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How Many People Play Fortnite?

Even if you are not a die-hard fan of video games, you’ve probably heard about Fortnite — the most popular battle royale game. To be fair, a game with over 350 million registered players is not something we often witness.

In the first two years after its release, Fortnite generated over £6.5 billion. On top of that, it has managed to become somewhat of a cultural phenomenon with its catchy, viral dances. You’ve probably seen your younger cousins doing them. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Follow along to find out more about Fortnite’s popularity, how many people play Fortnite, and why it’s such a big deal. But, before we dive in, here are some jaw-dropping Fortnite statistics:

Top 10 Statistics

  • 5.14% of all Fortnite players come from the United Kingdom.
  • The average Fortnite player spends between six and ten hours in the game weekly.
  • The number of Fortnite monthly players is a bit over 80.4 million, with up to 4 million daily active users.
  • In 2019 the cumulative Fortnite tournament prize pool amounted to an astonishing $64.42 million (approximately £47.5 million).
  • In October 2020, 116 million people played Fortnite on iOS devices.
  • 77% of Fortnite players have made at least one in-game purchase.
  • Fortnite gamer “TheGrefg” holds the Guinness Record for most Twitch views, with 2.4 million concurrent viewers.
  • Fortnite currently ranks #7 on Twitch.
  • 28% of all Fortnite players are female.
  • Out of the total number of Fortnite players, 62.7% are in the age group of 18–24.

Fortnite Statistics 

Since their release in 2017, Fortnite and PUBG changed the world of battle royal gaming, making it the most popular video game genre, with new games coming out every year. The competition is tough, but having loyal users and continuously creating innovative ways of playing and interacting has helped Fortnite stay at the top of its field. 

In the four years that Fortnite has been around, the number of Fortnite player figures has only gone up. 

Currently, there are 350 million registered Fortnite players

In 2017 Fortnite finished the year with 20 million registered players. The following year this number went up by more than six times, for an astonishing 125 million registered players. Next, we have 2019, with 250 million players. In 2020 the number went up to 300 million, and finally, at the end of last year, Fortnite wound up with its biggest player base yet — 350 million registered players.

In terms of Fortnite monthly players, the number isn’t as high as 350 million, but it’s just as impressive. 

More than 80.4 million people played Fortnite on a monthly basis in 2020

Being stuck at home during the Covid19 lockdowns made many people turn to online gaming. Whether it’s Fortnite, PUBG, Call Of Duty: Warzone, or CS: GO, these games are created with the intention of becoming addictive, and it’s exactly what happens. 

So, how many people play Fortnite daily?

Fortnite has around 3 to 4 million daily active users

The record number of Fortnite daily active users is 25 million

The game can be played on PC and macOS, as well as Playstation 4 and 5. When it comes to Xbox, you can play it on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. Millions of people used to play Fortnite on their iPhones, but after a lawsuit filed against Epic Games in late 2020 (due to financial mismanagement), the game is no longer available in the AppStore. Android users can enjoy playing on their phones only if their OS is version 8.0 or higher.

The US and Brazil are the top two countries with the most Fortnite players.

5.14% of the total amount of Fortnite players come from the UK

America has one of the largest gaming communities, so it’s no surprise that they are the ones playing Fortnite the most. 27.52% of Fortnite’s players are from the USA, followed by 8.8% from Brazil. Next comes Russia with 5.5%, the UK with 5.14%, and  Germany with 4.78%.

The average Fortnite player spends between six and eight hours playing the game weekly

Fortnite has three major modes: Battle Royal, Creative, and Save the World. Out of the three, Battle Royal is the most popular mode. Each Fortnite battle royal game lasts about 20 minutes. Although the typical player spends between six and eight hours playing weekly, around 5% of the Fortnite players spend more than 20 hours on the game per week.

The total hours that Fortnite’s players spent on the game was last recorded in April 2020, equalling 3.2 billion hours.

But who spends so much time playing Fortnite? Let’s find out.

Demographics of Fortnite Players

Video games have become more and more accessible as technology keeps developing. You have a wide array of devices to choose from for your next gaming session with your buddies. Will you pick up your phone, or will you jump onto the computer? Your Xbox, maybe?

