• VPN Protocols: WireGuard, OpenVPN, IKEv2, Shadowsocks
  • Connections: Unlimited number of devices
  • Streaming: Netflix, HBO MAX & GO, Peacock TV, YLE Areena, ITV HUB, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ and many more
  • Torrenting: Allows torrenting (P2P)
  • RAM-disk mode: Yes

minimum price:


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Ultimate SurfShark VPN Review for 2021

Ultimate SurfShark VPN Review for 2021

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  • VPN Protocols: WireGuard, OpenVPN, IKEv2, Shadowsocks
  • Connections: Unlimited number of devices
  • Streaming: Netflix, HBO MAX & GO, Peacock TV, YLE Areena, ITV HUB, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ and many more
  • Torrenting: Allows torrenting (P2P)
  • RAM-disk mode: Yes

works on:

Mac OS Mac OS
Windows Windows
Linux Linux
Apple Apple
Android Android
Chrome Chrome
Firefox Firefox
Fire TV Fire TV

Best For

Strict no-logs policy


  • Camouflage Mode (obfuscation)
  • WireGuard connections available on all apps
  • 24 months pricing plan includes significant savings, up to 81%
  • Unlimited simultaneous device connections
  • RAM-only servers


  • Kill switch issues
  • Limited P2P Servers with poor speeds
  • Limited security audit

“Our dream is a world where people have full control of their digital lives” – www.surfshark.com

Are you genuinely concerned about your online privacy? If you are, you should consider using Surfshark, one of the most significant VPN industry players.

We have prepared an elemental analysis of this fantastic VPN for you, so keep reading our Surfshark VPN review because maybe soon enough, you will enjoy surfing online fully protected by this virtual private network!

Firstly, check out the main areas of this review:

  • Services offered by SurfShark
  • SurfShark VPN prices and features
  • Speed and Performance
  • Privacy and Registration Process
  • SurfShark Competitors
  • Online Reviews

Surfshark VPN Review

We believe Surfshark deserves a spot in the top 10 VPN providers worldwide, and should surely be on your mind when considering buying a VPN. 

Surfshark is a virtual private network service provider that was founded in 2018, and it is based in a safe jurisdiction – the British Virgin Island.

We are sure you would like to know who owns Surfshark. So would we! This company is so secretive that you can’t even find any information about employees or any relevant company data whatsoever. This undoubtedly contributes to the reputation of company Surfshark being one of the BEST in keeping you safe online – since they keep all the info safe, even their own. 

Services offered by SurfShark

Firstly, it has to be stated that everyday internet users need to have a positive and secure VPN experience.

Accordingly, this best-rated VPN has made everyday internet users anonymous online with all its privacy features since it was founded.

So, how does Surfshark work?

This particular VPN does not log your IP address, browsing history, amount of bandwidth used, network traffic, or connection timestamps. Furthermore, it blocks ads, trackers, malware and phishing attempts.

That leads us to another question. What differentiates Surfshark from other VPNs? 

Firstly, you can start your virtual private experience by installing Surfshark on an unlimited number of devices. 

Secondly, this VPN has physical servers in countries with strict censorship laws, including Russia, Turkey, China and Vietnam. It maintains servers in Hong Kong and supports multihop connections for the city.

Surfshark stands at 3200+ servers in more than 60 countries. All servers promise reliable and robust connections. Most gathered Surfshark servers are in the United States (24 locations), Europe (especially in the UK, France, Germany, Spain), Canada, India and Australia.

SurfShark VPN Review|CyberCrew

Also, if you search for a VPN for Chrome or a VPN for Windows, Surfshark could be one of your best VPN choices. It supports platforms including Windows, macOS, iOS, Linux, Android, Chrome and Firefox. Additionally, you can use Xbox and PlayStation gaming consoles, along with Fire TV and Apple TV.

Surfshark supports mobile devices using iOS and Android. It can also be used with smart TVs like Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV. Also, you can be offered to select not just countries but also Surfshark servers.

