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  • AVAILABILITY : Over 190 countries
  • COMPATIBILITY : Any internet-connected device
  • TOP TITLES: Lupin, Bridgerton, Extraction, Bird Box, The Witcher
  • NUMBER OF STREAMS : 1/2/4, depending on the plan
  • NETFLIX PLANS: Basic, Standard, Premium

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Netflix Review

Netflix is a streaming service that offers what we all deserve - some good entertainment for a budget-friendly price. In addition, it has an incomparable number of content libraries and many more quality features. Check out the details in this Netflix UK Review.

Netflix Review

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  • ADS: /
  • AVAILABILITY : Over 190 countries
  • COMPATIBILITY : Any internet-connected device
  • TOP TITLES: Lupin, Bridgerton, Extraction, Bird Box, The Witcher
  • NUMBER OF STREAMS : 1/2/4, depending on the plan
  • NETFLIX PLANS: Basic, Standard, Premium

Best For

Streaming an abundance of video content and genre choice


  • Great choice of TV shows and movies
  • High-quality Netflix Original content
  • Compatible with numerous devices
  • Offers offline mobile downloading
  • Ad-free online streaming


  • No free trial
  • Netflix Premium is on the pricier side
  • Doesn’t offer live TV or sports

Who can resist some popcorn while binge-watching their favourite show? Speaking about binge-watching, chances are, we have all heard about Netflix, and most of us have already enjoyed its entertainment. Whether you are already a loyal Netflix user or you plan to use this streaming service, you will find some compelling and helpful information in this Netflix UK Review

  • What is Netflix?
  • Netflix Content
  • Netflix Features and Availability
  • TV Shows and Movies
  • Watching Netflix with a VPN
  • Netflix Plans and Pricing
  • Netflix Competitors
  • User Reviews
  • Wrap Up: Is Netflix worth getting?
  • Q&A

What is Netflix?

Netflix started its journey as a DVD-by-mail service. As the video streaming technology began to rise, Netflix was among the first to see the potential in it. In 2007, the company started its transition from on-demand video into a subscription streaming service, transforming into one of the world’s leading entertainment services. Today you can access Netflix all over the world and enjoy a wide variety of award-winning TV shows, movies, documentaries, and more.

Netflix Content

As of February 2021, Netflix has at least 15,000 titles across its international libraries. Moreover, it adds new TV shows and movies every week. No wonder it has such a vast customer base. Netflix content varies by region, so some TV shows and movies available in one country may not be available in others. Even though every country’s Netflix library is different, Netflix customers can still enjoy video content in a wide variety of languages and genres. 

Maybe you feel like casually bingeing some drama or chick flicks, or you’re in the mood for some action and sci-fi, or even some late-night spookiness. No worries – Netflix has it all! Members can choose from numerous genres, including Action & Adventure, Anime, Children & Family, Documentaries, Classic, Comedies, Sports, and immeasurably more.

Netflix Original Content

What makes this streaming service stand out from its competitors is its original shows which you can find only on Netflix. Since it began producing original content in 2013, Netflix has had a few thousand TV shows and movies that you can’t watch anywhere else. 

Netflix Features and Availability


Netflix has servers worldwide, and the quality of the video depends on how close you are to the server from which it sends the TV shows or movies. In addition, the video content travels from Netflix’s servers through your ISP, so the video quality will, of course, depend on the quality of the network.


Once you purchase a subscription, your Netflix account will allow you to create up to five user profiles. Conveniently, you don’t need to log in separately to each profile. Netflix customers can also easily navigate between profiles from the app’s main menu. 

Netflix Review | CyberCrew

The option to have five different profiles allows five distinct persons to have separate watchlists and recommendations. So you won’t have to worry about getting movie suggestions from someone else’s profile. 

Moreover, you can create PINs to prevent kids from accessing one of the adult profiles, which adds even more convenience to the user experience.

Netflix Customers 

The popularity of Netflix’s streaming services is steadily increasing over time. As of the first quarter of 2021, stats show that Netflix has 207.64 million subscribers worldwide. Most of them are based in the US and Canada and account for 74 million of its global subscriber base.

Another interesting stat is that 12.4 million households use Netflix in the UK.