Online games have become a place for people to socialise, with players making friends from all over the world. It’s like this big community where there’s something for everyone. No wonder players get lost in the game for hours on end. 

Fortnite makes sure players have fun while they’re at it. From countless skins and packs to Fortnite events featuring stars like Travis Scott and Ariana Grande, it really is next-level entertainment.

62.7% of the total amount of Fortnite players belong in the age group of 18–24

25% of all Fortnite players are in the age group 25–34, 12.% are in the age group 35–44, and only 2% are in the 45–54 age group. But compared to the number of players Fortnite has, 2% is still a large sum of people. Unfortunately, there aren’t any statistics for younger people playing the game, but we know that in the USA, more than 25% of the preteens play Fortnite.  

We saw how many people play Fortnite, but how many of them are women?

Out of the 350 million registered players, 27.6% are female, and 72.4% are male

This would give us an approximate number of 96.6 million female Fortnite players. Not an insignificant number, but it could be higher. Why aren’t more girls and women playing Fortnite? According to Forbes, they experience similar obstacles as in male-dominated workplaces. There are plenty of entry-level female Fortnite players, but they aren’t making their way to the top levels. 

The negative messages girls receive are the primary reason they stop playing. They also face a lack of female role models. Women aren’t underperforming men because of a lack of skills, but because too few of them are participating. 

77.4% of Fortnite players play the game on console

Even though only 13.9% of people play the game on PC, PC players are the most competitive ones. That leaves 8.7% of the total number of Fortnite players using their mobile devices to play the game. Removing Fortnite from Apple’s AppStore has a lot to do with phones being the least used devices when it comes to playing Fortnite. But, there is some good news for iPhone users — in 2022, Fortnite is coming back on iOS. 

iOS users will be able to play the game with the help of Nvidia GeForce Now (cloud gaming platform). This will only allow players to access the game through the browser, so the experience definitely wouldn’t be the best. But it’s still good news, right? 

Fortnite and Twitch

Fortnite’s biggest fans don’t just play the game. They spend hours watching other people play too. One of the places they turn to for live streams of their favourite game is Twitch. The biggest content creators use the platform to share their broadcasts in real-time. One of Fortnite’s gamers, “TheGrefg”, broke the Guinness Record with 2.4 million Twitch views.

At this moment, Fortnite ranks #7 on Twitch

Although Fortnite’s popularity has gone up and down, the game has a history of being in Twitch’s top 10 games by concurrent viewers. Twitch streamers are next-level entertainment. They put out engaging content, sometimes featuring celebrities. An example of this would be the Battle Royal game between Drake and Tyler “Ninja” Blevins back in 2018.

When it comes to Twitch viewership, in January 2022, there were around 6,000 Fortnite Twitch channels and between 70,000 and 120,000 Fortnite Twitch viewers. 

Fortnite Revenue

With all these people playing, watching, and making in-game purchases, Fortnite’s revenue has to be off the charts, right? So get ready for some mind-blowing numbers. 

We have the Apple vs Epic Games lawsuit to thank for this information: 

The first two years after the game’s release, Fortnite generated $9 billion (approximately £6.6 billion). They call Fortnite “the money maker”

After a “slow” year in 2019 (£2.7 billion), people rediscovered their passion for Fortnite during the pandemic, which led to an increase in revenue — £3.7 billion. It’s not that hard to believe these numbers, considering the fact that 77% of Fortnite players have made at least one in-game purchase.

Let’s quickly mention mobile revenue. 

Fortnite used to get the majority of its mobile revenue from Apple — $1.2 billion (approximately £900 million) from the AppStore since launching

Fortnite’s lifetime mobile revenue is as it follows:

Year Revenue
2018 £73.8 million
2019 £332.3 million
2020 £812.3 million

Wrap Up

With their constant commitment to making the game the best for their loyal fan base, Fortnite is one of the most popular battle royal games globally. So, it is no surprise how many people play Fortnite.

Three to four million people religiously play it daily, and this number only goes up when it comes to monthly users. As many as 350 million registered players are part of the Fortnite community, where they get to witness first-hand special Fortnite events and collaborations with their favourite artists and creators. Let’s see what they have in store for 2022.

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