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  • ADS: Yes
  • AVAILABILITY: UK, Republic of Ireland
  • COMPATIBILITY: Smart TVs, Tablets, Computers, Smartphones, Gaming consoles
  • TOP TITLES: The Sopranos, Mare Of Eastwood, The Wire, Succession, Chernobyl
  • NOW PLANS: Entertainment, Cinema, Sports, Hayu

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Now Review

Sky TV’s streaming platform, Now, offers several unique features - a flexible month to month payment option, some excellent on-demand content, and a variety of live Sky TV channels. Check out this Now Review if you want to know more.

Now Review

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  • ADS: Yes
  • AVAILABILITY: UK, Republic of Ireland
  • COMPATIBILITY: Smart TVs, Tablets, Computers, Smartphones, Gaming consoles
  • TOP TITLES: The Sopranos, Mare Of Eastwood, The Wire, Succession, Chernobyl
  • NOW PLANS: Entertainment, Cinema, Sports, Hayu

Best For

Split content


  • Flexible memberships
  • No contract required
  • Live channels available
  • Sports content available
  • Offline viewing


  • No 4K/HDR resolution
  • No user profiles
  • Full HD requires additional payment

Streaming services have skyrocketed in popularity in recent years. As a result, all the content we want to watch, including drama series, documentaries, movies, or sports, is currently more available to us than ever. 

Rather than bounding us into year-long cable TV contracts, streaming services give us the convenience of paying for our favourite content on a month-to-month basis. 

The Now streaming platform may not be as well known as Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+, but it offers excellent content and several unique features worth looking into. Join us in this Now Review if you want to know more about this streaming platform. Here is what we will focus on.


  • What is Now?
  • Now Content
  • Now Features and Availability
  • TV Shows and Movies
  • Now Plans and Pricing 
  • Now Competitors
  • User Reviews


What is Now?

Now is a streaming service run by British television provider Sky launched in the UK in 2012. This streaming platform is a great way to gain contract-free access to Sky TV’s various content, including sports, movies, and entertainment and is currently among the most popular streaming services in the UK.

In 2021, the platform underwent some changes. Namely, it officially changed its name from Now TV to Now. Also, it changed some of its pricing options and features, most notably, adding adverts before the streamed content. 

Now offers some of the very latest, on-demand Sky content, available as soon as it airs, plus a selection of the most popular box sets. In addition, the Now streaming platform offers a variety of different channels for sports fans, allowing you to catch up with the latest sporting events.

Now Streaming Service | CyberCrew

Now Content

Now divides its content into four major categories or Memberships. They are

  • Entertainment
  • Cinema
  • Sports
  • Hayu


You can purchase each Now Membership individually from each other.

The Now library consists of 2000+ titles in total.

The Entertainment Membership will give you access to up to 300 award-winning box sets, with genres ranging from dramas to smash hit comedies and hundreds of episodes to choose from. In addition, you can dive into exclusive Sky Originals, including Chernobyl, Intelligence, Breeders, and Gomorrah.

The Now Entertainment Membership will also give you access to Kids TV with 1000 kids TV shows on-demand. Now also gives you the chance to stream Sky Nature’s educational box sets. The kids content used to be Membership on its own, until 2021, when it became a part of the Entertainment Membership.

Now’s cinema Membership is all-encompassing, with content ranging from constantly updating recent releases to timeless classics.  All Sky Cinema original movies are accessible as well. Now’s streaming library is currently home to 1000+ movies of all genres, from thrillers to family favourites, comedies, and superhero movies.

Note that most Disney/Marvel movies recently moved to Disney+, so if you are a Disney fan, chances are you will not find what you need here.

Now Features and Availablity

If you wonder which devices you can stream Now on, you will find that this streaming platform offers loads of ways to access its various content. Here are the Now supported devices.

