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  • VPN protocols: SSL/TLS protocols
  • Streaming: Netflix
  • Connections: Unlimited
  • Torrenting: /
  • RAM-disk mode: /

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Opera VPN Review

Find all information about a completely free and simple VPN in this Opera VPN Review.

Opera VPN Review

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  • VPN protocols: SSL/TLS protocols
  • Streaming: Netflix
  • Connections: Unlimited
  • Torrenting: /
  • RAM-disk mode: /

works on:

Android Android
Windows Windows
Mac OS Mac OS
Apple Apple

Best For

Opera browser users


  • Free
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unblocks Netflix


  • Bad for torrenting
  • Only three servers available

If you are looking for the best free VPN, you’ll like what we have prepared for you.


We all know about the famous Opera browser, and many people use it regularly. But have you heard about Opera’s built-in service VPN?


Opera has one of the perhaps best value VPNs. We were eager to find out everything about it and share our experience through this Opera VPN Review with you!  You can find all of the vital information here, so no worries, we have you covered.


First things first, check out the main parts of this Opera VPN Review:

  • Services and Features offered by Opera VPN
  • Opera VPN Prices and Plans
  • Speed and Performance
  • Privacy and Registration Process
  • Opera VPN Competitors
  • Opera VPN Reviews Online


What is Opera VPN?

Opera is a Norwegian software company, now owned by a consortium of Chinese investors, that focuses on web browsers, FinTech, and other services like Opera News. The overall user base of the corporation, which includes users of its desktop browsers, mobile browsers, and other services, surpasses 380 million monthly active users.


After previously stating that the company will cancel the service and the app, the Opera Max app – a VPN technology and mobile data compression service, was sold to Samsung in February 2018. Then, it was relaunched as Samsung Max, although it will now only work with eligible Samsung Galaxy smartphones.


Since then, Opera has created its own free VPN, which is available in its desktop and Android browsers.


Opera VPN is a completely free VPN service integrated into the Opera browser. There isn’t any requirement to sign up or provide any personal information, you simply enable the VPN in Opera’s settings, and you’re good to go.

Services and Features offered by Opera VPN

Basic Features and Options


As Opera VPN is a free service, you shouldn’t anticipate a lot of features. Opera VPN has about 10 VPN servers. If we look at Opera VPN locations, it provides three areas, Europe, the US, and Asia. Unfortunately, it does not allow you to choose certain towns or countries.


Though Opera labels the service as a VPN, it’s simply a secure VPN proxy service that uses HTTPS to protect your browser activity.


Additional VPN protection-wise, there are no customizations or smart auto-connect when you connect to an unsecured network. So, there isn’t much to discuss in this Opera VPN Review regarding features.


However, Opera does offer an appealing function that determines the security level of a WiFi network, which is helpful for those who frequently use public WiFi. In addition, the browser blocks ads and disables ad-tracking functions.

Encryption and Protocols


Opera VPN uses HTTPS encryption, as do all reputable websites; therefore, this shouldn’t come as a surprise.

When it comes to VPN protocols, Opera VPN uses SSL/TLS protocols.


Google DNS servers handle DNS resolution in the exact location as the VPN server you are connecting. Therefore, DNS resolution handling runs by using US DNS servers while attached to a US VPN server.


Overall, Opera provides significant privacy features and encryption for someone searching for a VPN with moderate use.

Opera VPN and Torrenting 


Since Opera’s VPN only functions inside a browser, your other online activities will be unprotected. For instance, if you torrent using third-party software, your ISP will monitor your torrent activities.


Opera VPN unblocks Netflix for you, which is a great advantage but lacks torrent support, unfortunately. This VPN can also unblock YouTube videos that are geo-restricted in your country.


Your VPN streaming session won’t be as sharp or as quick as it might be with other VPNs, but it’s still adequate for a built-in free VPN.

Simultaneous Connections 


It offers a virtually unlimited number of simultaneous connections since you can install it on any supported device. You can also quickly change the location and choose between the three offered server locations.

Available Platforms

Opera VPN works on Windows, macOS and Linux, of course, if they have a downloaded Opera browser.


At the beginning of 2018, Opera shut down its mobile VPN app. However, it still operates a web browser mobile app for Android and iOS called Opera Mini. So, you can still have access to the VPN if you download the Opera browser on your phone.

