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UK to US Clothing Size

It’s no secret that clothing sizes vary drastically from country to country. Namely, UK clothing sizes are often quite different than US sizes, and unless you’re familiar with the conversion charts, it can be challenging to shop for clothes in a foreign country or online. 

In this article, we will take a look at how UK clothes sizes convert to US sizes and provide size comparison charts for women’s, men’s and children’s clothing and footwear. We hope this information will help make your next shopping trip abroad or online shopping spree a little bit easier!

Women’s Clothing: UK to US Size Conversion

When it comes to women’s clothing, it is easy to convert a UK size into a US size if you follow one simple rule. Women’s clothing sizes in the US are typically two sizes smaller than their UK counterparts. So, if you were to subtract four from your regular UK size, you would get its US equivalent.

For example, if you want to buy a UK size 10, you need to look for a US size six. The best way to ensure you’re buying the right size clothing when shopping in the UK is to know your exact measurements and find a clothes size converter that includes both UK and US clothing sizes.

Below is a size comparison chart between the UK and the US for women’s clothing.


SML Size UK Women’s Clothing Size US Women’s Clothing Size
XS 4 0
XS 6 2
S 8 4
S 10 6
M 12 8
M 14 10
L 16 12
L 18 14
XL 20 16
XL 22 18
2XL 24 20
3XL 26 22
3XL 28 24


To convert women’s jeans from the UK to US sizing, you need to follow the same rule. So, simply subtract four from your regular UK jeans size, and you will find your perfect fitting jeans.

Note that there is no international standard for women’s clothing sizes. They can vary from one manufacturer to the other, so if you are shopping online, it is best to see if your retailer has its own conversion chart. That way, you can avoid any unpleasant surprises when your order arrives.

Women’s Shoes: UK to US Size Conversion

Moving on to women’s shoe sizes, they can also vary significantly between the US and the UK. As a rule of thumb, shoe sizes in the UK are two sizes smaller than in the US. That would make a UK shoe size two a size four in the US. Half sizes are exactly the same, so if you are a shoe size 2.5 in the UK, you would be a 4.5 in the US. 

Simple, right? Take a look at the women’s footwear conversion chart below, and you will easily find your perfect shoe size in no time.

UK Women’s Shoe Size US Women’s Shoe Size
2 4
2.5 4.5
3 5
3.5 5.5
4 6
4.5 6.5
5 7
5.5 7.5
6 8
6.5 8.5
7 9
7.5 9.5
8 10
8.5 10.5
9 11


Men’s Clothing: UK to US Size Conversion

When it comes to clothing size, men have it much easier. Men’s clothing sizes in the UK and the US are absolutely the same irrespective of whether you are shopping for formal or casual wear. So whether you are looking to buy a brand new jacket, coat, a pair of trousers, or a suit, you should have no problem picking out the right size for you when shopping abroad.

This is what the UK to US sizing conversion charts for men’s clothing would look like.

Men’s Jacket Sizes:

UK Men’s Jacket/Suit Size US Men’s Jacket/Suit Size
34 34
36 36
38 38
40 40
42 42
44 44


Men’s trousers size

UK Men’s Trouser Size US Men Trouser Size
28 28
29 29
30 30
31 31
32 32
33 33
34 34
35 35
36 36
37 37
38 38
39 39
40 40


Men’s Shoe Size: UK to US Conversion

Unlike clothing sizes, there is a slight difference in men’s shoe sizes between the UK and the US, but it is nothing too complicated. UK shoe sizes are typically one size smaller than their US counterparts. So to find a US equivalent to your regular UK shoe size, you would need to go one size up.

To give you an example, a UK size eight is equivalent to a US size nine. The UK to US size conversion chart for men’s footwear is as follows:

UK Men’s Shoe Size US Men’s Shoe Size
5 6
5.5 6.5
6 7
6.5 7.5
7 8
7.5 8.5
8 9
8.5 9.5
9 10
9.5 10.5
10 11
10.5 11.5
11 12
11.5 12.5
12 13
12.5 13.5
13 14
13.5 14.5
14 15
14.5 15.5
15 16


Kids Clothing Size: UK to US Conversion

Children grow up fast, so it is tricky enough to find the right clothes size for your little one as it is. But shopping abroad or online can open up a whole new world of confusion. That is why using a conversion chart such as the one below can help you discover the size you need.