  • Smart TVs – Most LG, Samsung, Sony, Hisense, and Amazon Fire TV models. Note that Panasonic and Toshiba Smart TVs are not currently supported.
  • Tablets and Smartphones – Android and Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch). Note that only Apple devices running iOS 11 or later are supported.
  • Laptops and Computers – Windows PCs and Macs. Make sure to download the Now Player first, as you won’t be able to stream any content without it. Also, Chromebook is not currently supported.
  • Set-top Boxes and Streaming devices – Amazon Fire TV (2nd and 3rg generations), Amazon Fire TV stick, Amazon Fire TV cube (2nd generation), Amazon Fire TV Edition Soundbars (2019), Apple TV (4th generation), all Roku boxes and streaming players, Chromecast, BT TV Box, and You View Box.
  • Gaming consoles – Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5. 


Now uses a maximum bitrate of 4,865 Kbps in terms of data usage, equating to 2.2 GB per hour.

User Profiles

As far as features go, most streaming platforms today allow multiple users of an account to create personal profiles. Individuals can use this feature to save their favourite channels and shows, create custom playlists, and get recommendations based on their search history.  Sadly, this feature is not available on Now yet, but its implementation is part of Now’s plans. 


4K Streaming Service

Another thing users may find disappointing is that Now doesn’t offer 4K/HDR streaming yet. Instead, the highest available resolution is Full HD (1080p) if you get the Boost add-on. If not, you are stuck with a 720p resolution, which is a significant setback, considering most streaming platforms nowadays offer 4K/HDR streaming.  

Mobile Friendliness

The Now app is available on Android devices running Android 5.0 OS or later and iOS devices with iOS 11 or later. Once you have downloaded the app from your device’s Play Store, or App Store, just sign in to your already existing account. Then, you will be able to enjoy all the content you want directly from your smartphone. 

Now also gives its users the option to download content onto their smartphone and watch downloads offline.


TV Shows and Movies

Now is unique from most other streaming platforms because it offers its users a variety of live Sky TV channels to choose from. So, what channels are on Now? In the table below, you can see the live channels that are available in each Membership.


Entertainment  Cinema Sports Kids Channels
Sky Atlantic

Sky One

Sky Witness

Sky Nature

Sky Comedy 

Sky History

Sky Crime

Sky Documentaries


Comedy Central


National Geographic


Sky Cinema Premiere

Sky Cinema Must-See Movies

Sky Cinema Hits

Sky Cinema Action

Sky Cinema Animation

Sky Cinema Family

Sky Cinema Comedy

Sky Cinema Sci-fi Horror

Sky Cinema Thriller

Sky Cinema Greats

Sky Cinema Drama

Sky Sports Premier League

Sky Sports Football

Sky Sports Formula 1 

Sky Sports Cricket

Sky Sports Arena

Sky Sports Racing

Sky Sports Golf

Sky Sports Mix

Sky Sports Action

Sky Sports News

Sky Sports Main Event


Cartoon Network


Nick Jr.



Admittedly, this is only a third of the network TV channels you would get with a Sky TV subscription. However, it is still a pretty extensive list containing arguably the most popular Sky TV channels. 

Regarding TV shows, Now offers up to 300 box sets with enough versatility to satisfy most tastes. Apart from some of the best TV shows of all time, the entertainment Membership offers documentaries and kids series too. 

We’ve prepared this table with some of the most notable titles to give you a small glimpse of Now’s extensive content library.


Top Box Sets Documentaries Kids
Game of Thrones

The Wire

The Office

The Sopranos

Parks and Recreation

Six Feet Under

Modern Family

Grey’s Anatomy

30 Rock

My Brilliant Friend


Monster Preacher

King Otto

George Floyd: From Murder to Justice

Our Towns

The Day Sports Stood Still


Through the Storm: Inside the Covid Wards.

The Return: Life after Isis

Framing Britney Spears

Monster Beach

Teen Titans Go!

Clam Brain


SpongeBob SquarePants

Danger Force

Mr Bean: The animated series

The Adventures of Paddington

Madagascar: А Little Wild


Keep in mind that the TV Shows list is constantly changing and updating, so make sure that what you want to watch is currently available before subscribing. 