Opera VPN Prices and Plans


A virtual private network is an excellent method of protecting oneself online, mainly while using public WiFi. Opera is the first and only popular browser to have an integrated, unlimited, and totally free VPN browser. Opera is not a paid VPN. Given that, you can use all of its free VPN services, but only if you have an Opera browser.

Speed and Performance 


Opera VPN has decent speeds, but we can’t compare it to one of the fastest VPNs out there, NordVPN and ExpressVPN. 

In addition, when we look at the Opera VPN speeds, it has an average download rate of 6.7 Mbps, a 97% decrease over pre-VPN testing. Moreover, the VPN service could upload data at a pace of 3.2 Mbps on average, which was 92% slower than without Opera VPN.


Opera VPN is too weak for consistent gaming or streaming, has a minimal number of servers and lacks torrent support. Nevertheless, it should be no surprise that free VPN providers are typically insufficient for any of these activities.


However, VPN speeds always vary, so somebody else might get different and better results and thus be satisfied.


Even though the VPN speeds aren’t as fast as we’d like, you can still change your IP address with no trouble.

Privacy and Registration Process

“When you use our built-in VPN service, we do not log any information relating to your browsing activity and originating network address”. You can find this in the “Browser VPN” section of Opera’s privacy policy.


It doesn’t have any advanced privacy features nor strong security like ProtonVPN, for example. However, it still delivers safe day-to-day browsing.

Downloading Process 


  • First, you must have an Opera browser. If not, go ahead and install it.
  • Then download and install Opera VPN.
  • Once the VPN finishes installing, you have to enable the VPN feature by going to:
  1. Menu
  2. Privacy & Security
  3. VPN
  4. Enable VPN

Using the Opera VPN is easy; you just click on the “VPN” label on the left of the Search/URL bar, select a server location, and click “On”. That’s it!


Opera VPN Competitors

Opera VPN vs NordVPN

Opera VPN offers a simple web browser that can encrypt your data and mask your IP address. However, NordVPN is the wiser choice if you want a VPN that can secure all of your activities, not just those in a browser session.

In addition, the Opera VPN Android app is no longer available. NordVPN, on the other hand, offers a user-friendly, streamlined app that will not slow down your network.

Opera VPN vs ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN, being a paid VPN service provider, understandably has much more servers than Opera VPN. Also, if we compare the speeds and number of locations, ExpressVPN is the winner again. But then again, ExpressVPN is not free, and with Opera VPN, you get one of the best VPNs for free use.

Opera VPN vs Surfshark

Surfshark gets to keep the title for having the most servers. However, since Opera VPN is a free VPN service provider, it reasonably is in an unfavourable position compared to Surfshark’s server coverage.

Furthermore, Surfshark has an abundance of available locations, so Opera VPN comes up short here as well. Also, Surfshark takes the lead as the fastest VPN in this comparison regarding VPN speed.

Be that as it may, Opera VPN is still a free VPN which is a great plus for this VPN provider.

Opera VPN Reviews Online

Opera VPN has diverse ratings when we take a look at customer reviews. On Trustpilot, Opera has a decent 2.8 rating (rated as average) out of only 106 reviews so far. Some are pretty negative, yet some really positive, but we must not forget that this is a score for the whole company, not just for the Opera VPN part.


Some of the users are happy and satisfied with the Opera VPN servicesOthers, however, are pretty disappointed.

Overall, because of diverse needs and perspectives, experiences for this VPN vary from user to user.

Wrap Up

For those who like a compact and straightforward VPN, Opera VPN is a great option. In this Opera VPN Review, we can see that it is both unlimited when it comes to bandwidth and completely free.

With that in mind, we can conclude that Opera VPN is a decent free VPN option. The service is stable, has somewhat decent speeds, and offers encryption. However, there’s still plenty lacking and may not be ideal for those who seek strong privacy.


Can Opera VPN be trusted?

Yes, indeed. Also,  it doesn’t have any controversy related to its privacy, and it provides reliable service. So, it is fair to conclude that this free VPN service is suitable for simple usage.

Is Opera VPN safe for torrenting?

No, it isn’t. When you enter a torrent site, Opera VPN briefly masks your IP address.

Does Opera VPN work with Netflix?

Yes, it does. Opera VPN is a VPN software that unexpectedly works with Netflix. You can use it to unblock Netflix US for free, and there are no monthly bandwidth limits.

Is Opera VPN safe?

Somewhat. It lacks a tunnelling protocol and isn’t precisely a “true” VPN. However, Opera VPN is good and reliable for casual everyday browsing.