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Match vs eHarmony: The Ultimate Dating Site Showdown

When it comes to online dating, there are a lot of choices out there. Although you can choose between dozens of matchmakers, some of the most popular sites in the UK besides Tinder are Match and eHarmony. 

By all means, they both have pros and cons, but which one is the best? If you’re looking for an answer, this article will compare Match vs eHarmony in terms of features, prices, user base, device compatibility, and more!

What is Match?


  • Reverse matching
  • Mobile app available on Android, iOS, and Windows devices
  • Versatile feature selection


  • Restrictions on trial memberships
  • Only paid subscribers can send unlimited messages

Match.com is one of the oldest and most popular dating sites on the internet. It was founded in 1995 by Gary Kremen, a matchmaker sent from heaven to invent online dating. This dating site has over 20 years of experience helping people find love! 

With a strong reputation as an effective dating site, Match caters to all kinds of relationships, from casual hookups to more serious long-term commitments. It’s an excellent choice for students, tourists who want to meet new people on vacation, and locals looking for their mister or miss right. 

Match Features

Potential Match dating site users can expect to find various features on its platform that will change the way they approach online dating forever. Namely, its newest addon — Date Check-In, allows you to send your date’s name and location to your emergency contacts, allowing you to prevent any unwanted outcomes. Other features include:

  • A large user base with over 20 million active members worldwide
  • A wide variety of search filters to help you find the perfect match
  • Detailed profiles that include photos, interests, and lifestyle information
  • Video Dates
  • Dedicated customer support

What is eHarmony?


  • Compatibility tests to match you with your ideal partner
  • Detailed profiles that include photos, interests, and lifestyle information
  • Mobile app available on both Android and iOS devices


  • Smaller user base than Match.com
  • No desktop app 

eHarmony is a matchmaking service and website designed specifically for long-term relationships. Neil Clark Warren founded this site in 2000 as a part of his marriage counselling practice, but the site exceeded all expectations and became one of the most popular dating apps on the internet.

You may benefit from eHarmony because it offers compatibility tests, relationship advice articles, and match suggestions based on personality traits such as introversion or extroversion. Moreover, eHarmony will share video guides on finding a partner online with all single people out there who need an extra push to make the first move!

eHarmony Features

eHarmony has helped hundreds of thousands of people meet their other half or re-enter the dating scene. Still, its user-friendly app is one of the main reasons many people use eHarmony to this day. 

eHarmony introduced many attractive goodies over the years, including the virtual dates feature that must have been very useful during the lockdown. Here are some other features you might like:

  • A smaller but equally active user base of over 20 million members
  • Compatibility tests to match you with your ideal partner
  • Detailed profiles that include photos, interests, and lifestyle information
  • Mobile app available on both Android and iOS devices
  • 50-50 gender split
  • Various marriage success stories

General Comparison

  • Both sites have a wide variety of features, including matchmaking tools, compatibility tests, and more
  • eHarmony is specifically designed for long-term relationships, while Match.com is more casual
  • Match has a more extensive user base with over 15 million active members, while eHarmony has around 10 million

Match.com is a decent choice for people who want to get more serious about their matchmaking experience and find a long-term match. Still, it’s worth noting that most people on Match want a casual relationship or a chance to widen their social circle by meeting new friends.

eHarmony is best for people looking for a serious, long-term relationship. This matchmaking service offers compatibility tests and detailed profiles to help you find the perfect partner. So, if you’re someone who wants more personalised match suggestions or access to videos about finding love online, then eHarmony is the site for you!

Detailed Comparison

Features Match eHarmony
Compatibility tests Yes Yes
Interests and lifestyle information Yes Yes
Free profile review No Yes
Profile pictures 26 12
Automated questions No Yes

Match and eHarmony are both top-rated dating sites, and they’re very much alike. So, here is a detailed comparison of Match and eHarmony features in the areas where they differ most significantly— matchmaking, messaging and match suggestions.


Match makes it easy to find matches based on your preferences. This feature helps you meet people who, for example, want long-term relationships (such as marriage) or short-term ones ( casual dating). The site also offers compatibility tests that help match users who share similar interests and lifestyles.

eHarmony dating site is more limited in its match types, but it offers detailed compatibility tests to match you with your ideal partner. So, if you’re looking for a serious relationship, eHarmony may be a better option for you.

Messaging and Match Suggestions

When you join Match, you can send messages to other users for free. However, if you want to read messages from other users or reply to them, you must become a paid member. eHarmony, on the other hand, offers a messaging service that is free for all users.