As we’ve already mentioned, the cinema Membership is by far the most extensive one, with currently up to 1000+ movies on demand. The list contains both classics and new releases. As a result, you can find such timeless classics as Taxi Driver, The Wizard of Oz, Superman, 2001: А Space Odyssey, Midnight Express, The Godfather, and more.

With the Now Sports Membership, you will have access to 11 Sky Sports channels. This Membership also shows more flexibility. For example, suppose you are interested in catching up with a specific sporting event. In that case, you can subscribe and unsubscribe again on the same day without being obliged to pay for the whole month. 

The Hayu Membership offers no live channels, but it does provide up to 8000 episodes of reality TV on demand. The most popular programmes currently streamed include Botched, Million Dollar Listing New York, The Bachelorette, Family Karma, Top Chef: Amateurs, and many others. 

Sadly, Now does not provide any free content. Instead, the content is available for a different monthly fee, depending on which Membership you choose. 

Watching Now with a VPN

Now may offer some great content, but it comes with one major disadvantage, it is unavailable outside the UK and Ireland. 

If you are looking for a VPN to access Now, ensure that it offers servers in the UK and Ireland and can get around regional restrictions.  Fast speeds for loading content can also come in handy. There are plenty of VPNs offering these services, but here are some of our top recommendations. 

NordVPN has more than 5,500+ servers worldwide and is one of the best VPN solutions for accessing Now and most other streaming platforms. 

PrivateVPN has also proven successful in unlocking most streaming services, including Now. It has up to 150 servers worldwide.

ExpressVPN offers some incredible speeds and servers in up to 94 countries, including the UK and Ireland. It has also proven capable of unblocking Now.

Some other suggestions include VyprVPN and Hotspot Shield

You can’t go wrong with either of these suggestions, but they all differ in prices and features, so it is up to you which one you choose.

Now Prices and Plans

In the table below, you can see Now’s monthly cost. 


Membership Monthly fee Content
Entertainment  £9.99 (currently available for £4.99 for the first three months as a special limited offer) 300+ box sets and a variety of live channels
Cinema  £9.99 (currently available for £4.99 for the first six months as a special limited offer) 1000+ titles in total

 including newly released movies, Sky originals and timeless classics. 

Sports Monthly Pass £33.99 Up to 11 Sky Sports live channels
Sports Daily Pass £9.98 24-hour Membership to catch the biggest events
Hayu  £4.99 Over 8000 episodes of reality TV


For an enhanced experience, Now offers the Boost add-on. To get a Boost upgrade, you will have to pay an additional £5 on top of the price of your Membership. Apart from Full HD (1080p), the Now Boost add-on allows for Dolby 5.1 surround sound, ad-free content, and up to 3 streams at a time.

All Now packages come with a 7-day free trial, don’t include a contract, and can be cancelled at any time.

Now Competitors

Check out the following section of this Now Review to see how Now compares to other streaming services. 

Now vs Netflix

Netflix is an industry giant and the first thing that comes to mind when talking about streaming platforms.

Its ever-growing content currently has over 13,000 titles, with everything from most-watched shows and movies, extensive children’s TV offerings, and reality TV, all under one plan. However, in contrast to Now, Netflix doesn’t offer a live TV option or sports content.

Now’s content library, although still pretty comprehensive, is slightly smaller than Netflix’s. 

Still, Now offers more flexibility than Netflix since it divides its content into three categories, ensuring you don’t pay for content that doesn’t interest you. Still, if you choose to subscribe to all streaming plans at once, things can get much pricier.

On the other hand, Netflix offers monthly fees that vary depending on streaming quality and the number of devices allowed to stream at a given time. So you can find content for children and adults alike under one plan. Here are the pricing options.


  • Basic plan – no HD, one device – £5.99
  • Standard plan – HD, two devices – £8.99
  • Premium plan – ultra HD, four devices – £11.99


Netflix also offers a  30-day free trial, allowing you to test its service before committing to a subscription. In contrast, with Now, you only get a 7-day free trial


Now vs Disney+

Disney+ is a relatively new streaming platform, launched in the UK in 2020. It has enjoyed immense success in the UK, passing Now for the third most popular streaming service and garnering up to 3.5 million subscribers by the end of that year. But how does this streaming service compare to Now?