While Netflix supports 4K, HDR, you first need to fulfil some requirements to enjoy it. To watch Netflix in Ultra HD, you will need to subscribe to the Netflix premium plan and own a 4k TV. Netflix has hundreds of series in 4k, and if you want to watch them, the streaming service recommends an internet speed of at least 15 Mbps.

Data Usage

The amount of data Netflix uses depends on the quality of the video. Netflix data usage can vary from 0.3 GB per hour for essential video quality to as much as 7 GB per hour for Ultra High Definition (4K). You can adjust your data usage at any time and choose between four options: Low (0.3 GB/hour), Medium (0.7 GB/hour), High (1/3/7 GB/hour), and Auto (adjusts based on your current internet connection speed). 


Users can access Netflix all over the world. At the moment, it is available in over 190 countries, so chances are you can enjoy its content anywhere you go. Moreover, Netflix will allow you to download its TV shows and movies so that you have access to its video content even when offline.


Netflix customers don’t have to worry about streaming Netflix on any of their devices either. You can watch its content on any internet-connected device that offers the Netflix app. That includes smart TVs, game consoles, streaming media players, set-top boxes, Blu-ray players, smartphones, and tablets. You can also watch Netflix on your PC or laptop using an internet browser. More concisely, Netflix is compatible with the following devices:

  • Streaming media players – Apple TV, Chromecast, Facebook Portal
  • Smart TVs – Hisense, LG, Panasonic, Philips, Samsung, Sharp, Sony, Toshiba, etc
  • Game consoles – PS3, PS4, PS5, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox Series X
  • Blu-ray players – LG, Panasonic, Samsung, Sony
  • Smartphones and tablets – Android, Apple iOS, Windows
  • PCs and laptops – available on most popular browsers


While Netflix is a streaming service, it began as a DVD-by-mail service, and it is offering physical discs to date. However, this is now a separate subscription, and you can subscribe at dvd.netflix.com or add it to your existing Netflix account. 

Netflix on the web

As already mentioned in this Netflix UK Review, users can stream Netflix on their PCs and laptops through internet browsers. In addition, you can log into your Netflix account through most of today’s popular browsers. The web interface is similar to that of the Netflix app. It allows for easy and intuitive navigation through the main menu’s categories and the account settings.

TV Shows and Movies

With your help, Netflix gets better at recommending video content of your interest. The more TV shows and movies you watch, the better-personalized recommendations you’ll get. Interestingly enough, 80% of subscribers’ watch Netflix’s recommendations.

Netflix content changes over time and varies by region. However, subscribers can still watch Netflix libraries consisting of award-winning original shows, movies, TV shows, documentaries, and more.

TV shows

If you are into TV shows and enjoy binge-watching season after season of your favourite TV series, Netflix has you covered. Netflix is a streaming service with one of the most popular, best-quality shows. Find your favourites from a wide choice of genres.

So whether you’re in a loyal, long-term relationship with the 380 episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, or you want to watch some newer series like The Queen’s Gambit, you can count on Netflix. It will always provide the content of your preference. Although there are thousands of TV shows on Netflix, here are some popular most-watched shows: Stranger Things, Lucifer (the most binge-watched Netflix show in 2019), The Witcher, Peaky Blinders, The Walking Dead, Emily in Paris, Who Killed Sara? and many more.


For the times when you’re not in the mood for committing to a TV series, you can find the movie that’s just right for you in the extensive Netflix streaming library. But, again, don’t worry about finding your preferred genre. After all, stats show that Netflix has over 76,000 hidden TV show/Movie categories. Here are a few more compelling Netflix movies statistics:

  • “Bird Box” (2018), one of the most successful Netflix movies, got the attention of 45 million accounts in one week.
  • The action movie “Extraction” was the most-watched Netflix movie in 2020, watched by 90 million households in the first four weeks of its release.
  • At the 2020 Oscars, 24 Netflix movies were nominated, out of which two won awards.


What’s more moving than a movie based on a true story? Documentaries invoke all kinds of emotions and can often be inspirational, sad, or even scary. Netflix has one of the best choices of the most popular documentaries for all tastes, including The Social Dilemma, American Factory, 13th, The Great Hack, Chasing Coral, and counting.


