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TotalAV Review

Are you looking for a reliable antivirus program? If so, take a look at our TotalAV Review, and we’ll tell you everything we’ve learned about TotalAV antivirus, its features and pricing.

TotalAV Review

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  • VPN: Yes
  • SCANNING SPEED: 15 minutes

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Windows users


  • Malware/Spyware/Adware Protection
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  • Protects maximum of six devices
  • Poor phishing protection score

Pop-ups, lack of storage space, and suspicious hard-drive activities are some of the common signs your computer is infected with a virus. In addition, a virus can damage programs and delete files on your computer or even infiltrate your data. That often results in reduced performance, identity theft, and system crashes. 

So, you might ask, ‘What should I do if my computer is acting weird?’.

Well, one of the easiest ways to protect your computer from getting a virus is to install reliable antivirus software. In our TotalAV Review, we’re going to talk about one of the best-rated antivirus programs on the market. We will also highlight the essential features you might want to use to protect yourself while browsing the web. 

To guide you through this article, we’ve created a list of the key points that might help you find the information you’re looking for:


What is TotalAV?

Billy Thomas, the CEO of TotalAV, and his team members founded TotalAV in 2016 and began developing online protection tools. As a result, they’re now behind an award-winning software and a company that is a member of the Microsoft Virus Initiative. The Microsoft Virus Initiative is essential for antivirus software developers because it helps organisations improve products that work on Windows.  

Since TotalAV is an award-winning software, we should mention some of its most outstanding antivirus industry achievements. One of TotalAV’s most recent accomplishments was in April 2021, when it was rated as AAA (a framework for controlling access to computer resources) by SE Labs (an anti-malware testing organisation). 

Additionally, TotalAV was rated as ADVANCED+ in the same month by AV-Comparatives (an organisation that tests antivirus software). TotalAV has many other awards for which you can find more information on its official website. 

Now that we’ve covered the company’s history, let’s see what TotalAV is all about. 

Security and Performance

Chances are, like everyone else, you get annoyed with all those ads popping out every time you watch a YouTube video. TotalAV’s anti-adware software will remove ads while you’re browsing the web and help you combat your ad fatigue. Additionally, TotalAV allows you to access firewall settings on your device and block or unblock connection requests. 

You won’t have to worry about the awful malware and ransomware attacks either. TotalAV’s reliable anti-ransomware and malware removal software are the main reasons TotalAV has so many awards. To help you avoid malicious attacks and computer infections, TotalAV has paid extra attention to developing software that protects you from all sorts of internet dangers. That includes locker and crypto-ransomware, viruses, and many more. 

Spyware software is pretty widespread too. Its primary purpose is to collect your data and share it with third parties who can benefit financially. But, TotalAV’s anti-spyware feature will guard you against data theft and keep your computer safe long-term. So, if you’re looking for reliable ID theft protection, you should consider investing in one of the TotalAV packages.  

On top of that, the Safe Site feature will analyse sketchy websites and block them so that your time on the internet is safer than ever before. TotalAV will also check downloads and new installations for viruses every time you decide to access them. 

Another important fact is that the TotalAV antivirus software won’t slow down your browsing experience since it has a low system impact

It’s worth mentioning that you will have access to most of these security tools even if you install another antivirus software. However, since various antivirus testing organisations had nothing but good words about this software, it’s safe to say that TotalAV is a reliable service provider. 

Plans and Pricing

TotalAV offers four levels of protection that come with different prices each. The four TotalAV antivirus packages are the free version, Antivirus Pro, Internet Security, and Total Security. 

Of course, the free version sounds attractive, but it has limited features. So, if you choose the free version, you will only have access to the virus scanner. That isn’t the best idea if you want to add another layer of protection to your device. Since the free version won’t protect you against malware, ransomware and viruses, we recommend considering some of the premium TotalAV subscription plans. 

Find more detail about each of the available TotalAV antivirus packages in the section below.

Antivirus Pro

If you’re trying to economise, the TotalAV Antivirus Pro package is the best option for you. The Antivirus Pro will cost you £29 a year. Keep in mind that this limited offer will help you save £70 and that the regular price for the Antivirus Pro is £99.

The Antivirus Pro Subscription package includes ransomware and virus protection, system tune-up optimisation tools, protection against phishing attacks, trojans and malware, and the Web Shield extension. Moreover, you will also be able to protect your iOS and Android devices and use the Browser cleaner & Manager and Cloud Scanning tools. Additionally, the Antivirus Pro package allows you to install TotalAV on up to three devices. 