Firstly, in terms of content and TV shows in particular, Now offers much more diversity. With Disney+, you will gain access to a ton of new and original Disney content, with up to 7000 television episodes, including several Marvel series and all seasons of The Simpsons. 

Still, you won’t find much else outside of the Disney category. Unfortunately, Disney+ does not offer any live television either. It does, however, offer its subscribers exclusive premieres of some of its TV shows periodically. 

Compared to Disney+, Now is much more diverse, with access to 13 Sky TV live channels and 300+ box sets. It also offers over 1000 Sky Cinema movies, while Disney+ currently has just over 500 movies available. 

Some of the Disney+ most notable titles include Frozen, Toy Story, Snow White, Bambi, and Cinderella. In addition, several Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars films are available as well. 

Disney+ has a much simpler payment structure compared to Now. It is available in the UK at  £5.99 a month, or £59.99 for a yearly subscription. 

Now vs Amazon Prime Video

Out of all the leading TV streaming services, Amazon Prime Video offers the highest number of titles in the UK as of 2021. It provides over 20,000 titles total, with over 2,000 TV shows and 18,000+ films. Now, in contrast, offers just above 2000 titles in total, so in the category of content library, Amazon Prime Video is the clear winner.

But what exactly can you find in such an extensive content library? Well, Prime’s original shows are definitely worth giving a try, with titles such as The Marvelous Mrs Maisel, The Man In The High Castle, The Expanse, and Bosch.

Prime’s original movie library is also impressive, with genres ranging from sci-fi to horrors, thrillers, drama, and comedies. Some of the highlights include the critically-acclaimed Sound of Metal, The Handmaiden, and Small Axe.

All this great content is available at £7.99 for a monthly subscription or £79 annually.

In terms of additional features, Amazon Prime Video and Now are pretty similar, with the option to stream content on up to three devices at once and watch content offline on your iPhone, iPad, Tablet, or Android device. 

User Reviews

Most of the Now reviews we could find online have been mixed. For example, on Trustpilot, there are about 10,000 reviews, and opinions are divided. However, 24% of the users rated Now as excellent. Here is what some of them have to say.

Of course, as with any other product, opposing opinions are inevitable. So, out of the negative Now customer reviews, the most notable mentions are poor customer support experiences, complaints about adverts before the streamed content, and dissatisfaction with the resolution quality.

Now User Reviews | CyberCrew

Now User Reviews | CyberCrew

Wrap Up

Our final verdict is that Now is a great way to catch up with Sky’s most popular content contract-free. Moreover, this streaming platform offers various unique features, like the option to access Sky TV’s most popular live channels and the flexibility of choosing among three different passes.

As evident from this Now Review, this streaming platform does have some setbacks. The most notable is the lack of 4K/HDR streaming, which most streaming platforms offer today. So it is understandable how some Now users may become disillusioned with its resolution being limited to 720p and 1080p with additional payment.

Still, The Now subscription price for each pass is reasonable, and the best part is that you can get precisely the content that interests you. So we definitely recommend giving the Now streaming platform a try.


How much does Now cost?

Each individual Now Membership comes at a different price. The Entertainment and Cinema Memberships come at a monthly fee of £9.99. The Sports monthly pass costs £33.99, while the Hayu Membership is available at £4.99 a month.

Is Now better than Sky?

It depends on your preference. For example, Sky TV offers more content overall but Now provides more flexibility with a month-to-month payment structure and the option to cancel anytime.

Is Now better than Netflix?

Both are among the most popular streaming services. Which one is better is a matter of personal preference. That said, Netflix’s content library is far more extensive than Now’s.

Is Now any good?

Yes, Now is among the best streaming services in the UK.

What is Now Boost?

The Boost add-on offers Now users a more enhanced experience, with a Full HD resolution, Dolby 5.1 surround sound, ad-free content, and up to 3 streams at a time.