computers and servers come with all three Business Plan options:


Storage  Price
250 GB $74.62 (roughly £57) for first year

$149.25 (roughly £114) for two years

500 GB $149.62 (roughly £114.35) for first year

$299.25 (roughly £228.70) for two years

1.25 TB  $374.62 (roughly £286.30) for first year

$749.25 (roughly £572.65) for two years

IDrive offers a special student discount, so if you are a student, make sure to check it out.

Customer Support

If you find yourself having trouble with IDrive’s product, you can reach the company through a 24/7 live chat, email, phone, and Support Form on the official website.

IDrive Customer Support Form | CyberCrew

However, the first place you should turn to when facing an issue is IDrive’s extensive FAQ section. Here, you’ll find answers to the most common problems and questions, separated into different categories. 

IDrive FAQ | CyberCrew

If you prefer to communicate over the phone, you can reach the support team member at 44 20 8106 2995. Technical support is available Monday through Friday, 6:00 AM to 11:30 PM PST, while billing and sales support is available Monday through Friday, 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM PST. Note that Team and Business Plan subscribers have priority support. 

IDrive Competitors 

The online storage business is pretty competitive. Some of the names that come to mind while discussing the best cloud storage service on the market are Google Drive, Dropbox, and pCloud. So let’s see how these storage services compare to IDrive.

IDrive vs Google Drive 

Google Drive is one of the most popular cloud backup services, offering 15 GB of free storage space and a number of features like file syncing and real-time collaboration.

Even though Google Drive is one of the best syncing solutions, it can barely compare with IDrive when it comes to file backup. 

Google Drive and IDrive provide the same level of security to their users. However, depending on your collaboration needs, Google Drive might be better for including your whole team and enjoying first-class collaboration features. 

IDrive vs Dropbox

Dropbox is another big name in the cloud backup industry. It is actually the company that pioneered the concept of cloud storage and file syncing across multiple devices. It does an outstanding job handling large files, having no size limit for files uploaded through the desktop or mobile app. 

Dropbox is unbeatable when it comes to upload and download speed and is considered the fastest cloud storage provider. In contrast, upload and download speed is one area where IDrive has proven to perform poorly.

IDrive vs pCloud

Known for its military-grade encryption and the ability to stream music and videos directly from the cloud, pCloud has become a trusted storage provider over the years. It currently has over 14 million users, and it’s a safer and cheaper option than IDrive.

pCloud is fast and affordable and offers a pricing plan that IDrive doesn’t— a lifetime subscription. 

Following strict Swiss privacy laws, pCloud will keep your data more secure than any other cloud storage provider. On the downside, lifetime subscriptions being cut off without receiving a notice seems to be a problem lots of users are experiencing with pCloud.

Customer Reviews 

IDrive reviews on Trustpilot show that customers aren’t satisfied with the service. 72% of customers rated IDrive as “bad”. It has 1.5 out of 5 stars, based on more than 500+ reviews, with most users complaining about its speed. For example, one customer had to wait nearly a week to get his 3 GB worth of data uploaded. 

Customer support seems to be another area that disappoints. Besides reporting slow response times, users had an impression that the company representatives weren’t skilled enough to solve certain issues.  

On a more positive note, the IDrive Snapshots feature seems to be working well and has prevented people from getting their data stolen. 

Final Verdict

IDrive is a decent cloud backup provider with many features and several plans for you to choose from. However, its slow speeds and lack of trained customer support representatives prevent it from being one of the top online storage choices.  

If this IDrive review has helped you realise this cloud storage service doesn’t fit your needs, I recommend checking out pCloud or Dropbox. Both providers offer high upload/download speeds and good customer support.


Can IDrive be trusted?

Yes, IDrive is one of the safest cloud storage providers. It allows you to keep your encryption key private, making it impossible for the company to decrypt your files. In addition, IDrive uses industry-standard 256-bit AES encryption for transferring and storing your data.

Does IDrive work with iPhone?

Yes, IDrive is compatible with iOS. This online cloud storage provider’s main advantage is its cross-platform compatibility. This means you can backup and restore files across Windows PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows Phone devices.

What is the difference between IDrive and iCloud?

iCloud is Apple’s in-house cloud storage solution available to all users of its hardware products. On the other hand, IDrive is an independent cloud storage provider offering more features and a better value for money. In addition, it’s a more advanced solution, compatible across all platforms.