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Telegram Statistics [2024]

Are you familiar with the clever guys from school who knew how to use their tech talent to tease the teachers? If you are, then you won’t be surprised when you read this: Before Telegram’s founder, Pavel Durov, became famous, he learned how to code in school and made an adjustment to the welcome screens on the school network to surprise a teacher he disliked. Very funny, right?

If you would like to learn about all the interesting Telegram facts, stats and features, keep reading through this article.

Telegram user stats revealed that the app had 500 million active monthly users in Jan 2021

These new 500 million users have appeared globally, but mainly from Asia. Telegram statistics 2021 revealed that:

  • 38% of users were from Asia
  • 27% of users were from Europe
  • 21% of users were from Latin America
  • 8% of users were from MENA

What’s impressive is that more than 25 million users joined Telegram in only three days. By comparison, Telegram now has over 550 million users, while WhatsApp has 2 billion. 

In February 2016, there were 15 billion daily messages sent on Telegram

Telegram instant messaging software can load messages efficiently and quickly, making it possible to send numerous messages a day. In the desire to extend the Telegram group chat members, this app released a new super-group feature, that allows up to 200,000 members. By comparison, WhatsApp can hold only 256 members per group.

Telegram chat statistics revealed that average users send around 150 messages daily

Each day, the average user sent 150 messages through group chats and channels. Why are these Telegram stats vital? Actually, they reveal a bit about a more significant question — How does Telegram work? Through the Telegram messaging app, users can send multimedia messages, make video and voice calls, create group conversations, and have secret chats stored on their devices. Additionally, users can’t forward or screenshot messages in secret chats. Even regular chats are encrypted. This app also allows multiple devices to use the same account, verified by SMS, as well as different accounts on the same device.

Telegram is the most reliable messaging system because it works even on the weakest mobile connections, so consumers don’t have to waste their time. 

Telegram statistics show the app has 55.2 million active users daily

At least 1.5 million new users sign up for Telegram every day. In 2014, the Telegram application had only 35 million active users. After four years, the number of Telegram users increased to 200 million. In 2020, this app had 400 million new users. Today, this app has 550 million monthly active users and 55.2 million daily active users, as we already mentioned. 

Interestingly enough, in 2014, around 1.5 million new users from South Korea signed up over a period of seven days. Users prefer this app because of its multi-device usage ability, exciting features, end-to-end encryption for extra security, and the possibility to send big files in a second without losing quality. That’s why this fantastic app is constantly getting new users.

Telegram app was in the top 10 most downloaded apps globally in Q2 and Q3 of 2020

In 2020, Telegram ranked seventh for downloads in Q2 with around 19 million downloads and fourth in Q3 with approximately 17 million. Download results helped this app move from ninth place to the top of the Google Play Store. When it comes to the list of top 10 most downloaded non-gaming apps on App Store, Telegram gained fourth place.

Telegram statistics reveal Telegram is the most downloaded social media app in 20 countries in 2020

Although the most downloaded app in 2019 was WhatsApp, Telegram messaging app was yet to reach its peak. At the time, new users downloaded Whatsapp over 850 million times.

In 2021, it became the most downloaded non-gaming app worldwide. According to Sensor Tower, new users downloaded this app more than 63 million times in 2021. 24% of the total downloads came from India and 10% from Indonesia. 

According to Sensor Tower, Telegram registered 365 million lifetime downloads globally in August 2019

While Telegram registered 365 million downloads globally, it had close to 1.7 million lifetime instals in Hong Kong. The most concentrated audience is located majorly in Arab countries, Europe, and Brazil.

But, which country uses Telegram the most? According to Ozy, the app is very popular in Uzbekistan, where everybody is obsessed with using it. The Uzbek Ministry of Justice claimed that Telegram messenger is the best way to spread information. Additionally, the Telegram bot helps people to stop violations because they can send photos directly to the police.

Pavel Durov has invested a net worth of $3.4 billion in the app

It should come as no surprise that Pavel Durov, Telegram owner, is known as Russia’s Mark Zuckerberg. As one of the most influential figures in the tech world, he invented the remarkable Telegram app and even Russia’s biggest social network Vkontakte.

There are 20,000 stickers available on Telegram

This amazing app offers a variety of different stickers everyone can find via search. This feature is aesthetically pleasing and attracts the attention of users. Users can freely choose Telegram stickers by scrolling through the list and can go all the way from contemporary trends to the oldest ones. To sum up, this feature emphasises this app’s interesting side and increases brand awareness.

After Brazil surprisingly banned WhatsApp, Telegram got 5.7 million new users in 24 hours

Who will win in the battle of Telegram vs Whatsapp? On 16 December 2015, Telegram claimed it registered more than 1.5 million users from Brazil. The new wave of users came after Brazil decided to block WhatsApp for 48 hours. This event had such a significant impact on the number of new Telegram users.