One of the most frequent questions is: “Does Surfshark work with Netflix?” Surfshark is one of the top-rated VPNs for Netflix. Interestingly, Surfshark can unblock more than 20 Netflix libraries, including the United States. Twenty-four server locations in the United States work with Netflix. With this VPN, you will never see the annoying Netflix proxy error page. 

Surfshark VPN can unblock so many streaming sites including Netflix, HBO MAW & GO, Peacock TV, YLE Areena, ITV HUB, Disney+, HBO Now, DAZN, Hotstar, Sky Go, Abema TV, BBC iPlayer, Crunchyroll, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube TV and many more.

Furthermore, it can easily unblock other popular libraries in several locations, including Australia, Canada, Japan, France, Belgium, Brazil, Italy (Rome), Netherlands, Norway, Philippines, Spain (Madrid), Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan and Turkey.

When it comes to security, this top-rated VPN has robust VPN technical features, including AES-256GCM, WireGuard, OpenVPN, IKEv2, 2TP/IPsec, Shadowsocks, No-logs policy, Kill Switch, Camouflage Mode, HackLock.

You can choose between four advanced VPN protocols, including IKEv2, OpenVPN, WireGuard and Shadowsocks. In the following table, check out all the positive features of these VPN protocols

IKEv2 OpenVPN WireGuard Shadowsocks
Best for mobile devices. One of the most potent VPN protocols. Improves security without defeating speeds. The best protocol for overcoming internet restrictions in high-censorship countries.
Has the ability to auto-connect. The UDP version is ideal for video calls, streaming, gaming.

The TCP version is slower but offers a more stable connection.

Much faster than other protocols.

It works perfectly for streaming, video calls, and general browsing.

Only encrypts browser traffic on mac and Windows.
Available on Windows, iOS, Android, macOS, FireTV.

Not available on Linux.

Available on Windows, iOS, Android, macOS, Linux, FireTV. Available on Windows, Android, iOS, macOS. Available on Windows and Android.

+it can be set up manually on Mac and iOS devices.

Additionally, when you open the Surfshark app, it is essential to know that it will automatically detect which protocol is the fastest.

What’s also essential is that Surfshark is mobile-friendly and well-designed. Since IKEV2 is an excellent protocol for mobile devices, this mobile VPN app could be your perfect choice. 

SurfShark VPN Prices 

Have you ever wondered how much your online safety costs? Well, it depends on how much you believe a virtual private network is worth. Generally, finding a VPN with a plan that includes significant savings could be a crucial point in your buying decision. This VPN has the best possible option for a 24-month plan which could be an excellent start for your money-saving. 

Also, do you think £1.77 per month is overpriced? We dont think so. We actually believe that Surfshark is giving you an unbelievable opportunity to browse safely at the lowest price that you can get!

For more information, take a look at the following table:

£9.38 £1.77 per month £4.70 per month
SAVE: 0% SAVE: 81% SAVE: 51%

Even though the two-year subscription is the best long-term pricing plan, most users are suspicious because Surfshark is still new in the VPN industry. If you consider using Surfshark in the long term, then the option that includes significant savings could be the best.  

Considering all the facts that we previously mentioned, you must be wondering, “is there a VPN free trial?” This top-rated VPN is too good for that. However, it will give you fully refundable pricing plans.

Surfshark free trial is available only in a 30-day-make-a-decision manner. Once you’ve signed up, you will have 30 days to decide if you want to continue using this paid VPN.

There are various payment options, including credit cards, cryptocurrency, AliPay, PayPal, DragonPay and TenPay. 

Speed and Performance

When it comes to downloading speed, it is estimated that it should go up to at least 15Mbps. According to the speed test, Surfshark is fast, meaning that it will never go under 32Mbps. 