If you need more features, we suggest you take a look at the next option.

Internet Security

The TotalAV Internet Security package is similar to the Antivirus Pro, but it offers additional safety tools. If you’re thinking about investing in a VPN service, this package costs £39, but it includes VPN Safe Browsing tools. The original price of the TotalAV Internet Security package is £119. Still, you can save £80 if you don’t want to miss this great opportunity. Additionally, this package is available for five devices in your household. 

The Safe Browsing VPN service alone is worth £39. Still, since the Internet Security package comes with a free VPN, you won’t have to invest that extra money to provide better security, improve performance​ or bypass geo-restrictions while browsing the web if you purchase the Internet Security package.  

Last but not least, there’s another package for those who value internet safety more than anything. In the next section of our TotalAV Review, we’ll talk about the Total Security package.

Total Security

The Total Security package is the most expensive TotalAV package. However, it has additional features that the Antivirus Pro and the Internet Security packages don’t have. 

The AdBlocker tool can come in handy if you want to block advertisements on web pages. A significant advantage of this package is that it has the AdBlocker included. If you haven’t subscribed to this package and want to purchase the AdBlocker solely, it will cost you £24.  

The TotalAV Total Security package also comes with the Secure Password Vault, which helps you store and manage your passwords. It’s an excellent tool for those who tend to forget their passwords the minute they write them down. 

If you’re interested in these additional tools, you can get the whole package for £149, or save £90 with the limited offer. So, if this option seems worth it, visit the TotalAV website and get the Total Security package for only £59 per year. To make it more alluring, you can use the Total Security package on up to six devices. 

Once you decide to invest in TotalAV antivirus software, you’ll probably want to learn more about the installation process. So, let’s not wait any longer because it’s time to talk about the TotalAV installation and setup. 

In the table below, you will find TotalAV’s current packages and prices:

£29 a year £39 a year £59 a year
Save: £70 Save: £80 Save: £90

TotalAV’s money-back guarantee policy allows you to get a full refund within 30 days of purchase. 

Setup, Ease of Use and Privacy

The installation of TotalAV is quite simple and won’t take up much of your time. One of the first things you’ll see if you visit the TotalAV official website is a green button in the bottom left corner that says Get Protected Now. Once you click on it, you will find the Compare Features section. In this section, you’ll learn more about the current pricing details, tools and features that each package offers. 

After you find the package that suits you most and click on the Buy Now button, you will have to agree to the Terms of Service and proceed to checkout. 

To install TotalAV on your device, you can download the TotalAV app from the Downloads page, locate and then open the TotalAV.exe file on your computer. This step will run the installation wizard, and then you’ll have to follow the instructions you’ll see on the screen. 

The installation progress status bar conveniently appears in a new window. Once the process is complete, the Total AV software will automatically launch on the screen and download the latest protection system for virus removal. By default, the TotalAV app will scan your computer for viruses once a week and inform you about any potential or detected threats. 

TotalAV Review | CyberCrew

If, however, you change your mind, you can choose to remove TotalAV from your device. Mac users have it easy, and all they have to do is find the TotalAV app and drag it to the trash. 

Windows Vista users will have to find the program in the search box, click the uninstall button, and confirm that they want to remove the TotalAV program from their device. 

If you want to install the TotalAV mobile app for iPhone or iPad, you can download it on the App Store. The TotalAV app will boost your phone’s memory and accelerate performance and browsing security. Moreover, it will even free up valuable storage space and help you browse the web anonymously. 

Before purchasing new software for their device, some may want to learn more about TotalAV’s privacy policy. Shortly, your data will be under the control of the General Data Protection Regulation, and TotalAV is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. 

Customer Support

TotalAV offers phone, live chat, and email customer support. So if you need answers to your questions or want to report an issue, you can choose whether you want to talk to one of their team members or send an email. 

We should warn you that live chat is unavailable in some countries. So, for example, if you live in the US, you might want to contact customer support via phone or email. 

We reached out to TotalAV’s customer support team via email, so it understandably took a bit longer for them to respond. Still, the customer support team was very helpful and provided us with more information about TotalAV packages and prices. 