Match Suggestions are one of the best features of Match.com! As stated earlier, the site considers your interests and lifestyle when suggesting matches. On top of that, the Match dating site also has an app that lets you find people nearby or in other cities, making it easy to meet new friends from anywhere!

eHarmony does not have match suggestions, but it provides compatibility tests and detailed profiles on its site. This feature helps users decide for themselves who they want to message.

eHarmony vs Match: Comparison of User Bases in the UK 2022:

Match eHarmony
Active Users 15,000,000 10,000,000
Active male users 49% 48%
Active female users 51% 52%

As you can see, there isn’t much difference between Match.com and eHarmony user bases in the UK. Furthermore, both sites have almost equal percentages of male and female users, meaning you have almost equal chances of meeting your future partner on one of these online dating sites.

Profile Comparison

When you sign up for Match, you are asked to fill out your Match profile with your gender, match gender, age, location, height, interests and lifestyle information. You also have the option to upload photos of yourself.

eHarmony profiles require similar information, such as gender, gender of future matches, age, and location. Additionally, both Match and eHarmony will ask for more personal information about your interests before suggesting matches or giving them access to you through their mobile app. 

Match and eHarmony Charges

Match is a free dating site, and you’re welcome to join and see what the hype is all about. However, the free version has limited functionality, which is why you might want to subscribe to one of the available Match premium plans. 

If you want access to advanced features, you’d need to set aside £9.99/month (1-year plan) or £19.99/month for a 6-month Match subscription. You can subscribe to a 1-month plan for £29.99, but this option may be too pricey for your taste. Luckily, the Match free trial of three days allows you to enjoy paid subscriptions and get your money back if you’re dissatisfied with the service. 

You can join the eHarmony community free of charge, but you’d have to pay a monthly fee for premium packages. Additionally, if you want to test the waters with the eHarmony free trial, you have three days to try the premium services.  

You’ll find how much paid subscriptions on this dating website cost in the table below.

Package Length Monthly price
Starter 1 month £44.95/month
Classic 6 months £25.95/month
Premium 12 months £15.95/month
Comfort 24 months £11.95/month

Both Match and eHarmony offer free trials for paid subscriptions. 

App Compatibility

Match is compatible with all devices that run on iOS 11+, including Apple Watches and iPhones. This dating site also has an app for Android phones running Lollipop or higher, but it is not compatible with Windows phones.

eHarmony is only compatible with devices that run on iOS and Android OS Lollipop or higher. Unfortunately, unlike Match, the eHarmony app isn’t compatible with Windows phones. 

Which Platform is Easier to Use?

Both match and eHarmony have websites that are easy to use. However, the Match website is slightly easier to navigate than eHarmony’s website.

Furthermore, Match is easier to use because it has a clean layout and simple navigation tools. The Match app is user-friendly, and it features an intuitive design that makes finding matches easy.

Another reason Match is a decent option is because its suggestions are based on your profile information, while eHarmony only suggests matches based on gender, age and location.

Similarly, the eHarmony app is handy, and it has one of the cleanest interfaces, which is an excellent feature considering many people over the age of 40 spend a lot of time on this app. Nevertheless, one of the possible drawbacks is that you may bump into ads now and then, but only if you’re using the free version. 

Success Rates

Surprisingly enough, 35% of users claim to have found love on Match, while 45% claim to have found the right one on matchmaking website eHarmony.

Match has a 35% success rate because it is used by people looking for serious relationships and those who want casual dates or new friends. On the other hand, eHarmony is considered more successful because it focuses on matchmaking for committed relationships.

In conclusion, Match and eHarmony are popular online dating sites with different focuses. Match is used by people who want something casual, while eHarmony is used by people looking for serious relationships. Therefore, which site you end up choosing will depend on what you’re looking for in a match.

Wrap Up: Are Dating Sites Worth Paying for?

Finding love on dating sites may be easy for some, but is it worth paying for them?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question, as it depends on your personal preferences. For example, some people won’t mind paying a monthly subscription fee for matchmaking services, while others may only want to use free dating sites.

If you want to try your luck on these dating websites, it’s advisable to install both apps and see for yourself which one suits you better. This Match vs eHarmony comparison shows that both are great matchmaking sites that offer different features at different price points, and, as millions of users can confirm, they’re undoubtedly worth a try. 

Still, some people don’t need advanced settings and features. If you don’t want to waste your money on a potentially lousy dating app, it would be best to try it for free first. But, if you aren’t satisfied with the free service, a paid subscription will expand your horizons and give you access to features that may lead you to your perfect match.


Is Match worth the money?

Match is worth the money if you’re looking for a serious relationship. However, it’s advisable to try the free version first to ensure you’re investing money in a dating site that can benefit your future.

What age group is eHarmony for?

eHarmony is for people aged 18 or older. Still, you will encounter people of all ages on this dating website, so be sure to include your preferences before entering the online dating world.

Which is better, Match or eHarmony?

Both match and eHarmony have advantages and disadvantages. Naturally, your individual preferences will determine which dating site is ideal for you. Still, Match may be a better option for young adults, while eHarmony is a popular dating site among love birds aged 30 or over. 

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