In the analytical table below, you will see the comparison between the latest speed test results of several VPNs

VPNs Download Speed Upload Speed Latency
Surfshark 61.6% 59.7% 59.5%
CyberGhost 13.3% 26.7% 11.2%
NordVPN 28.7% 24.2% 0.0%
ExpressVPN 59.8% 74.4% 50.9%

Privacy and Registration Process

What’s truly important is that this secure VPN is one of the first virtual private servers that provides a transition from traditional hard drive technology to a diskless RAM-only solution. The disk-based nature of hard drives means that configuration files are stored for operational purposes and can’t be accessed if seized by a third party.

Surfshark has extra privacy features, including Surfshark alert and Surfshark search. The first one warns you if your private information has been compromised in a data breach leak, while the second one is a private search engine.

It has an option of Double-VPN servers, where your traffic is encrypted over two different hops. To make this clearer, you can send your traffic through two servers instead of one.

Another fantastic VPN protection feature is Camouflage Mode, also called obfuscation, which can conceal VPN traffic and get around blocks. It hides that you are using a VPN to encrypt your traffic. This feature is fantastic in case you live in one of the strong censorship countries. 

Furthermore, a feature called CleanWeb blocks trackers, ads and malware domains. To make this clearer, every website that you visit remembers your IP address. That’s the reason why targeted advertising keeps bothering you. For example, if malware domains infect some site, there are more possibilities for you to get hacked.  

After reading all these VPN facts, you must be wondering, “does Surfshark have a Kill Switch?” Yes, it has. Kill Switch will keep you protected even if the Surfshark app disconnects. It will temporarily deactivate your account and then reactivate it again.

When it comes to solid censorship countries, there is one more option designed to bypass internet restrictions. A privacy tool that goes beyond VPN protection is a custom DNS service. It provides additional privacy called Smart DNS. The Domain Name System (DNS) is the phone book of the Internet, and it functions in a way that turns URLs into IP addresses. After that, these addresses will connect you to the correct server. So, using a DNS server, you can improve your privacy and speed up your connection. Furthermore, HackLock will alert you if your accounts have been compromised.

Now, when you know so many interesting facts about this VPN, are you ready to go through the registration process? If you are, we have prepared simple instructions that will finally lead you to your online safety! Get ready and follow the necessary steps:

  • Go to the Surfshark official website
  • Click on the “Buy now” button.
  • Choose a payment plan.

Your options are one month, 24 months and six months. We highly recommend you choose a special offer for 24 months. If you ever start to wonder, “how do I cancel my subscription to Surfshark?” – here is the answer. 

Before your 30-day trial ends, contact their customer support via live chat or regular email and request your refund. However, it is better to use this premium VPN instead of free VPNs.

  • Create your account.

Insert your email address and follow the instructions.

  • Click on the red button with the inscription Activate.
  • Select your payment method.

Select your payment method via Credit card, PayPal, Google Pay, Amazon Pay or Cryptocurrency. After you fill in all necessary details, just click the confirmation button.

Surfshark Competitors

In this section, our primary goal is to give you valuable insight into various VPN services. If you read these comparisons carefully, you will be able to decide which VPN suits you better.

Firstly, let’s see what differentiates Surfshark from its competitor CyberGhost?

Surfshark vs CyberGhost

Interestingly, Surfshark has an array of positive features, including MultiHop (Double VPN) servers, Camouflage mode (obfuscated) servers, Surfshark alert, Kill Switch, Surfshark Search and CleanWeb. For example, the CleanWeb characteristic is a potent VPN adblocker. It will improve your privacy, and also your VPN speed.

Also, with particular Surfshark VPN technology, you can have access to more than 20 Netflix different regional libraries, as we already mentioned. On the other side, CyberGhost can get through to the Netflix US library occasionally. If you don’t want to see the warning: “Whoops, something went wrong”, then consider using Surfshark for this purpose.

Despite CyberGhost having a wide range of servers, many are running at 75%, 100% or even 125%. This VPN also has the ad-blocker feature, but it doesn’t work on HTTPS websites. Thus, CyberGhost doesn’t log the identity of the customers connected to a particular server.