But before looking at the chart, there are a couple of things you should know. Newborn clothes are labelled as NB in both countries, whereas toddler clothes are labelled by age. Clothes for a two-year-old would be labelled as 2-3 in the UK and 2T in the US.

So if you are looking for the US equivalent to your child’s UK size, simply look it up in the UK and US size chart below, and you’ll have your answer.

Age Range UK Children’s Clothing Size US Children’s Clothing Size
Up to 3 Months 0-3M 0-3M
3-6 Months 6M 3-6M
6-9 Months 9M 6-9M
9-12 Months 12M 9-12M
12-18 Months 12M 12-18M
18-24 Months 18-24M 18-24M
2 Years 2-3 2T
3-4 Years 3-4 3T-4T
4-5 Years 4-5 5
5-6 Years 5-6 6
6-7 Years 6-7 6X-7
7-8 Years 7-8 7-8
8-9 Years 8-9 9-10
9-10 Years 9-10 10
10-11 Years 10-11 11
11-12 Years 11-12 14

These size conversions are based primarily on age, but you should also pay close attention to other factors, such as the child’s height and weight. When purchasing clothes for your child, be sure to look at the size chart of the specific retail or brand you are buying from. You should always choose the size corresponding to your child’s body measurements rather than their age.

Kid’s Shoe Size US to UK Conversion Charts

When it comes to children’s shoe sizes, there is no gender differentiation, meaning the same sizes are used for both boys and girls. Children’s shoes are typically one whole number lower in the UK compared to the US. For example, a UK size three is equivalent to a US size four.

If you find that confusing, the children’s shoe size conversion charts below should help.

Baby/Infant Size Converter (0-2 years)

UK Children’s Shoes US Children’s Shoes
0.5 1C
1 2C
1.5 2.5C
2 3C
2.5 3.5C
3 4C
3.5 4.5C
4 5C
4.5 5.5C
5 6C
5.5 6.5C
6 7C
6.5 7.5C
7 8C
7.5 8.5C


Children’s Shoe Size Converter (2-6 years)

UK Children’s Shoes US Children’s Shoes
8 9C
8.5 9.5C
9 10C
9.5 10.5C
10 11C
10.5 11.5C
11 12C
11.5 12.5C
12 13C
12.5 13.5C


Children’s Shoe Size Converter (6-10 years)

UK Children’s Shoes US Children’s Shoes
13 1Y
14 1.5Y
1 2Y
1.5 2.5Y
2 3Y
2.5 3.5Y
3 4Y
3.5 4.5Y
4 5Y
4.5 5.5Y
5 6Y
5.5 6.5Y
6 7Y

Rules to Remember

Here are the main takeaways from this guide that you will need to remember when converting UK clothing sizes to US clothing sizes.


  • Women’s clothing sizes in the US are two sizes smaller than in the UK. 
  • When it comes to women’s shoes, it is the other way around — women’s shoe sizes in the US are two times bigger than in the UK.
  • Men’s clothing sizes in the UK and the US are entirely the same, no matter what you are shopping for
  • Men’s shoe sizes in the US are one size bigger than in the UK
  • For children, there are only slight differences in the way they are labelled in the UK and the US. For example, clothes for a two-year-old would be marked as 2-3 in the UK, and 2T in the US
  • Remember that the conversion charts we’ve provided in this article are only based on approximate measures. So, you should always try on the clothes before buying them when shopping in-store. When shopping online, make sure to look up the retailer’s own sizing chart to find the perfect fit.

Wrap Up

So, now that you’re aware of the differences in clothing sizes between the UK and US, be sure to always double-check a garment size before purchasing something while abroad — or even online. By being mindful of these discrepancies, you can avoid any frustrating (and often costly) sizing mishaps. And if you’re ever in doubt about whether a piece of clothing will fit, it’s always better to err on the side of caution and order a size up.

Have you ever experienced issues with clothing sizes when shopping in a different country? Let us know about it in the comments below!


What size is UK 8 in US clothing?

A UK size eight generally corresponds to a US size four. That is because the UK size for women’s clothing is two sizes bigger than the US size.

Are men’s US and UK sizes the same?

For the most part, UK and US men’s clothing sizes are the same. However, there can be some discrepancies depending on the item of clothing.

What is UK women’s shoe size in the US?

Generally speaking, women’s shoe sizes in the US are two times bigger than in the UK. That means that if you are a shoe size three in the UK, you would be a shoe size five in the US.

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