Before purchasing an antivirus program subscription, you might want to learn more about other service providers and compare their security tools and features. Luckily, you won’t have to do that because we decided to share that information with you in this article. 

Let’s begin with the Intego software.

TotalAV vs Intego

If you own a Mac, Intego antivirus software founders have developed the ultimate Mac cleaning tools for you. Intego offers antivirus software for Windows too, but it is not as reliable as TotalAV. TotalAV software works on Android, Windows, iOS and Mac, which is ideal if you have one or more of these devices in your household. 

If you fancy Intego, it will protect you from existing Mac threats and detect malware attacks on your computer. However, you won’t be able to install the Intego app on your smartphone. The only way to scan your Apple device is by connecting it to your Mac. With TotalAV, you will have the ultimate protection on your smartphone without the need to connect it to your computer. 

Both TotalAV and Intego allow you to monitor your child’s online activities with their Parental Controls feature. So you can finally stop stressing about your youngster’s online safety.

According to the latest AV test results, Intego’s VirusBarrier detected 85% of malicious files. However, TotalAV antivirus performance tests show better results. TotalAV successfully detected 99.3% of the malware. 

So, can you tell which one’s better? Both companies offer reliable protection to their clients, which is why it’s advisable to choose the type of antivirus software depending on whether you’re a Windows or a Mac user.

TotalAV vs Bitdefender

Bitdefender is a Romanian antivirus company, and it’s known to have one of the best security products on the market. Bitdefender has better malware detection rates and anti-phishing protection. Furthermore, it also offers Parental Controls. 

Interestingly, when Bitdefender detects a threat that it cannot remove, it will urge you to reboot your computer in the Rescue Environment for clean-up and restoration. Although TotalAV lacks this feature, it offers just as strong protection as Bitdefender. But, it’s worth noting that Bitdefender detects and successfully removes 98.9% of malware, while TotalAV scored 99.3% on the latest virus detection tests.  

TotalAV vs Norton

Before we move on to the next section of this article, let’s compare TotalAV and Norton. We mentioned Parental Controls earlier, and this feature is available to both TotalAV and Norton users. However, Norton developers have created an exciting program that doesn’t allow your child to spend time on the phone until school time is over. 

While you can install TotalAV on up to six devices, Norton 360 Premium allows you to use some of the best protection tools on up to ten devices. TotalAV, on the other hand, removes junk files and highlights duplicate files that are clogging up your hard drive. It also reduces background processes to improve battery life (for laptop and smartphone users).

To show you why TotalAV is a better antivirus program, we’ve decided to compare antivirus test results. The latest test results show that Norton can successfully identify and remove 98.9% of malware infections on your computer. However, as mentioned earlier, TotalAV removes 99.3% of malware infections, and more importantly, it has the highest protection score. Therefore, it’s obvious that TotalAV wins this round. 


In this TotalAV review, we want to show you what TotalAV users think about this top antivirus software. So, to collect more information, we visited a few forums, and this is what we’ve found:

Many forum members confirmed that TotalAV wouldn’t affect your device’s speed, and some say that they’re impressed with TotalAV’s ability to block access to scam sites. However, some Redditors aren’t satisfied with TotalAV’s antivirus software, and they even believe it’s a scam.

Still, TotalAV is an award-winning software and has excellent independent lab test results. It is one of the most secure antivirus software programs, and each package comes with the tools you need to keep your devices completely safe.


In this TotalAV review, we hope we answered all of your TotalAV-related questions and encourage you to give it a try. TotalAV’s security tools will optimise and speed up your device. In addition, with TotalAV on your side, your devices will be safe from viruses, malware, ransomware and phishing attacks. 

It is therefore not surprising that TotalAV is one of the best-paid antivirus programs on the market. So, if safety is your top priority, be sure to install TotalAV on your devices and protect yourself against web-based threats. 


Does TotalAV slow down your computer?

No, you won’t have to deal with speed issues after installing TotalAV on your computer in most cases.

Is TotalAV free any good?

Yes, indeed! TotalAV is an excellent choice because it offers protection against viruses, worms, spyware, ransomware and trojans. Depending on which package you purchase, you’ll get access to additional security features that will keep your devices secure.

Is TotalAV better than Norton?

Yes, TotalAV is a better antivirus program because it can successfully detect and remove 99.3% of malware infections. Although Norton offers unique features such as School Time, it can detect 98.9% of malware on your device.