Overall, if we consider every feature we examined and many more, particularly the unlimited number of servers, torrenting, gaming, streaming, better protocol features, no-logs policy, speed tests result, strong encryption and Ram-only servers, our conclusion is: Surfshark is the winner.

Surfshark vs NordVPN

Another comparison of Surfshark and NordVPN is genuinely essential since NordVPN is a big player in the VPN market. Although both VPNs protect your privacy, there are main differences that will help you decide which one suits you better. 

One essential feature that differentiates Surfshark from its competitor is its unlimited number of servers, while NordVPN stands at six. However, if you prefer faster speed and no-logs audit, you should go with NordVPN.

Overall, if you want to play games safely, then both of these VPNs are fantastic choices. These top-rated VPNs for gaming will protect you from other gamers who can target your IP address. While playing, removing IP bans is another remarkable feature of these VPNs. Additionally, If your game starts to slow down, you can prevent ISP throttling. Even though both VPNs are efficient when it comes to gaming, we prefer Surfshark because it’s fast and reliable.

Also, considering an unlimited number of simultaneous connections, Surfshark could be one of the best VPN services for you.

Keeping in mind all these features, we hope it is easier for you to answer the following question briefly – “is Surfshark better than NordVPN?” We suppose our answer is the same: Yes, it is.

To dig into more comparisons of VPNs, what are the differences between Surfshark and IPVanish?

Surfshark vs IPVanish

Surfshark uses one of the most potent protocols called WireGuard. IPVanish also has advanced protocols, including OpenVPN and IKEv2, but WireGuard is much faster than those protocols. It works perfectly for streaming, video calls, and general browsing. By contrast, IPVanish is not the best VPN for streaming. What’s also essential is that Surfshark works well in China, and it has a better download speed. 

Keeping in mind all these impressive features of Surfshark, particularly an unlimited number of devices, streaming, torrenting, gaming, RAM-disc mode, lowest price per month and overall rating, the conclusion is that Surfshark wins the battle.

Surfshark VPN Review Online

The most recent reviews about SurfShark are the following:

These reviews can be found on the vpmentor site, and there are 728 reviews in 27 languages. The average mark is 7.9, which is quite impressive according to the number of reviews. 

As we can conclude, users are truly satisfied with this VPN service. In their opinion, Surfshark works perfectly with Netflix because it is one of the fastest VPN services. 

Moreover, users have the freedom to use it on multiple devices. The negative drawback is that VPN connection drops sometimes, but this is typical for almost all available VPNs. The conclusion is that this VPN has more positive features than negative ones. All the components are very desirable, particularly the unlimited number of devices it supports. 

Wrap Up

Surfshark deserves the crown within the competitive world of VPNs. As is the case with many other VPNs, Surfshark has options designed to bypass internet restrictions and is yet more advanced.

We hope this Surfshark VPN review encouraged you to start thinking seriously about your online privacy. You can stop worrying about your safety even today by clicking on the “Get Surfshark VPN” button. As simple as it is, and you are on the way to be fully protected.


Is Surfshark better than NordVPN?

We’ve seen that both VPNs are filled with fantastic VPN privacy features. However, considering an unlimited number of simultaneous connections, fast speed, no-logs audit, lower pricing options, we recommend you to go with Surfshark because it is slightly better than NordVPN.

Does Surfshark work with Netflix?

Surfshark can unblock more than 20 Netflix libraries. One Netflix account can work with all Netflix regions. You just have to subscribe to a VPN, download and install the app, run and finish the Surfshark VPN login process and finally, click “Connect” and watch Netflix.

Is Surfshark legal?

Even though some countries block VPNs, most of them are legal. Accordingly, the answer to this question is simple: Surfshark is legal.

Who owns Surfshark?

That information is private, but that’s how it goes with VPN’s logic. The Surfshark team wants to stay private so that authorities can’t find them easily.

Is Surf Shark VPN fast?

Surfshark is surprisingly fast, and it is considered one of the fastest VPNs. The average speed is estimated at 71Mbps.