By comparison, the Telegram application had more than 1.5 million users on Wednesday, and on Thursday, it added 5.7 million more users. That was one of the most exciting Telegram news. After that, logically, the most common question on Google was: What is Telegram?

85% of the Telegram users have Android devices

Telegram got 3 million iOS downloads and a remarkable 9 million downloads on Android in August 2019. One notable fact is that the app restores the previous scroll position when users switch back to a chat. That is very helpful when somebody receives a lot of messages and wants to read them in the correct order.

There are 13 languages available on Telegram

This app supports 13 languages, including English, Arabic, Belarusian, Catalan, Dutch, French, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Ukrainian, Uzbek, German, Indonesian, Italian, Korean, Malay, Persian, Polish, and Portuguese.

Telegram has spent $0 on advertising

Pavel Durov will never monetise his users’ private data for profiting from the targeted advertisement. He doesn’t want to force his users to view 30-second ads on Telegram. If that ever happens, they will show the ads only in large one-to-many channels. If users don’t have access to these Telegram channels, they won’t see a single ad. Durov claims that communication between users must be free of advertising.

In April 2020, the cloud-based mobile Telegram messaging app reported 400 million monthly active Telegram users worldwide

This app not only gained popularity at an accelerating pace but also improved motivation tactics in unpredictable situations. To celebrate 400 million active users in April 2020, the Telegram team remodelled the sticker panel, allowing users to search through thousands of unique stickers from professional artists.

Pavel Durov spends $1 million (£700,000) of his money monthly to keep the Telegram app running

That means that the Telegram app may not remain free for users in the future. In November 2021, Telegram started launching sponsored posts to advance the business.

While Telegram continually gets active users worldwide, Pavel Durov claimed that he paid for the company’s expenses from his personal savings. So, the company is currently in urgent need of appropriate funding. The most memorable event occurred when Pavel Durov rejected an offer for up to 10% of the Telegram app, which valued the company at $30 billion.

Telegram offered $200,000 to those who can crack its special bot

Telegram has an option of direct money transfer called MoneyTalk, which allows users to transfer money. The Telegram team is highly skilled at managing their system, so they have the confidence to offer such a large amount of money to someone who may succeed in cracking it. 

In October 2018, just 1.4% of American mobile devices used the app

The Telegram app is more prevalent in Europe, particularly in Germany. American citizens are not so interested in using it. In September 2019, Facebook Messenger was the most popular mobile messenger app in the US, with 106.4 million active users. Also, Whatsapp is far more popular than Telegram in the US.

One of the best Telegram channels is Hindi HD Movies with 4.2 million subscribers

It is effortless to download some of the Hindi Telegram movies through Telegram channels. Telegram channel search is one of the most entertaining activities. Best Hindi Telegram channels are Hindi HD Movies, New Bollywood Hindi Movies HD, Movie Series, Hindi Dubbed Cinemahub Pro, Hindi Latest Movies, Hindi old Movies, etc.

The most popular Telegram channels have a user base of more than 120 million subscribers

Top 10 Telegram channels are a primary source of piracy on this app, including Hindi HD Movies, Hollywood English Netflix Movies, HD Movies, Feneo Movies, Fox Movies, iMovies Flix, BluRay Movies, Sci-Fi flix, Movies XPress, and Dual-Audio Zone. These Telegram channels have the best rating from their subscribers. 

Essentially, Telegram web is a web-based version of this app on any desktop browser, so users can enjoy watching these channels on a big screen.

One more interesting fact

In 2018, the Telegram platform offered to finance the original Telegram Open Network (TON). Telegram blockchain network faced challenges on October 19, 2019, when the SEC (US Securities and Exchange Commission) ordered Telegram to stop sales of its native cryptocurrency called Gram. 

This dramatic event affected more than 400 active users worldwide. One year later, in May 2020, an online community of developers gathered and strengthened their energy to create an innovative decentralised version called Free TON. That would bring Telegram blockchain a new fate. The Telegram team has created an action plan to launch TON in April 2021.



Pavel Durov said: This is the Telegram way. It will allow us to keep innovating and keep growing for decades to come.

Telegram history started with Pavel Durov’s clear vision — respecting Telegram users by creating a new app with a robust safety management system. We can affirm this remarkable fact by using two words to describe the fantastic Telegram service: innovation and quality. Telegram security checks all the boxes and then some, when it comes to safety. Besides offering unlimited free cloud storage, this app also helps consumers stay safe and gives them high-quality communication tools. 

Today, each new social media application strives to be better than the most popular one! What makes Telegram so unique are its developed strategies that ensure the protection of its consumers. So, if you have this app, you can be sure that your database is only yours.

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