Anime Lovers, Netflix has you covered! Japanese animation is becoming more and more popular nowadays. On Netflix, you can choose between numerous classic and popular Anime shows/series. Here are some of the most popular ones: Blue Exorcist, Spirited Away, Castlevania, Flavor of Youth, and more.


Netflix doesn’t offer live sporting events or recorded sports games. However, it does have some good sports movies for all those keen on basketball, baseball, soccer, or other sports. Popular on Netflix are Ronaldo, The Karate Kid, Amateur, Million Dollar Baby, Adrift, The Main Event, and many others.


Netflix thought about your little ones too! If you haven’t done so, leave one of your five Netflix profiles to your children. Then, you won’t have to worry about Peppa Pig appearing in your recommendations. In addition, Netflix has an extensive choice of kids’ movies and cartoons that all youngsters love. Some of them are The Garfield Show, Winx Club, Pup Academy, Minecraft: Story Mode, Booba, etc.

Does Netflix have free content?

Some might remember Netflix having a 30-day free trial. Unfortunately, as of now, Netflix doesn’t offer any free versions of its streaming services.

Does Netflix have premium channels?

While Netflix offers a wide variety of video content, at the moment, it does not have any premium channels. So if you are a fan of some premium channel, in particular, you might have to look elsewhere.

Watching Netflix with a VPN

Throughout this Netflix UK Review, we’ve mentioned a few times that the availability of Netflix content depends on the country in which you are. For example, the content available in the US might not be available in the UK and vice versa. According to the latest stats, the Czech Republic has the most Netflix content available, with 6,788 titles in total. Following is Hungary, with 6435 movies/TV shows. Interestingly enough, the US library can’t be found in the top 10 Netflix libraries with the most content, even though Netflix is a US-based streaming service.

On the other hand, the UK has one of the top 5 most extensive Netflix libraries, with 6306 titles at the moment. More concisely, 4091 of all titles are movies, and 2215 are series. In addition, the Netflix UK streaming library will let you enjoy UK-exclusive content. So don’t miss out on Roger Waters: The Wall, Les Misérables, The Nutcracker, Brexit: The Uncivil War, We Love Moses and counting. 

While the UK Netflix library has its exclusive content, there are some titles that you can’t find in that streaming library. Some recently removed movies/TV shows from the UK Netflix library: Pulp Fiction, Avengers, Agatha Inception, Memento, V For Vendetta, and more.

Similarly, some titles are exclusive to the US Netflix library, and others are unavailable in the USA. For example, some exclusive titles to Netflix USA are Bride of Chucky, Pariah, Batman: The Killing Joke, Bonnie and Clyde, Freak Show, The Help, Money Heist, and more.  On the flip side, some of the excluded titles are Memoirs of a Geisha, The Doors, Love by Chance, The Kid Detective, and counting.

However, don’t take this Netflix library exclusiveness so seriously. Suppose you have ever heard about Virtual Private Networks (VPN). Then, you are aware that there is a way to unblock unavailable Netflix libraries. VPNs assign you an IP address from one of their servers to hide your real IP and protect your privacy and security. You will virtually relocate and trick Netflix into showing you content that is not available in your country by default by using a VPN. 

Aside from unblocking region-exclusive Netflix content from home, using a VPN will give you the benefit of doing that when you travel abroad, too. So if you want to watch your favourite TV show that is exclusive to your home country, a VPN will do the job. However, not all VPN providers will allow you to unblock Netflix libraries of your choice. Here are some of the best Netflix VPN providers:

  • Express VPN – With fast speeds and over 3000 servers, Express VPN is one of the best VPN providers for unblocking Netflix.
  • NordVPN – This VPN provider might not be as good as Express VPN in other areas, but it is one of the best to consider for unblocking Netflix, with 5000 servers worldwide. 
  • Surfshark – With 3200 servers and prices even lower than NordVPN, Surfshark is another great VPN provider for unblocking Netflix. 

Netflix Plans and Pricing

If you decide to indulge in some Netflix entertainment and bingeing, you will, of course, need to purchase a monthly subscription plan. While there is no Netflix yearly subscription, it offers three monthly plans – Basic, Standard, and Premium. You will be able to watch unlimited movies and TV shows with whichever plan you decide to purchase. The difference between each plan is the number of devices you can watch Netflix on simultaneously and the number of phones or tablets on which you can have downloaded content. Moreover, with the Basic plan, you won’t be able to watch videos in HD.

Netflix UK Price Plans


The cheapest Netflix plan is the Basic subscription for only £5.99 per month. For this price, you can watch Netflix only on one screen at the same time. The same goes for the number of phones or tablets you can have offline downloads on, which is only one. So while users can’t watch Netflix video content in HD, they can enjoy their favourite movie or TV show on any device.


The Netflix monthly cost for the Standard plan is £9.99, for which you will get significantly more than with the Basic plan. With this plan, you can watch Netflix in HD on two devices at the same time. Moreover, users can download Netflix content on two phones or tablets.


While the Premium plan is the priciest, it is most definitely the best value plan. For £13.99 a month, Netflix customers can watch unlimited movies and TV shows on four devices simultaneously. Moreover, you can have Netflix offline downloads on four phones or tablets, twice the number of the Standard plan. In addition, if you purchase this plan, you will watch Netflix in HD on all your devices and watch in Ultra HD if your device supports it.

Netflix Payment Methods

You can pay for your Netflix subscription with the following payment methods:

  • Credit and Debit Cards – Visa, MasterCard, American Express
  • Virtual Cards – Netflix accepts virtual cards in select markets.
  • Prepaid Cards – Visa, MasterCard, American Express.

Netflix Competitors

Netflix vs Amazon Prime Video

Both Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are streaming services that offer online streaming with no interruption of annoying ads. While both services boast a wide variety of content, Netflix has a more sizable streaming library. On the other hand, Amazon Prime has some exclusives that are not on Netflix, including some HBO shows. 

Compared to Amazon Prime, Netflix has a vaster customer base which is no wonder since Amazon Prime is only available in about 20 countries worldwide.

Hulu vs Netflix

Hulu is another popular streaming service. But, again, when compared to Netflix, Hulu offers a significantly smaller content library and has a smaller number of subscribers, too (41.6 million as of the second quarter of 2021). Understandable since Hulu is available only in the US. 

A notable drawback for Hulu is that the service will upcharge its customers if they want an ad-free streaming experience. On the flip side, Netflix offers ad-free streaming on all of its plans.

Netflix vs HBO Max

HBO Max is another streaming service that, like Hulu, is available only in the US. Again, this leads to a smaller customer base when compared to Netflix, which is accessible internationally. Both HBO Max and Netflix are compatible with numerous devices and offer a 4K streaming service. The difference is that with Hulu, you can stream in 4K HDR on all supported devices. At the same time, Netflix will allow you to do so only if you have subscribed to the Netflix Premium plan. Compared to HBO Max (and any other streaming service, really), Netflix has an unmatched video content library that keeps it on top.

User Reviews

As Netflix is one of the most popular streaming services worldwide, you can find customer reviews on multiple review sites. For example, the Netflix customer reviews on the website Best Company show that most customers are satisfied with the abundance of content choice and device compatibility. The overall score is 4.4 out of 5 stars, and even 57% of the 1617 reviewers have given the streaming service five stars.

Surprisingly, the Trustpilot score for Netflix is not that great, with only 2.2 stars out of 5. However, most complaints are over how often Netflix changes its content, leaving users without their favourite shows. Trustpilot’s score for Netflix is undeniably poor but unusual too, considering the great reviews on all other sites.

What’s up: Is Netflix worth getting in the UK?

Netflix is the most popular streaming service worldwide, and for a good reason! The points covered in this review show just how much of a quality streaming service Netflix is. However, since BBC iPlayer is free for all UK users, and Disney+ has a great content library, maybe choosing Netflix in the UK is not the most budget-friendly option for you. 


Can you watch Netflix on mobile devices?

Yes, Netflix is mobile-friendly, and you can stream its video content on Android, iOS, and Windows smartphones and tablets.

Which VPN works with Netflix?

Not all VPN providers will give you the chance to unblock region-restricted Netflix libraries. Among the best Netflix VPNs are ExpressVPN, NordVPN, Surfshark, CyberGhost, PrivateVPN, and more.

How much is Netflix a month in the UK?

Netflix Prices in the UK start from £5.99 a month for the Basic streaming plan. The Standard plan’s price is £9.99, while the Premium streaming plan will cost you £13.99.